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The semi-annual magazine for La Salle Catholic College Preparatory in Portland, Oregon.


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  • Gabrielle Timmen 14 received a full athletic scholarship to play volleyball at Adams State University in Colorado. On November 19, 2013, she signed her letter of intent among the cheers of her coach Liz Banta, Falcon teammates, family members and the La Salle community.

    (Left to right) Head Coach Liz Banta, Samantha Stark, Kylie Westermeijer, Marlie Norman, Meghan Studdard, Gabrielle Timmen, Danielle Spirlin, Katie Buerk, Taylor Shannon, Assistant Coach Sarah Robben 01

    Photo taken by Mattie Portash 01

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    La Salle AdministrationDenise L. Jones, PresidentAndrew Kuff ner, PrincipalAndrea Burns 97, Vice President of AdvancementMario De Ieso, Vice Principal for Academic ServicesBrian Devine, Vice Principal for Student LifeAlanna OBrien, Vice Principal for Curriculum

    & Professional DevelopmentMatthew Winningham, Vice President of Finance

    & Operations

    EditorHeather M. Eldon, Director of Advancement

    & Communications

    contributorsKatie Allen Liz McClung Banta 00 Stephanie Blumenson Andrea Burns 97Colette Cassinelli Ann Cereghino Carie Coleman Angela DeCosta Brian Devine Julie Dowhaniuk Glenn Elliott Rhonda Fisher David Heineck Denise L. JonesSally Jones Jeff Keeney Kerri Kelvin Kam Kimball Greg Kozawa Andrew Kuff ner Gina Maraist Travis Edward Nodurft Liz Raines 02 Rosa RamirezTyrone Stammers Matthew Winningham

    Th is report is intended to provide general information regarding Institutional Advancement activities during the 2012-2013 fi scal year. Th is report has not been audited and should not be regarded as an offi cial fi nancial statement of La Salle Catholic College Preparatory. Every eff ort has been made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the donors listed in this report. If your name was omitted, misspelled or listed incorrectly, please contact the Advancement Offi ce at 503.353.1444 or

    Please send address updates to To activate an electronic subscription via email, please send your email address to

    Mission Statement Inspired by St. John Baptist de La Salle, La Salle Catholic College Preparatory develops students of faith, service and scholarship by providing a transformative education allowing students to realize their maximum potential and use their gift s to serve Christ and humankind.

    La Salle optimizes fi nancial and academic accessibility for students, especially the underserved, who desire a rigorous and relevant education preparing them for college and life.

    Th e La Salle community inspires students to fi nd their voice as global citizens, to put their faith into action and to lead exceptional lives of integrity, honoring the God-given dignity of all.

    Cover photo by Jeff Keeney: Th e Falcons won the schools 34th state championship with the 2013 OSAA 4A Boys Cross Country Championship title on Saturday, November 2, 2013. Runners Logan Veasy 14 (left ) and Colton Passmore 14 (right) competing for the state title.

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    Disruptive innovation.

    Th is phrase is oft en attributed to the impact of the on-going development of information technology and the ever-evolving world of social media. Th e on-line world has infl uenced, it seems, every dimension of our lives. At times it is diffi cult to know if technology, with all its facets, is the problem or the solution.

    Love it or endure it - this new model of communication and access to information is here to stay. It is clearly the landscape of the future, for us and for our students. Our founder, St. John Baptist de La Salle, was not unfamiliar with transformation in education. It was he who reconstructed the delivery of education. His radical departure from traditional education shift ed the process of engaging a private tutor who spoke Latin to wealthy students to a new model of education organized in a classroom setting, where teachers spoke to students in their native tongue and children were grouped together by ability. We remain committed to this essential pedagogical philosophy, that it is essential that education is relevant.

    As the digital world becomes reality for our students, teachers, parents, and community, we continue to embrace innovation and excellence. Th e signature of a Lasallian education, however, is fi rmly rooted in the value of face-to-face interpersonal relationships which honor the sanctity and dignity of all. Our distinguisher is our success in forming students with critical judgment skills, students who display an ethical decision-making process which demands great depth of thinking and discernment. I believe teachers have never been more important in the learning environment than they are today, mentors who pose essential questions and guide young people to grow in faith, leadership, and service. As La Salle Prep moves forward into this new frontier, we are clear that our commitment to excellence has a new dimension. We only will be successful in realizing this mission if we continue to recognize our unique role in it. As you enjoy this annual report edition of the magazine, let it serve to remind you, as it does me, that that together and by association we have been blessed to continue this work.

    Th ank you to our benefactors who generously invest in our shared mission. Th ank you to our growing body of alumni who continue to animate our Lasallian motto of Enter to Learn. Leave to Serve. And thank you to the students entrusted to our care, because it is through them that we are reminded, we are always in His holy presence.


    Denise L. Jones, President

    Message from the President

    Do not have any anxiety about the future, but leave everything in Gods hands, for God will take care of you.

    Be satisfi ed with what you can do, since God is satisfi ed with it.

    But do not spare yourself in what you can do with grace; and believe that, provided you want it, you can do more with the grace of God than you think.

    St. John Baptist de La Salle

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    2013-2014 School Leadership

    Board of Trustees

    Mitch Wall, Board ChairWall & Wall, P.C.

    Mark Auxier, Patrick Lumber

    Fr. William Beauchamp, CSC, University of Portland

    Allen Burns 73, Pkenergy Solutions

    Frank Kleinheinz, Kaiser Permanente (Retired)

    Ron Larson, Radiology Specialists of the Northwest

    Alfonso Lopez-Vasquez, Pacifi c University

    Tim McGree, La Salle High School (Yakima, WA)

    Dr. Lisa Morrison, Columbia United Providers

    Myra Parrott, St. Francis Catholic School

    Jack Powell 73, Th e Sherpa Group Two

    Br. Kevin Slate, FSC, De La Salle Institute

    Lesley Townsend, Providence Milwaukie Foundation

    Foundation Board of Directors

    Carl Christoferson, Board Chair Oregon Investments, LLC

    John Beem 73, Cisco Systems

    Chris Bene, Azumano Corporate Travel

    Joan Bollier, Community Volunteer

    Rich Callahan, KPMG

    Tom DAmore, DAmore Law

    Karen Garrison, PCC Structurals

    Jeff rey Keeney, Tonkon Torp LLP

    Ed Lilly, Blue Dahlia Investments, LLC

    Jen Modarelli, White Horse

    Brian Rose, Charter School Capital

    Sue Robben Schweitzer 79, Th e Standard

    Rick Soberanis, Accelerator Business Solutions, LLC

    Karen Th ul, Jostens

    Greg Veasy, Hewlett Packard Co.

    Dan Wood, Starbucks Coff ee Company

    Th ank you to outgoing Board Chair John McDonagh for his exceptional leadership and service. A special thanks to outgoing board members Martha Parisi Dirksen 72, Steve Feltz 73 and Fr. Charles Wood.

    Th ank you to outgoing board member Chuck Gall for his extraordinary dedication and service.

    BBoardd off TTrustees FFounddatiion BBoardd off DDiirectors

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    Advancement Office

    For nearly 50 years, La Salle students and educators have benefi tted from the generosity of our benefactors and supporters. Th e confi dence of our benefactors in the abilities of our students and faculty is clearly refl ected in the willing fi nancial support of all those who support La Salle year aft er year.

    In 2012-13, annual contributions provided increased scholarship and fi nancial aid support to more than half the student body, helped renovate the Cafeteria Courtyard, install a new theatre roof, supported robust programs and courses, enhanced classrooms and made iPad technology available to teachers.

    We are grateful to our faithful and faith-fi lled benefactors who joined us in our shared mission to continue to provide an excellent college preparatory education rooted in Gospel values. With a combination of faith, energy, and generosity, we continue to build a faith-based community that instills young men and women with a passion to use their knowledge to serve their community and world.

    Th e Offi ce of Advancement, through the annual giving program, alumni relations, special events, the student fundraiser and other activities, supports the schools fi nancial growth and sustainability. Th e offi ce exists to build relationships and raise funds to promote and further the mission of La Salle Prep.

    Annual Giving Program

    La Salles annual giving program is the cornerstone of our annual fundraising eff orts. It is vital to advancing the mission and work of La Salle Prep and supports or eff orts to optimize fi nancial accessibility for students, especially the underserved, who desire a rigorous and relevant education preparing them for college and life.

    Annual unrestricted donations allow us to maintain minimal expenses with a high return, putting more money directly toward funding every aspect of a high quality Lasallian education. Virtually no aspect of a Lasallian education, from arts, athletics, technology upgrades, professional development, and others is left untouched due to generous donations the Annual Giving Program.

    Parent Investment Plan

    La Salle is committed to remaining accessible to families of all income levels. Not only is this fair and just, it is paramount to the Lasallian mission and promotes the richness and diversity we value so highly in our school. We recognize and celebrate the socioeconomic diversity of the La Salle Prep community and, as a result, we make an eff ort to keep tuition aff ordable to as many families as possible, while maintaining an enriched high school experience for all students.

