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1. gtkzadsagngLarge Bubble Wrap Rolls 2. SHIPS 1'. -3! . '-. CTOr. FRCIGII7 ONLY.I-*. '-or I. :'F'S: b': -A Rolls pcr Bundle:1 Ron 2 Roll:1 RollsT24"48" T 24 J. Sold 3. Frr(I>r1 by tho {? mIr1Ic 3. I Pi - a~'; ::". : I.;, r;IplLg_~: ; Q LO. Z BA Large Bundles of Bubble Wrap Rolls 4. $4 $53: .a: gE: .Jj: fD:3 six . :;'. '0i"ii For high volume use,try our large rolls. 5. :: PadsagingQ?.COII1 Our bubble wrap is lighter than poly foam or other types of packing material which saves on your postage. 6. F)-cs . a:-L:': / N111 l c. .. A. .. Lax 1- _5;. Q[; l_J;>99; t:.r: orr.This bubble cushioning is also effective for interleaving or void fill. 7. :: Pac| saginglies ' Each tiny bubble is manufactured with two layers of linear low density polyethylene between one layer of nylon to eliminate air seepage. 8. gzraclsaging[3 . COII1 This allows for ultimate protection against shock,abrasion and vibration. 9. :: Pack. -agingQ . com PackagingSupplies. com strives to be the one- stop source for all your packaging supply needs and our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.If you have a question,comment or problem,please contact us.We are happy to help you in any way we can.1-800-536-3668