    Th e Parent Investment Plan invites parents to partner with us to advance our shared mission of accessibility to an excellent college preparatory education. In 2012-13, 125 families participated in the Parent Investment Plan with voluntary gift s above and beyond tuition ranging from $25 to $2,760 (a $2,305 subsidy in the 2013-2014 school year), the diff erence between tuition and the full cost to educate one student. We consider a gift from our parents the ultimate vote of confi dence in our programs, faculty and students.

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    2012-2013 Volunteer of the Year: Traci Watkins Mennis 79 Th is annual award, established in 1998, recognizes the outstanding contributions volunteers make to enhance the Lasallian community. At the Benefactor Reception in May

    2013, La Salle honored Traci Watkins Mennis 79 (second from left ) as the Outstanding Volunteer of the Year. During the 2012-2013 year, she served on the Alumni Association Board of Directors as the Events Chair. She is currently the President of the Alumni Association for the 2013-2014 year.

    La Salles Director of Alumni Relations, Liz Raines 02, had the following to say about Traci: Traci Watkins Mennis 79 is a champion for the Alumni Association. She loves bringing her family and friends back to campus through events. She never skips a beat when it comes to the mission of the Alumni Association and prides herself in the work that the association does. Whether she is at La Salle cheering on her nephews or on campus for an event, she always has a bright face on. Traci believes strongly in the La Salle Family and it is evident is her willingness to support the school. On behalf of the Alumni Association, we could not be more proud of her and the wonderful work she does.

    La Salle Honors Janet Barta Alumni parent and alumni grandparent Janet Barta (above with Ernie Casciato 72) spent the summer of 2013 working on four beautiful priest vestments that she donated to La Salle community. La Salle honored her at the 2013 Homecoming Mass. Mrs. Barta has been an integral part of the La Salle community for many years. Her daughters, Joanne Barta 75, Julie Barta Jacobs 77, Joy Barta Hunt 78, Jill Barta Rebholz 90, and grandchildren, Annie Hunt 08 and Spencer Hunt 10, all graduated from La Salle. While her children and grandchildren were students at La Salle, she made costumes for the drama department, sewed prom dresses for students, made wedding dresses for alumni, and made many of the famous meatballs for Yulefest. La Salle thanks Mrs. Barta for her continued commitment and support of La Salle!

    Believe Signature Fundraiser Th e 19th Annual Signature Fundraising Event in April 2013, hosted nearly 300 guests. A special thank you to featured student speaker, Yen Bui 15. Th rough the support of our attendees, we raised $125,000 for Dollars for Scholars.A special thank you to Joe Pauletto and Peter and Molly Powell for their generous support of Dollars for Scholars. Our courtyard conversion project raised $16,350 through the help of so many at the Believe event. Th ank you to event sponsors John and Joan Bollier; Bernie 79 and Pam Pliska; Chuck Gall and Kelly Hale; Sigma Investment Management Company; Bob and Anita Dethlefs; Kim Foren; La Salle Alumni Association; Fujii Produce, David and Joanna Pienovi; Space Age Fuel, Jim 77 and Linda Pliska; Anesthesia Associates Northwest, Gregg and Cindy White; Carl and Carolyn Christoferson; Jeff rey and Caryn Keeney; Northwest Cleaners; Pine Crest Fabrics, Th e Sheils Family and Melvin Mark. Th e evening closed with a champagne toast sponsored by the La Salle Alumni Association.Mark your calendars for La Salles Believe 2014, Saturday, April 12th at the Portland Hilton & Executive Tower.

    19th Annual Student Fundraiser: Wreath and Apple Sale

    At the core of our Lasallian mission is our commitment to providing an excellent education to all students, regardless of their fi nancial means. Proceeds from the sale of wreaths and apples help bridge the gap between tuition and the true cost of education, an annual gap of approximately $1 million, providing every family a $2,305 subsidy. Th e Student Fundraiser, the only school-wide student-run fundraiser, is a vital program that allows La Salle to provide fi nancial assistance to over 50% of the student body. Due to the success of the Student Fundraiser and other annual fundraising eff orts, La Salle has been able to cover more and more of the fundraising gap. Last year was the most successful Student Fundraiser to date, with a net profi t of over $89,000! For more information on the Student Fundraiser, contact Gina Maraist at

  • Foundation Update

    Th e La Salle Prep Educational Foundation exists solely to support the mission of the school by providing for the professional management, investment, growth and distribution of endowed gift s. Growth of the Foundations Endowment Fund is paramount to the schools ability to fund its mission of providing a Catholic college preparatory education to economically underserved youth in our region.

    Th e Foundations Endowment Fund experienced signifi cant growth in the 2012-13 fi scal year, reaching an ending balance of $2.3 million on June 30, 2013. In total, over $325,000 was deposited into the Foundations Endowed Funds in 2012-13.

    In 2013-14, the Foundations Board of Directors remains focused on planned giving as a primary catalyst to signifi cant endowment fund balance growth. Planned giving, through various estate and tax planning mechanisms, provides benefactors of all ages and income levels the opportunity to make a signifi cant impact on the enduring success and sustainability of our school and its mission.

    If you are interested in learning how you can use planned giving strategies to maximize your giving opportunities to La Salle Prep, please contact President Denise L. Jones at 503.353.1430 or

    We also invite you to visit our website for additional information. Simply go to, click on Support La Salle, and select the sidebar link titled Th e Legacy Society: Planned Giving.

    Legacy Society Planned GiftsAnonymous (3)Chris and Julie BenBrian Bergquist 75Joseph Bernard, Jr. John and Iris BrunengoVern and Linda CameronWayne and Lynn HamerslyLovey Jean Helfrich Tom and Joan LeslieEd and Kim LillyGeorge and Lena LoPiparoMichael and Claire MorelliGreg 72 and Myra ParrottLinda Morelli Presnall 83Barb and Walt ReganGlen and Carol RichardsEdward Schechtel Trudi Schraner 80Bob and Betty SchusterEugene Edmund Snyder Monsignor Martin Th ielen Named Endowment FundsSt. La Salle Associates($100,000 and above as of 11/24/2013)Donegan Family Scholarship FundJeanne DePaola Feltz Memorial Scholarship FundEugene Edmund Snyder FundHelen Wizer Memorial Fund Founders Circle($50,000 to $99,999 as of 11/24/2013)Mary Ann Allegretto Memorial Scholarship FundAlumni Endowment FundLa Salle Educators Scholarship FundMonsignor Martin Thielen Fund

    Presidents Circle($20,000 to $49,999 as of 11/24/2013)Andy Belozer Memorial FundMario and Ann Dulcich Bisio Scholarship FundJerry and Carol Bitz FundBoosters Endowment FundBill George Scholarship FundCaitlin E. Joy 06 FundMayer Foundation FundRita McGrath Scholarship FundPete Parisi Family FundDorothy Pietrok Memorial FundDave and Marie Robben Family FundErnest and Mary Ellen Schraner Fund Joe and Alice Shelley FundJames Ted Watkins 76 FundJim and Helen Watkins Fund

    Developing Funds(Up to $19,999 as of 11/24/2013)Class of 1972 Class of 1973Tom Dudley Professional Development Fund (Est 7/1/2013)Br. Thomas Levi FSC Memorial FundThekkedom Family FundBr. Gary York Memorial Fund

  • 7

    2012-2013 Fiscal Year Financial Summary (July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013)At the heart of the Lasallian mission is the commitment to provide qualifi ed students access to an excellent college preparatory education, regardless of their ability to pay. To that end, La Salle Catholic College Preparatory, in partnership with various foundations, individuals and corporate benefactors, works diligently to provide need-based tuition assistance to students from underserved families. In line with the mission, 53% of the student body received more than $1.7 million in fi nancial assistance in 2012-2013.

    Income ExpensesTuition & Fees $6,316,000.00 Professional Compensation $5,373,000.00Fundraising & Contributions $1,467,000.00 Program Support $1,740,000.00Student Services/Other $800,000.00 Facilities & Operations $1,202,000.00

    Total Income $8,583,000.00 Interest & Other $44,000.00 Total Expenses $8,359,000.00

    Change in Net Assets $224,000.00

    Financial Assistance Trends

    2008-2009 2009-2010 2010-2011 2011-2012 2012-2013Financial Assistance $757,703 $900,247 $1,131,976 $1,434,105 $1,702,610 Students Receiving Aid 200 234 261 323 364Average Total Grant $3,789 $3,847 $4,337 $4,440 $4,678

    We are pleased to report that La Salle Prep successfully completed our annual fi nancial audit in October 2013. An independent public accounting fi rm evaluated our fi nancial policies and procedures, and verifi ed our reported fi nancial results for the Board of Trustees. Th e results of the audit were once again exemplary thanks to the business offi ces continued diligence and discipline in ensuring our schools fi nancial practices are sound and our reporting eff orts are reliable and accurate.

  • 8

    Founders Club$100,000 and abovePam and Mark Donegan

    FoundationPCC Structurals, Inc.

    Christian BrothersClub$25,000-$49,999John and Joan BollierOCF Joseph E. Weston

    Public FoundationFord and Hilda Watkins


    Trustees Club$10,000-$24,999AnonymousB.P., Lester and Regina John

    FoundationCarl and Carolyn

    ChristofersonLucio and Marta Bocci Dalla

    Gasperina 72La Salle Booster ClubLa Salle Alumni AssociationMaybelle Clark Macdonald

    FundJames F. and Marion L. Miller

    FoundationJoe PaulettoPeter and Maryanne PowellPWH Educational

    FoundationBarbara ReganPine Crest Fabrics, John

    Sheils and Tim Sheils 99Space Age Fuel, Jim 77 and

    Linda PliskaTimberline Lodge, Jeff and

    Sally KohnstammZ-Man Scholarship


    Presidents Club$5,000-$9,999Jarl ArntsonShirley BernardAllen 73 and Kathy Robben

    Burns 73Jim and Barbara CameronEton Lane FoundationChuck and Teresa Gall

    Peter and Denise JonesLarry Lee and Nicole

    Bernhard-LeeMeng-Hannan Construction,

    Dave HannanSean and Ann MorelandGreg 72 and Myra ParrottBernie 79 and Pamela PliskaMarie D. RobbenBob and Betty SchusterKarl SmithTh e Sherpa Group Two LLC,

    Jack Powell 73

    Ambassadors Club$2,000-$4,999All Points Media, LLCAndy Belozer Memorial Golf

    TournamentMark 84 and Michele Waters

    Baker 84Eric Bosworth and Elisa

    BurgessBrent 79 and Carrie Weber

    Bullock 79Richard CallahanRonald and Carol CalvertTerrill and Janet CollierBob and Anita DethlefsJoe Feltz 72Steve 73 and Kim FeltzDavid and Nancy ForakerTodd and Denise GoodingDave and Tricia Hecht-GladMichael HeitzmanRichard and Susan HildrethRandy and Lori Bisio

    Karambelas 80William and Nicola KluthoRobert and Kristin KruegerLasallian Education FundEdward and Kim LillyAndreas and Ann Loeffl erTee and Sue MackleyRobin and Traci Watkins

    Mennis 79Chris and Nancy NunnRBC Wealth Management,

    Chuck Gall and Kelly HaleRiver City Environmental,

    Inc., Steve and Sara McInnis

    Eric and Josephine RechtMike, D.M.D. 80 and Robin

    ReganReyes Engineering, Flaviano

    87 and Fern ReyesRiver City Environmental,

    Inc., Steve and Sara McInnis

    Joe 77 and Sharon Feltz Schlechter 77

    Sigma Investment Management Company, Harmon Laurin

    Jon and Sharman StuartMark and Th eresa StuhrmanTh e Schroedl Foundation,

    Steven and Shonna Schroedl

    Th ird Rock Impressions, Steven Schroedl

    Mike and Karen Th ulToni Watkins-Cline 82Gregg and Cindy White

    La Salle Club$1,000-$1,999ABC Roofi ng Co. Th omas and Peggy AllenArchdiocese of PortlandJeff and Kathleen ArntsonJohn 73 and Cheryl BeemCB Interior Designs, Cheryl

    Lisac Belozer 73Bobs Red MillMr. Th omas BordenMichael and Amy ChoateSean 99 and Nikolina

    ChristensenPaul and Barbara ClemensKevin Cooley and Dr. Lisa

    MorrisonScott and Arden DavisTom Dudley and Terry

    CappielloWilliam and Edra DudleyJoe and Barb EichhornEmerson Hardwood Group,

    Jim Price, Jamie Price 94 and Kevin Price 97

    Excel Brokerage, Carl BanglePaul and Helen FeltzMichael and Veronica FoleyElsie Franz Finley

    Fujii Produce, David and Joanna Pienovi

    Greg and Amy GageBlair and Laura GammonBill and Pat GeorgeMaria GrafScott 82 and Joell HamerslyPaul and Lisa HauerWhitney and Trish

    Epidendio Hickman 82HoopsourceCraig and Trisha HoweDavid and Andrea HullAlex and Gina JansenRobert Jones 03Jeff rey and Caryn KeeneyAnton and Kam KimballRichard and Maryanne

    KrummKen and Tami LathamPhilip and Norma LisacMargo McGehee-KellyJohn and Merry MelonasMark and Mary NeilShaun 97 and Lori PerryMatthew and Vermillion

    PetersonJack 73 and Peggy PowellBob and Judi Johnson Powell

    71Providence Milwaukie

    HospitalMichael RobertsMary Ellen SchranerTh omas Gustafson and Kathy

    SchroederSteve and Sue Robben

    Schweitzer 79Joan ShiremanDavid and Tiff any ShiremanSierk Orthodontics, Chris

    and Polly SierkPaul and Stefanie SlymanRick and Judy SoberanisStar Metro Properties, Sean

    and Ann MorelandMichael and Eren StarrTh e StandardBrian and Kyra Th ompsonDr. Robert and Susan TiboltBill Hays and Sue Unfred-

    2012-2013 honor roll of contributors

    Th ank you to the following benefactors who supported La Salle Catholic College Preparatorys mission with a gift to the school last year ( July 2012-June 2013).

  • 9

    Hays 81Mitchell and Marilyn WallMichael and Carleen WalshJ. Ted Watkins 76Wells Fargo FoundationStephen and Elizabeth


    Prep Club$500-$99930 Seconds Outdoor

    CleanersMark and Joyce AuxierAlice BarbagelataBeavercreek Telephone Co.James and Fay BenagniSteve 86 and Myriam

    Ceballos Berger 90William and Amy BiggsLarry Blackmar and Tracy

    BarryRobert and Kay BrunoC. Jason Zwick Insurance

    AgencyCapitol One Services, LLCTrent 90 and Debbie Stuckey

    Carter 90Randy and Carol CateCenter Court BasketballKen 81 and Lisa Gilbert

    Cleary 83James and Jill CollierColumbia State BankRoddy and Misty CookeTom and Lisa Epidendio

    DAmore 80DAmore Law Group, P.C.,

    Tom DAmoreSteven and Scotti DayTim and Sharon McCarthy

    Dean 78Dan and Mary DettmerRonald and Julie DowhaniukScott and Mitsuko EdwardsDoug and Sharon FalkKim and Dan ForenJohn and Susan FoyPat 84 and Patty GabrishMoses, Jr. and Patricia

    GallegosKaren GarrisonChris 97 and Andrea Burns

    George 97Steven and Cheryl Godoy

    John and Mary GrammelJoe and Nisha Th ekkedom

    Hall 98Gary and Diane HammanCraig and Kim HargreavesMs. Patricia HeinzMark 77 and Christin Welp

    Herinckx 77Joe 72 and Fran Miller Keller

    71Paul Keller 77 and Kirsten

    HollisterGeorge and Julie KollnTobin and Andrea KurtinMichael 86 and Kelly LahtiBill and Kim LaValleyJohn and Maryanne LeahyKevin and Elizabeth LienStan and Carrie LinkJim 76 and Lynette LisacTroy and Lisa LyverKen and Anita MaesCameron and Diana

    McCredieJames and Jeanette McGrawMary Miller 95Gregg MillerBeth MillerDenny and Johanna MillerJennifer ModarelliMike Morgan 71 and Nancy

    BabkaDale 72 and Loretta MosesMary NoonanNorth Lake Physical Th erapy,

    Michael ChoateNorthwest CleanersOlson Bros. Service, IncMichael 73 and Mary Ann

    OrthRaymond Parise and Debra

    MillerJason and Sylvia PaschalGreg and Judy PassmoreTeri Watkins Peterson 77Power Electric, Inc., Dave

    Portash 81Matt 79 and Jamie PowellGlenn and Tessie Talarsky

    Prentice 90Steven and Candace PrimackJeff and Alice RouyerSandovals Fresh Mexican

    2012-2013 honor roll of contributors

    GrillMark SchoenheitRay Butera and Trudi

    Schraner 80Peter and Lisa SevcikEd 73 and Jana SheaTim Sheils 99Robert and Mary Jane SmithBrian Wieck and Magali

    Sosa-TiradoClay and Anne StephensKaren Stiner 84Duane and Bonnie TernesUniversity of PortlandGreg and Laura Huber Veasy

    83Jennifer Vergara-YoungWack Co. RestaurantsMark and Cathy WadeDaniel and Ann WoodWilliam and Barbara WoodJames and Michelle YeoMike and Susan Ziolko

    Falcon Club$100-$499James and Barbara AdkissonAff ordable Septic Service and

    RepairCherie Allcroft Susan Allegretto SchreppingFrank 79 and Vickie

    AltenhofenAMI PortlandEd and Carol AndersenMichael and Vicki Peyton

    Avila 81Eleanore BaccellieriPete and Holly Bacon

    Brian and Marilee BaileyPaul 72 and Nancilee BakerChuck 98 and Liz McClung

    Banta 00Gary and Shelley BarnesRobert and A. Hope BarrowAnonymous Ronald and Joyce BasileDoug Beeber Chris and Julie BenPatrick 84 and Pamela BergerEric and Lisa Weaver

    Bergeson 86Brian Bergquist 75Jamil Berry 03Jim and Maureen BetonteTome and Josie BitengJerry and Carol BitzBlack Helterline, LLP, David

    Streicher 75James and Carol Feltz Bluhm

    80Stephanie BlumensonDoug and Amy BornemeierBotsford & Goodfellow, Inc.,

    Chuck BotsfordLeo and Leigh BottainiAlan and Resa Bradeen, M.D.Joe and DeOna BridgemanMichelle BriggsDana Brown 81James BryanEugene and Patricia BudahlDaryl and Colleen BullockDuane and Sandy BurckhardBurke & Associates, Gary and

    Pat BurkeMatt 94 and Wendy Call

    La Salle cross country coach and counselor Tyrone Stammers makes good on his promise to dye his hair if his team won the fi rst boys cross country state title in school history. Pictured with runners (left to right): Will Th ompson, Coach Stammers, Davis Keeney and Colton Passmore.

  • 10

    2012-2013 honor roll of contributors

    Garrett Call 94David 75 and Teresa CanichSteve and Tammy CarmodyTh omas CarrollCars for Charity, Inc.John and Mary Eckman

    Casey 82Dave and Colette CassinelliTim and Renee CavanaghChris 83 and Lisa CavanaghLori CavanaghGlenn and Jennifer CavenderRyan 01 and Ann CereghinoAlan and Rita CharlesworthCourtnay Christensen 01Dan and Renee ChristyCleanway Environmental

    Partners, IncOwen ClemensJohn and Shannon CoadyJason Pinkal and Carie

    ColemanCollier Manufacturing LLC,

    James and Jill CollierMark and Joanne Caputo

    Comfort 72Comprite IncChristopher and Kelly

    CriglowMichael 82 and Jane DanzerScott Robinson and Marisa

    DeCristoforo 76Delplato Chiropractic, P.C.,

    William and Liz Del PlatoBrian and Laura DevineMatt and Laura DevoreLiz DexterBob 79 and Jo DillardDr. Jack Johnson and Dr.

    Kathy Dindia 71

    Directors Mortgage, Inc.John and Martha Parisi

    Dirksen 72Fred and Mary Jo DoblerJonathon and Andrea

    Farnsworth Dolp 91James and Mary DooneyMike and Michelle DoranDavid 05 and Alicia

    DragicevicAlex and Patricia DuarteDavid 87 and Gina DuganWilliam and Patricia DuganJames and Myrna DunniganMichael 72 and Nancy EatonDaniel and Kristin EatonHarold and Jeanette EckmanChristopher and Linda

    EilersenBobby and Heather EldonJohn 98 and Jane Scrutton

    Ellison 01Gary and Sue EllisonMichael and Roslyn EllisonJames and Catherine EltingJohn ElwoodBarbara EpidendioTonya and Barbara EvansEfren and Lalaine FajardoLaura Feltz 81Donald 74 and Jeannie FeltzRobert and Maria FerryTony and Rhonda FisherJack and Cindy FloraRamiro and Andrea FloresDavid and Sharon FosterMike and Elizabeth FreilingJennifer and Roy FriendGregory and Mary FuhrerJim and Gay Gaube

    Chris and Renee GiesemannAndrew Godzyk, D.M.D.David Granum and Joann

    KlassenColleen Grenz 92Ed GronkeNelson Hall and Patti

    Hennessy-HallDavid HannanHappy Valley Soft ball

    AssociationDavid and Mary HardakerRobert and Susan HaroldDorian Harris and Gail

    WetherbeeDavid and Carrie HeineckTim and Katie HennessyHoward and Nori HeubergerSean and Margaret HoganDeborah HolensteinDavid 99 and Anne HoltGary and Eva HortschMark and Donna Sunseri

    Howard 79Gary and Joy Barta Hunt 78Lauren HuynhIron Gate Realty Group,

    Mary Havlicek Pahl 80Peter Johnson and Shirley

    Hancock-JohnsonAliMichael Jones 06Don 71 and Susan Kocher

    Kahut 73Th omas Kain and Patricia

    OBrien-KainJerry and Darlene KalarBrian and Alisa Karin-BeanCameron Keeney 08John 73 and Del KellerKeller & Keller, P.C., William

    Keller, John Keller 73 and David Keller 97

    Raymond and Judy KellyJohn Grochau and Kerri

    KelvinSteve Kemper and Molly

    BradyElizabeth Kienzle-WatjeDan 81 and Tami Watkins

    Klupenger 83Andrew Kuff nerJoseph Kuff ner 00James and Kathleen Kuff nerSuzanne LacampagneAlex and Megan Lanaghan

    Barry and Christine LarsonRobin and Joanne LashbaughDennis and Helene LawrenceKenneth Lidster and Th erese

    LeeKen and Patty LegenzaTom and Joan LeslieSteve and Judith LindbeckJerry and Anita LindsaySteve 81 and Tracy LisacRudy and Suzanne LisacCora LisacLisanatti Foods, Phil LisacDavid Luc and Dan Th anh

    NguyenMarty 79 and Shannon

    LydonDolores LyonsM & W Building Supply Co.,

    Jim and Maureen BetonteMark Gossage and Cathy

    MacLeodMark and Shirley MacmillanGreg 81 and Lynn MahoneyRick Malin and Sharon

    Loomis-MalinTom 70 and Marianne

    Galluzzo Manning 71Gina Stack MaraistJohn 72 and Mary MarascoMarion and Karla MarvichDante and Imelda MatarloMaxwells Happy ValleyAndrea and William

    McCarthyMark and Kathy Barnes

    McCurtain 70McDonaldsJohn and TaGone McNassarGerry and Diane McWitheyMark and Cindy MeekNeal and Maureen MeisnerBob 72 and Doreen

    MildenbergerTodd and Camille MilesRonald and Abbe MileyJohn 97 and Paula MillerRobert, Jr. 89 and Kesa

    MillerArch and Nancy MillerMilwaukie BowlGabriel and Marina

    MinculescuMr. and Mrs. Larry MinerEric and Danielle Misch

    La Salles Student Council traveled to Seaside in 2013.

  • 11

    2012-2013 honor roll of contributors

    Jeff and Kathy MitchellAmy and Aaron MooreTim 82 and Missi MorganJames MullinsBret 84 and Kelly NeelyGarrick Newman 88Bettie NewmanTom and Kate NicholsMatt Noonan 87Northwest Primary Care

    AssociatesWilliam and Lis NovakNW Star AcademyGerry and Alanna OBrienJohn and Barbara OBrienMary ODellJoel and Brigitte Cockburn

    Ogard 81Jim and Laura OKeefeJerry and Laura Stankewitsch

    Olson 88Edward and Diane ONeilJoseph and Tami ONeillOregon Trail Remodeling,

    Marc Lisak 97Bruce and Nancy OrrDolores OrthDan and Mary Havlicek Pahl

    80Bee ParisiPatrick Lumber Co.Jay and Pat PearcePerkins Coie, LLP, Brentley

    Bullock 79John and Janet PerryTh eo Peterson 14Ted 88 and Melissa Quiray

    Pfeifer 88Tim Pham 00Jon and Sue Keagbine Pinto

    90Frank and Pat PortashPortland Homes, Inc.Bill and Joan PowersPrecision Castparts Corp.Debra PriceDavid and Krista PriceBrian and Lisa QuinnJeff and Tanya RabournPaula RainesTh omas Raines 06Keith and Laurie RainesMichael and Pat RaschioRediPour Wall Systems

    Carrie Rees 98Remedy Chiropractic &

    MassageSean and Christine ResslerRandy RiceBarton and Mary RiceGlen and Carol RichardsPeter and Celeste RichardsonWilliam RistauPaul 94 and Sara George

    Robles 93Steven and Johanna RootBrian and Julie RoseJames and Mary RoseDouglas and Angela RudolphMatthew and Bonnie RussellLynn SalisburyJoanie Schlechter 86Ben and Julie SchmidtGreg and Jan SchmittJohn Schraner 72Ray 80 and Janice SchreiberBob 73 and Teresa Kreipe

    Seeley 73Vinnie 87 and Judy SerioBrian and Mary Elwood

    Shannon 83Jamie ShullWayne and April SiebenalerDonald and Patricia SierkJack Sierk 15Elsa SierkBill and Michelle SimpsonFredrick and Rachel SiriSisters of St. Mary of OregonMichael and Esther SlatterySusan Stoinoff Smith,

    D.M.D. 76Gregory and Lisa SmithDavid and Laura Sweet

    Spirlin 78Eileen Sprague and Don

    SpragueDavid and Karen SpreckerDavid and Renee StanleySteve and Kristan Koch Stark

    86Ryan 99 and Amanda

    Wacker Steele 99Dominic Stelter 99Nelson and Kay StevlandGreg Stiff and Kay KinsleyDennis and Denise StoecklinStokes Auction Group, Inc

    Bob and Mary StoneLarry and Linda StoneMichael and Lauren StrandMichelle Stuhrman 02Paul and Machelle StupfelJon SummersSunnyside LiquorIgor and Zoya SuritsMark and Sandhya SusnjaraMichael Sutton and Suzanna

    LacampagnaChuck and Jackie SweetDan and Tracy Swift Darryl Symonds and Julie

    Passantino-SymondsHarry A. Taylor III and

    Rebecca Hart TaylorMike and Becky TetherowTGM Investments LLCVictor 00 and Erin

    Th ekkedomVince 91 and Mary Beth

    Th ekkedomTracy and Cheryl Th ompsonManuel Torres and Beatriz

    BecerraTolal and Anna TotonchyTown & Country Glass,

    Matthew SlineyScott and Jill TrantelHelen UnfredDave and Anne Pliska Van

    Daam 73Russ and Trudy VandeheyGale and Karen VarnerBinh and Christine VoTighe 98 and Gwen

    Kreitzberg Vroman 98Matt and Christine WarnerMeagon Bell Watterson 02Fr. Ted WeberDavid and Debra WeissWestern Economic ServicesChristine WestoverEric White 02Sue WhiteJeff and Judy Feltz Whitson

    81Robert and Barbara WiestWilson-Kilpatrick LLCMatthew and Shannon

    WinninghamBob and Lucy WojcickiWan Xiang Li and Judy Chen

    Jon and Julie Klupenger Yochim 90

    Donald Young 87David and Margaret ZepsJoshua 99 and Tiff any Zwick

    Scarlet and Royal ClubUp to $99TK AdamsKim and Barbara Bingold

    Agrimson 79Michael and Katie AllenKris English and Peggy

    Annable-EnglishRobert and Carla AustinAwesome Wine CompanyRichard and Louise BarakatDean and Kristine BarkerGreg and Angela BatesJames and Elizabeth BiancaRuth BingoldMiguel and Elnora BitengKathy Bosnjak 83Gerald and Darla BrockBea BurkJeremy BurroughsAllan and Leigh ByrneChristopher and Gina

    Caruso Callipari 83Molly Caster-DennerJoe and Terra CheekGail CogginsLawrence and Velma

    CombineEugene and Cathy ComfortGuy and Mary Beth

    ConawayJulie Conaway LemonJeff 79 and Helen Yoswick

    Connolly 79Adam Cook 88Beverly CorbettJoel and Kate Reding

    Coreson 95Costco Wholesale

    CorporationWilliam and Carolyn

    CriteserJeff and Lori CulleyJim and Chris CunninghamBeverly CurtisJason and Sonya DaileyGary and Sue DavenportRichard and Dorene Dehen

  • 12

    2012-2013 honor roll of contributors

    Diane Brunengo Dieni 72Niki Phelan Dolan 72Steve and Kathy Olson

    Dolezal 78Donald and Josephine DrainPaul Dreisbach and Molly

    SullivanPatrick and Cathy EhliPat 85 and Kristen EllBlake Ellis 01Christina EricksonGloria FalkBrian Ferrasci-OMalley 00Franciscan FriarsTh omas and Rosemary FranzArnie and Shirley FuchsSusan GallagherAmy and Joseph GanttBrian 86 and Julie Pitts

    Gefroh 87Robert and Joan GilbertzLori Haff nerDavid and Cynthia HaglundDanny Hainley 02Travis Hardaker 00Ann HarrisKevin and Bobbi Sinclair

    Harrison 94Stan and Jean HaysMatthew 75 and Th eresa

    Bobzien Herinckx 75Jean Hill-RutterGeoff rey Hills 03Patti Hills-BurtnerDonald 86 and Krista

    HochstatterSarah Bradford Honeywell

    92Kathryn JacksonBernard and Joan JacobsMindy Jette 86

    Lindsey Johnson 70Doug and Ann JusticeFrances KeagbinePaul 72 and Katherine KesterPatricia KirkRaymond and Olivia

    KlupengerKnights of ColumbusFran LandsnessAmanda Yackley Laughans

    99Nancy LeeEdward and Mollie LillyMargaret LindiaJared and Heather LippelgoosTeresa Lisac 71John and Marie LoschiavoJohn and Margaret LuccioFrank 71 and Karen MathewPam MattesonRochelle Mayer Bill 73 and Kim McCarthyDean and Elizabeth

    Gallagher McCarthy 02Bruce and Victoria

    McDonaldTravis 99 and Kitri McGuireDarrell and Debra McSmithAna MeekinsDarwin and Constance

    MichaelsRobert, Sr. and Susan MillerBernard and Rose MillerAnne MitchellBlake and Deborah MiuraLinda Morelli 83Colleen Morgan 79Tim and Melissa MurphyMegan Myers 02Zeny NavaltaTony and Sharon Nicola

    Tom and Th eresa NisbetRandall Nix and Joette

    Oreste-NixTh omas and Margaret NolanLinus 87 and Elizabeth OeyDaniel and Maureen Kiley

    Olds 79Pacifi c Power FoundationSteven and Karen PadenNicholas Paradis 03John 77 and Lori ParkerMatt Pendergast 90Mike Pendergast 91Penny Petrich and Marko

    PetrichTan N. PhamJon 00 and Jenn PienoviPaul and Loriann Bosnjak

    Pimentel 81Brad and Sandy Olson

    Popick 72Kevin and Michelle PrestonDr. and Mrs. Eddie PriceLiz Raines 02Derek RayPatrick 79 and Noreen

    ReganRonald and Darlene RiveraSandy Rizzuti 82Dave 70 and Jan Schlechter

    Rust 70Mary Ellen SalomoneFred and Muriel SchelbHarry and Margaret SchibelTim and Maria SchroederMr. and Mrs. John ScottMark 78 and Vicki SearsJulie SeguinFred and Marilyn SheetsDan ShelleyDavid and Eileen Sherrill

    Robert and Bonnie SierkNicholas and Tina SoberanisNicholas and Carmen

    SoberanisMike SoberanisRichard SpearmanTyrone and Candace

    StammersAlex StegnerBryan and Mary Ann

    Altenhofen Stewart 85Jeanne StoresKelli Sullivan 84Sunnybrook Family Dental,

    LLCJerry and Jo TenneySharon TeschAgnes TetherowMary TookeDouglas and Lynn TownsonClay and Terese TylerBeverly UrbancFred and Cindy Van

    DrimmelenDarin and Erika VincentRobert and Carole VolkmanRobert Weaver and Jean

    HornRandy and Darlene WestFranklin and Michele

    WhitmanOtto Wild and Atty ZschauKim Wiley 83Danielle Winterhalter 07Jeff and Deann WomackKarel YanicksLarry and Simi YipMark and Teresa YohnVincent and Val Yoswick

    Th e La Salle community gathered in December 2012 for the Yulefest and Wine Tasting, La Salles longest-running fundraiser.

  • 13

    2012-2013 honor roll of contributors

    2012 - 2013 Event Sponsors

    2012 Golf TournamentBirdie Sponsors Excel Brokerage, Carl Bangle Space Age Fuel, Jim 77 and Linda Pliska Th ird Rock Screen Impressions, Chris

    Pfeifer 83 and Steven SchroedlTee Box Sponsors Black Helterline, LLP, Dave Streicher 75,

    Attorney Liberty Mutual, Nick Phillips 02 Waddell & Reed, EJ Cortez Lloyd Center McDonalds, Doug WackerBeverage Cart Sponsor Scott Hamersly 82 and Peter JonesBuy a Round Sponsor State Farm, Jason Zwick 96, Agent Straight Drive Sponsor and Hole in One Sponsor Th ird Rock Screen Impressions, Printing,

    Chris Pfeifer 83 and Steven SchroedlHole Sponsors CB Interior Designs, Cheryl Lisac Belozer

    73 Security Signs Marc Bianco, DMD Botsford & Goodfellow, Chuck Botsford Perkins Coie, Brentley Bullock 79 Wigwam and Mountain Hardwear, Jack

    73 and Peggy Powell Keller & Keller, PC, William M. Keller,

    John M. Keller 73, and David J. Keller 97 Mortgage Express, Beverly Lisey Todd Construction Sunset Garbage Collection, Steve Schwab

    73 and Carla Schwab Schaefer 80 Susan Stoinoff Smith, DMD 76

    ABC Roofi ng Co. Fulweiler & Brasket, Paul Fulweiler 89 and

    Doug Brasket 89 Bellevue Asset Management, Mike Vila 85 Cutters Hi-School Pharmacy, Ron

    Dulwick Columbia State Bank Oregon Trail Restoration, Marc Lisak 97

    2012 YulefestYulefest Event Sponsor Alumni Association Table Sponsors Class of 1979 (2) Columbia State Bank John and Martha Parisi Dirksen 72 Indulge Catering, Dedie Cameron 79 and

    Shaun M. Perry 97 Iron Gate Realty, Mary Havlicek Pahl 80 Toes on the Nose, John Sheils and Tim

    Sheils 99

    2013 Believe Signature Fundraiser

    Platinum Sponsors John and Joan Bollier Bernie 79 and Pamela Pliska RBC Wealth Management, Chuck Gall

    and Kelly Hale Sigma Investment Management Company Gold Sponsors Bob and Anita Dethlefs Geranium Lake Florist, Kim ForenSilver Sponsors La Salle Alumni Association Anesthesia Associates Northwest, LLC,

    Gregg and Cindy White Fujii Produce, Dave and Joanna Pienovi Space Age Fuel, Jim 77 and Linda PliskaBronze Sponsors Carl and Carolyn Christoferson Jeff and Caryn Keeney Melvin Mark Northwest Cleaners Pine Crest Fabrics, John Sheils and Tim

    Sheils 99

    2012-2013 In-Kind Gifts (July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013) Mike Morgan 71 and Nancy Babka Banfi eld Pet Hospital, William and Liz

    Novak Clackamas Town Center Rob Gaudin Gerlock Towing and Heavy Haul, David

    Manning Hewlett Packard Company Holloran Vineyard Wines, LLC, William

    and Eve Holloran John and Martha Parisi Dirksen 72 Matthew Mariani Mayahuel Catering Todd and Maria Mulvaney Pacifi c Hydroseed, Jim and Kathy Hunt Portland Disposal & Recycling, Inc. Power Electric, Inc, David Portash 81 River City Environmental, Inc., Steve and

    Sara McInnis Steven and Shonna Schroedl Greg and Laura Huber Veasy 83

    It is remarkable the diff erence new tables and benches, enlivened fl ower beds and welcoming new grass can provide to improve the experience of our students and staff . Th is renovation expanded the living room of La Salle where students gather as a community and build relationships. Th anks to the generous donors at Believe 2013, we raised $16,500!

    We have heard great feedback regarding the courtyard as a much more inviting place during breaks, lunch, aft er school and at special events. We increased the seating capacity

    to accommodate growth in enrollment. We also created a multi-purpose gathering space to be utilized by student groups, alumni socials, outdoor dances and activities, parent functions, etc.

    Beyond the cosmetic and functional improvements, we also improved safety in the courtyard. We removed overgrown landscaping to improve visibility and enhance supervision. We have more exciting plans for the future, but well have to wait for the sun to return. We appreciate the special eff orts and donations of the following courtyard project supporters:

    Th e fi rst phase of the project was completed in the fall of 2013. We have a few things left on our student wish list, so please consider joining our eff orts to reach $20,000. To learn more, contact Julie Dowhaniuk at or 503.353.1446.

    Cheryl Lisac Belozer 73

    Jim and Kathy Hunt

    Stan Link

    Teresa Tessie Talarsky Prentice 90

    Mitch Powell 99

  • For nearly 50 years, the La Salle community and our students have benefi tted from the support of our generous benefactors. In the early years, alumni parents provided leadership and guidance, both in vision and funding, to ensure the strong foundation we enjoy today.

    Th e continued excellence of La Salle rests largely in the commitment of alumni. You are our most loyal supporters. Aft er all, more than 75 alumni are currently sending their children to La Salle. Additionally, the classes of 1972 and 1973 embraced their 40th reunion milestone with a signifi cant commitment to the next generation of La Salle students.

    In celebrating their 40th reunion, the classes of 1972 and 1973 recognize an opportunity to ensure the Lasallian mission continues well into the future. Th ey are ensuring the school remains accessible, especially to underserved students. As a member of one of the fi rst graduating classes, I believe it is our responsibility to be some of the fi rst alumni to lead the eff ort to partner with the school in an intentional way to advance this goal, explained Greg Parrott 72.

    Both classes are establishing a named endowed fund to support fi nancial aid. Th is investment in La Salles future also provides immediate support through the Foundations annual distribution. Twelve members of the Class of 1973 honored their 40-year milestone with a gift of $40,000! Th is establishes a $5,000 annual scholarship to a current La Salle student for four years as well as a named endowed fund.

    At their reunion in September 2013, they invited fellow classmates to join their eff orts to double this pledge commitment by the schools 50th anniversary in 2016-17. Foundation Board member John Beem 73 shared the motivation for his gift , La Salle is a special place for me and I know many of you feel the same way. It is a place where young people can aspire to dreams they dont know they can achieve and to a future they cant even imagine. La Salle gave us the same hope and direction. Th e day of the average family being able to aff ord a Lasallian education without assistance is gone.

    Our early alumni understand the critical role they play in ensuring La Salles continued success. It is important for us to be a model for future classes who will follow our lead, said Greg Parrott 72.


    Alumni are our Future For more information about the Class of 1972 and 1973 class gift s, contact Vice President of Advancement Andrea Burns 97 at to learn more.

    Th e Class of 1972, including Mike Eaton 72, Patt Taufer Lama 72, John Schraner 72, and Niki Phelan Dolan 72, celebrated with their classmates on campus.

  • Alumni Soccer: Th e Mens Alumni Soccer game brought out a great group of players and fans!

    Reunion: Class of 1973 40th Reunion group photo.

    Th ank you to all who visited the

    Alumni Offi ce to sign the alumni

    wall! Please feel free to make an

    appointment with Director of

    Alumni Relations Liz Raines 02

    at to schedule

    your visit.

    Alumni Th eater Night: Alumni gathered last year to watch the musical Music Man and celebrate Ernie Casciato 72.

    Believe Gala: Alumni from every decade celebrated the achievements of La Salle at the Believe Signature Fundraiser in April 2013.

    Career Day: Th ank you to the many alumni who took time out of their busy schedules to speak at La Salles Career Day!

    Alumni Basketball: Alumni basketball took off with over 70 players. Congratulations to the class of 99 for their big tournament win!


    Alumni Events

    Alumni Visits

  • 16

    Enter to Learn

    For the fourth consecutive year, La Salle Prep is ranked on the list of the Oregon Businesss 100 Best Nonprofi ts to Work For in Oregon. La Salle Prep ranked 23rd out of 34 large organizations (with 50 or more employees). Oregon Business editor Linda Baker explained, Th e nonprofi t project was created to recognize nonprofi ts as key business critical to the economic health of the state, employing hundreds of thousands of Oregonians.

    La Salle Prep students kept busy with service projects in October. Ten students participated in the LArche Immersion with teachers Amy Gantt and Mike Devenney. Twelve students went to Lot Whitcomb during 4th period to fi ll in for Santa and get wish lists completed. Eleven freshmen in Signum Fidei continued to learn about and refl ect on hunger and then they packed the lunches for Backpack Buddies in Maggie Writts class. Th e Lasallian Ministry class went to Lot Whitcomb for their weekly mentoring and eleven students prepped and served dinner at St. Andres with teachers Mike Doran and Nick Hurt.

    La Salle Prep applied for the Harold Schnitzer Spirit of Unity Award which is off ered through the Wholistic Peace Institute. La Salle was awarded $500 to be used for the Portland Catholic High School Social Justice Summit. La Salle hosted the summit on Sunday, December 8, 2013, and the theme this year is childhood poverty.

    Accept Everyone. Respect All Persons. Value the Individual.

    As part of the Lasallian Scholars STEM enrichment series, Director of Technology Dave Heineck and Attendance Offi cer Judi Powell 71 traveled with 37 students for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the Portland Milwaukie Light Rail bridge on October 10, 2013. Th is is the fi rst bridge to be built over the Willamette River in 40 years. Th e students participated in an engineering design discussion with the project management team, toured the construction site, and walked the Harbor Structure light rail segment.

    Th ank you to Foundation Board Member Joan Bollier and Andy Auxier, Aryn Trimble and Brodie Harvey from the engineering fi rm Stacy & Witbeck for hosting this historic opportunity. To learn more, contact David Heineck at

  • 17

    Leave to ServePush Your Limits. Prepare for Life.

    On Sunday, December 8, 2013, 70 students from Central Catholic, De La Salle North Catholic, Jesuit, La Salle Prep, and St. Marys Academy attended the second annual Portland Catholic High Schools Social Justice Summit at La Salle Prep. Th e theme of this years summit was childhood poverty. Th e Summit began with a beautiful opening prayer led by De La Salle students. Th en, Dr. Matt Baasten, Assistant Provost from the University of Portland, talked about Catholic Social Teaching and the responsibility that we all have to respond to the needs of the poor, especially children. Lynda Coates, keynote speaker, shared her story of growing up without a home. Her parents were not literate, and she spent her childhood living in cars and campers. She and her fi ve siblings rarely attended school. However, with the help of her cousin Dr. Donna Beegle, Coates broke out of the cycle of poverty and went on to earn her BA and MA in Communication from the University of Portland. Coates shared advice on how students can make a diff erence when spending time with young people who live in poverty. Aft er the keynote presentation, student Summit participants attended four of seven breakout sessions. Students from St. Marys Academy talked about their experiences in Mississippi working with children who live in poverty; and the connections between public schools and prison. Jesuit students presented about childhood poverty in Nicaragua based on an immersion trip experience. Students from La Salle Prep shared the stories of impoverished children they met on an immersion trip

    on the Blackfeet Native American Reservation. A group of students from Central Catholic provided students participants with information about Kiva Loans as a creative solution to childhood poverty.

    La Salle junior Kelly Krumm refl ected on the summit, I learned that, in regards to our educational system, we should be happy to have what we do. Our schools have enough desks for our students, and we have solid buildings that will not fall in a wind storm. Other countries make due with outdoor classrooms and very little, if any, teaching materials. However, that does not mean it cannot be improved. In some areas, like Mississippi, there are many schools that more or less pipe students into the criminal justice system, no matter their potential. Issues such as this need to be addressed in our country to improve the system we have. Remember that we are lucky to have this system, but keep fi ghting to improve it. La Salle senior Jason Nguyen shared his insight, One thing that stood out to me from the Social Justice Summit was the idea that, contrary to popular belief, wealth and success are not entirely products of hard work, even in the land of opportunity. Chance, to some degree, plays a part in their distribution, which is what causes the disparity in quality of life. Students left the summit with a better understanding of childhood poverty and concrete actions they can take to make a diff erence in the life of a child as well as some ideas of how to change the systems and policies that perpetuate the cycle of poverty.

    La Salles drama department presented Steel Magnolias for the fall play. Th e funny and moving production featured an all-female cast which moved the audience to laughter and tears during its fi ve shows in November 2013. Steel Magnolias by Robert Harling, features a group of gossipy southern ladies in a small-town beauty parlor during the 1980s. Originally a New York stage hit, followed by the well-loved fi lm, starring Julia Roberts, Sally Fields, Dolly Parton and Shirley Maclaine. Most recently, it was a made for television fi lm, starring Queen Latifa and Phylicia Rashad.

  • 18

    On Saturday, November 23, 2013, La Salle students planted 34 Western Red Cedar trees on campus. Nearly 90 students from Carie Colemans biology classes volunteered to help with the planting on the sunny, yet cold, day. In total, 122 volunteers contributed to the eff ort. Collier Arbor Cares Terrill and Janet Collier, along with sons Logan (a 2007 La Salle graduate) and Quentin (a La Salle sophomore), sponsored Friends of Trees for the event and provided mulch to ensure the trees have a healthy start (pictured at left ).

    La Salles Booster Club coordinated a donation drive last spring to cover the cost of the trees along the southern fence line of the school. Th ank you to the following donors who supported the eff ort: Ronald and Carol Calvert, Carl and Carolyn Christoferson, James and Jill Collier, James and Myrna Dunnigan, Joe and Barb Eichhorn, Marion and Karla Marvich, Raymond Parise and Debra Miller, Christopher and Polly Sierk. Friends of Trees underwrote the cost of the utility locate and digging of the holes. Th ey also provided volunteer expertise to help La Salle students plant the trees.

    In fall 2014, La Salle will join the Oregon Schools Activities Association (OSAA) 5A Northwest Oregon Conference with other member schools; Milwaukie, Rex Putnam, Sandy, St. Helens, Parkrose, Liberty, Hillsboro and Wilsonville. La Salle athletics will continue to strive for excellence in its co-curricular programs, building on the success of the 4A classifi cation of the Tri Valley Conference. La Salle has 34 state championships in its history, as well as the All Sports Award and Th e Oregonian Cup in 2012. La Salle will prepare to compete at a higher level by encouraging multiple sport athletes, reviewing current programs in relation to participation, out of season training and feeder programs. We will unite the coaching staff to work well with one another other and create a positive and inclusive attitude in order to succeed in this new upper level division. We look forward to this challenge and are especially excited about being a part of the Northwest Conference with eight other Portland metro area schools, said President Denise L. Jones.

    Enter to Learn

  • 19

    Over 50 golfers attended the 3rd Annual Andy Belozer Memorial Golf Tournament at Sah-Hah-Lee Golf Course on September 14, 2013, to celebrate the life of Andy Belozer, former La Salle Prep and Clackamas High School student, who died in 2001. Th e event raised over $8,000, which will benefi t student athletes at La Salle Prep.

    Th e fi rst place winning foursome of the tournament included La Salle alumni parents Dr. Mike Regan 80, Robin Regan, Bill Hays and Sue Unfred-Hays 81. Th e second place foursome included Kathy Smith, Herb Sharp, Kumiko Rodewald and Gary Maff ei. Th e third place foursome included La Salle President Denise L. Jones, Tim Brown, Toby Brown and Bryce Zehrung.

    Th e Andy Belozer Memorial Fund was established at La Salle Prep in November 2008. Th e fund provides fi nancial assistance to student athletes with demonstrated fi nancial need to cover expenses associated with sports equipment, apparel, camp fees, team trips, and other sports-related activities at the school. Th e intent of the fund is to advance La Salle Preps commitment to providing opportunities for all students to participate in extra-curricular activities while honoring the legacy of Andy Belozer. Th e Andy Belozer Fund has assisted over 50 La Salle Prep student athletes since its inception.

    Current La Salle Prep student, Maddie Hill 16, is a recipient of the Andy Belozer fund. She explained, Th is fund has allowed me to participate in summer basketball, which I could not have done otherwise. I am so grateful to the Belozer family for this opportunity to do something that I truly love!

    Th e 4th Annual Andy Belozer Memorial Golf Tournament is scheduled for Saturday, September 6, 2014, at Sah-Hah-Lee. All funds raised will continue to assist the development of the La Salle Prep student athletes.

    Matt Powell 79 has been selected as Executive Director of the Lasallian Christian Brothers Foundation (LCBF). He currently serves as the President of De La Salle North Catholic High School in Portland, Oregon. Th e LCBF is a new charitable corporation to fund education for needy students and support the welfare of the Brothers. Powell has nineteen years of experience in Lasallian education. He served as a teacher, counselor, campus ministry director, vice principal and dean of students at La Salle before moving to De La Salle North Catholic High School. Read more at

    Leave to Serve

  • 20

    La Salle Prep faculty and staff awarded colleague Otto Wild the distinguished 2013 Lasallian Educator of the Year award. Th e award honors an educator who exemplifi es the Lasallian ideals of Saint John Baptist de La Salle.

    Faculty and staff vote for candidates who are dedicated and committed to education, celebrate the value and dignity of all as children of God, who care for students like older brothers or sisters, and who model Christian values in their lives and in their teaching. Th e La Salle community declared that Mr. Wild is a living example of these characteristics both pedagogically and spiritually.

    Wild began working at La Salle in August 1996 and continues to teach choir and guitar as well as Christology and Paschal Mystery. Teachers, staff and previous Lasallian Educators of the Year presented the award to Wild at the Heroic Vow assembly in November as his family celebrated with him.

    Educator of the Year

  • 21

    We are delighted to announce that La Salle Prep will enhance the delivery and individualization of instruction beginning in fall 2014, with the launch of our 1:1 iPad Program. In line with our mission to provide a transformative education allowing students to realize their maximum potential we are proud to embrace the opportunities that technology provides to our students and educators.

    Lasallian education is known for innovation. As the digital world becomes an increasingly daily experience for our students, teachers, parents, and community, we are compelled to both interact and excel within this global reality. As educators, we strive to provide a variety of relevant challenges, questions, tasks and ultimately authentic learning opportunities that help our students develop new skills and knowledge. Technology is an incredible tool that will help our students acquire a much greater depth of understanding and profi ciency. Technology provides for the expansion of time and place on a platform that is engaging and interactive, a new media for expression, collaboration and increased

    productivity, and will build our students profi ciency and confi dence in 21st century skills.

    As La Salle Prep moves forward in this developing digital learning frontier, we are clear that our commitment to excellence has a new dimension. We will continue to form students who excel to their highest potential and have confi dence in their roles to serve others and make a positive diff erence in the world.

    TechnologyiPad Initiative

  • 22

    Congratulations to Susie Schiffb auer Heidegger 73 (senior yearbook photo at left ) who successfully identifi ed Anne Schlecter Schiller 73, Jack Powell 73, Gail Marantette 73, Tim Hanan, Larry Blaufus 73, and John Bernard 73 in the Mystery Alumni

    Photo in the last issue of the La Salle Prep Review.

    If you are the fi rst to correctly identify the alumni in the photo below, you will win a La Salle item. Send your guess to

    Traci Watkins Mennis 79, Board PresidentCommunity Leader

    Lisa Weaver Bergeson 86, Christ the King

    Brian Bergquist 75, Kaiser Permanente

    Chris Bochsler 70, Community Leader

    Matthew Call 94, PGP Valuation

    David Dugan 87, Blout International

    Jane Ellison Scrutton 01, KeyBank

    Patrick Gabrish 84, Blue Marble Brands

    Joy Barta Hunt 78, Sabin Elementary

    Donna Sunseri Howard 79, Kavi Corporation

    Mary Havlicek Pahl 80, Iron Gate Realty

    Michael Pendergast 91, Self-employed

    Kelsey Powell 02, St. John the Apostle

    Laura Sweet Spirlin 78, Fred Meyer

    Jason Zwick 96, State Farm Insurance

    Josh Zwick 99, Multnomah County Sheriff s Department

    Mystery AlumniAlumni Association Board of Directors

  • Linda Livesay Bochsler 70Ken Cleary 81Edward Tschudy 12

    William Lawrence DehenDonald DeShieldsMary Catherine HarringtonPeggy J. JennenChris MarthallerJohn Jack McLaughlinAnne MitchellJean Wilson SherrodLee Schrom


    La Salle Alumni

    La Salle Parents and Grandparents

    In Memoriam

    Please send your updates to Liz Raines 02 at 503.353.1425 or

    Please remember in your prayers the families and loved ones of the following members of the La Salle community who have passed away.

    Loreva Bromley Named the Distinguished Lasallian Educator for the San Francisco DistrictTh e Christian Brothers District of San Francisco selected La Salle Prep teacher Loreva Bromley as the Distinguished

    Lasallian Educator for 2013. Th is annual award honors an educator who exemplifi es the ideals of St. John Baptist de La Salle, Patron Saint of Christian Teachers of Youth. Loreva shares this years award with Ken Hogarty, a teacher at Sacred Heart High School in San Francisco.

    Bromley has been an educator at La Salle for 22 years. She has chaired the math department and continues to serve as a master teacher, committed to engaging and encouraging her students. She is an avid supporter of La Salle Prep sports, a Lasallian Leadership Institute graduate, and she frequently participates in Journey student retreats.

    La Salles girls basketball coach Kelli Duffi cy Wedin was inducted into the Portland Interscholastic League (PIL) Sports Hall of Fame in October 2013.

    Coach Wedin, who graduated from Franklin High School in 1990, was the PIL MVP her senior year. She played soccer, basketball, tennis and soft ball. As a freshman at the University of Portland, she was a starter on the basketball team. She received a scholarship to the University of Nevada. She was also honored as Coach of the Year in 2013.

    Faculty/Staff News

  • 1970s

    1990s 2000sDaniel Bernklau 00 married Amy Cook at St. Th eresa Church in Ashburn, Virginia, in September 2011. Th ey both work at the Sprint Reston offi ce where they met. Th ey live in Ashburn, Virginia.

    Members of the Class of 00 including Joe Kuff ner 00, Tim Pham 00, Jacque Rhemrev Barber 00, Katie Monte 00, stopped by La Salle for All Alumni Weekend.

    Brian Dean 00 and Elizabeth Lindaur were married May 25, 2013 at St. James the Apostle Catholic Church in Kenosha, Wisconsin where they currently live. Brian is a Program Developer and Grant Writer with Americorps/VISTA in Racine, Wisconsin and Liz is a Patent Assistant with Abbott Labs in

    Chicago. Brian is a 2004 graduate of St. Norbert College in DePere, WI and Liz is a 2008 graduate of St. Norbert.

    Sarah Robben Lowe 01 married Elliot Lowe September 1, 2013 in Parkdale, OR. She is currently the La Salle Assistant Varsity Volleyball Coach.


    Th e class of 83 celebrated its 30th reunion during La Salles All Alumni Weekend in September 2013.


    Michael Dickmans 93 fi rst collection of poetry, Th e End of the West, was published in 2009 by Copper Canyon Press. He is also the co-author (with his brother Matthew Dickman 93) of 50 American Plays from Copper Canyon Press. His second collection of poetry, Flies (Copper

    Canyon Press, 2011), received the 2010 James Laughlin Award. Michael currently resides in Princeton, New Jersey, with his wife Phoebe Nobles and their son August, where he is a professor at Princeton University.

    Mike 98 and Katie Benski Dunham 98 welcomed their second daughter Miranda Grace on June 7, 2013. Th eir three year old, Charlotte, just started preschool and Mike started a new business called the Ruhe Group. He continues to manage consulting through Dunham Inc., along

    with his job as an engineer at Rantech in Milwaukie. Katie received a promotion to Senior Planner at NCPRD and earned certifi cation as a Park and Recreation Professional. Th eir family moved to a new home in Damascus in July.

    Kiah Johnson Mounsey 99 and her husband AJ welcomed their son, Kingston Daville Mounsey, on July 12. He weighed 8 pounds and 9 ounces and was 21 inches long.

    Th e class of 73 celebrated its 40th reunion in the La Salle Center (the Old Brothers Residence) during All Alumni Weekend. Many of the classmates celebrated mass with Fr. Chun beforehand.

    alumni updates alumni updates alumni updates

  • Stay Connected . . .2000sJoy Bernklau 02, Sr. Mary Joy of Our Father made her fi rst profession of religious vows at St. Th eresa Church, Corpus Christi, Texas in July 2011. She joined the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity. She is assigned to a Catholic mission in Benque Viejo

    del Carmen, Belize and teaches religion to school children.

    Th e Class of 03 celebrated its 10 year reunion at Laurelwood Brewing this past fall. Members of the class came from all over the country including New York, California, Colorado, Missouri, Idaho and Washington.

    Ann Bernklau 05 married Felix Barba at Sacred Heart Church, Gervais, Oregon in June 2012. Laura Call 05 was a bridesmaid. La Salle alumni in attendance included Irene Kim 05, Emily Schwartz 05, Justin Tandingan 05 and Mandy Taylor (McGraw) 05. Ann and Felix have a son, Gabriel, born in May 2013. Th ey live in Ave Maria, Florida.

    Charlotte Wright Wimer 05 married Jake Wimer of Fossil, Oregon. Jake and Charlotte met at Oregon State University where they both graduated. Th e live in Palisade, Colorado where Charlotte is pursuing a second degree. Th e wedding fl owers were designed by Carol Feltz, mother of La Salle alumni Erich Feltz 02 and Heidi Feltz 04.

    Abraham Webb 07, 1st Lieutenant, graduated from the Infantry Offi cers Course in Quantico in September 2012 and moved to Kaneohe Bay and to become a Weapons Platoon Commander in 3d Battalion, 3d Marine Regiment. He deployed to Okinawa, Japan as part of the national shift to the Pacifi c. He

    recently returned from a three week exercise in South Korea and will travel to the Philippines soon to conduct bilateral training and humanitarian assistance.

    Join La Salle alumni and support the Falcon Access Network (FAN)! Twelve dollars a month helps to provide tuition assistance for over 54% of the student body. To give, visit If you have questions, please contact Liz Raines02 at .

    Judi Johnson Powell 71 - I give to FAN because its painless, its important and it is the gift that keeps on giving to a place I love. I believe in La Salle.

    Mary Havlicek Pahl 80 - I give to FAN because my experience at La Salle taught me everything I needed to become a successful mom, realtor and contributing member in my communityHonesty, integrity, compassion, confi dence, humility and responsibility. I believe in La Salle.

    Ryan 99 and Amanda Wacker Steele 99 - We give to FAN because the Journey program taught us empathy. When we work with patients, we think about the lessons that we learned while on the retreat. We believe in La Salle.

    Josh Zwick 99 - I give to FAN because of the La Salle experience; amazing teachers, lifelong friends, Journey and athletics. I believe in La Salle.

    Liz Gallagher McCarthy 02 -I give to FAN because La Salle gave me the support and love I needed to follow my dreams. I understand how important it is to have someone tell you they believe in you. I believe in La Salle.

    Geoff rey Hills 03 - I gave back to La Salle through the FAN program because I believe it is the responsibility of our alumni to give back to the institution that shaped our lives. I gave back because La Salle continues to work with students from all backgrounds regardless of the familys fi nancial situation. I gave back to La Salle because I want to have a voice as La Salle continues to grow!


    Please send your alumni updates and photographs to Director of Alumni Relations Liz Raines 02 at or 503.353.1425. Connect with us on Facebook at

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    Th ank you to the 150 guests who supported Oktoberfest on Saturday, October 5, 2013. We enjoyed the glorious weather in La Salles academic courtyard with Widmer suds, bratwurst, German potato salad, chicken dancing and festive live music. Th ank you to Michelle Simpson for her volunteer leadership in planning the wonderful event. Save the date for this years Believe Signature Fundraiser on Saturday, April 12, 2014, at the Portland Hilton and Executive Tower.