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Kwame's presentation at Web 2.0 Expo, Berlin, 2007


  • 1. (not devices) Designing for People Kwame, Fjord... In these slides I may not have credited a couple of pictures... apologies. Also, I am not present to whisper in your year the thoughts behind them, so its fine to feel lost...
  • 2. Sahara Post: Mobile installation, Mauritania, 2003 Metallic balloons where desert dwellers can attach messages to. The desert moves the anchored balloons as though these were in an ocean.
  • 3. Fjord Project
  • 4. Fjord Project
  • 5. Fire... Fire... Fire... Fire... Fire...
  • 6. Yes, I was at that fire, it was lacking wood... with mobile phones each one of us has a fire, and we take it everywhere
  • 7. Ibrahim Adrian Shepherd. Goes to the Geek. Has a myspace market on sundays. page where he has Everyone knows him 1200 friends. as Ibrahim the son of Jerks off 3 times a the goat herder who day, and has 6 real looks like a bull. friends.
  • 8. History of the web... mention Cluentrain... First web equates to first wave of SN: News groups, Message boards... people gathered around specific topics. just like gathering around fires, or going to the pub...
  • 9. Oh Shit, were connected. Lets go crazy!!!!!!!!!!!! But lets do it sitting down...
  • 10. Hey, somebody connected all these people and now they are going crazy. What can we do? Well, we can start by telling them they are connected. First consolidated SNSs
  • 11. Adrian joins Friendster and Orkut and Hi5... and makes two new real friends...
  • 12. How is Ibrahim doing? Ibrahim is on a boat to
  • 13. ...with his mobile social network
  • 14. 2nd wave of SNS: You are reminded that you can make Friends through your Friends. Ads become more selective. 3rd wave of SNS: Introduction of tools and intelligence to make the connected experience more meaningful media type and service cross-pollination, updates, tools difference between romanic churches and gothic churches
  • 15. Adrian is growing and consolidating his network. Some of his mySpace friends become part of is phones address book. migration is vital Ibrahim meets people on the street and they become part of his phones address book. migration is vital
  • 16. The real mobile SN is here: It cannot be imagined. Its real... For both Adrian and Ibrahim
  • 17. Adrian gets lucky a few times (learns how to spot the single amongst his friends) and learns how to master his SN. He eventually discovers linkedIN and gets a job...
  • 18. Its only natural that Mobile Social Networks become a direct translation of existing online SNs. After all theyve worked for Adrian, theres a business logic in place... ...not good enough though.
  • 19. Rewind creating a profile > performing talk about Danahs work
  • 29. reducing digital complexity may also reduce... humanity.
  • 30. When you meet someone ( the getting laid context ) intro initial framework (2h) over 100h Family 225 words per minute 27000 words How can my mobile help?
  • 31. Physical social intercourse... Goffman. I travelled the world for some years... AR studies Kwame
  • 32. Physical social intercourse... Goffman Decision making at critical points: interaction between choice and constraint.
  • 33. Ergonomics, Anthropometrics AR studies Kwame
  • 34. Behavioural patterns AR studies Kwame
  • 35. Pulse in/of the crowd AR studies Kwame
  • 36. AR studies Kwame
  • 37. AR studies Kwame
  • 38. OS level AR studies Kwame
  • 39. AR studies Kwame
  • 40. Buds, 2002 Kwames Application
  • 41. Zhu Ming 1995
  • 42. Bods, 2003
  • 43. Spontaneous digital articulated networks: wireless augmented networks in free random identity interchange bays. Kwame s research
  • 44. these guys have an augmented ID, I wish I had had one
  • 45. Ibrahim rolls into town Wow! Look at all these fires... Ibrahim thinks to himself: shit everyones got a fire...
  • 46. Weve spun a web above us, around us. Its part of the city, it is the city. Peter Witt, 1950 Normal spider web Clockwise from top left: spider on lsd, spider on mescaline, spider on caffeine, spider on hash
  • 47. Whole collectivities move Communication codes Communication used to together, so that have to be standardized be limited to the rather intragroup communication and messages simplified rare occasions when can be maintained [touch] in a way to be compatible populations are densely with conditions of aggregated at specific movement and/or wide locations. and variable spatial dispersion. text by Hans Geser
  • 48. Digital living begins with physical living. This entails a shift in the roadmap... otherwise we will be porting MySpace and Facebook-like apps for phones and thats that...
  • 49. Adrian went on to do this... piece of s***t!
  • 50. Ibrahim is driving a cab now the car is mobile and very sociable
  • 51. Rear Units Head Units Media Storage + GPS On Board Computer Stereo Stereo + Portable devices brought in by the occupants
  • 52. Behaviour > Mobility and Stability Check mail Satellite music Work, most of my day in front of a computer On the move, where am I? Synchronize my music Watch TV Call to order What is truly important and always present Space of interaction is vast and unpredictable We move between heterogeneous environments. Some of which are controlled by us, others not. [Habitat.] We have routines that anchor our lives
  • 53. Ibrahim has a new routine Shopping pub pub centre friends place work home gym pub hotel hospital When out on the street we have a purpose and its very difficult if not impossible to divert people from their purposes. Our lives are about routine behaviour and to do lists are not very flexible. On the move we have lines of flight to which we commit and from which we seldom move away from.
  • 54. People are not numbers No reason why the Address book should not be an IM
  • 55. Gang member suspect gunned down by the police who then proceeded to smash his phone and retrieve the sim card in order to identify his contacts.
  • 56. Fancy UIs... UI studies Kwame
  • 57. Fish Eye Lens to navigate content, specially at structures UI studies Kwame
  • 58. Widgets? UI studies Kwame
  • 59. Wallpaper becomes screensaver Space is uid UI studies Kwame
  • 60. UI studies Kwame
  • 61. Nourished by a service layer UI studies Kwame
  • 62. Dealing with Lists... UI studies Kwame
  • 63. Horizontal movement suddenly makes more sense UI studies Kwame
  • 64. Driving towards some conclusions
  • 65. A mix of embedded functionalities & external IP-based services Lagged, asynchronous Time proximity needs PTT MMS SMS MMS SMS PTT video Call voice Video-call Voice Windows Live Instant, synchronous Live Face & voice Voice Rich content Text other than voice Nature of our exchanges
  • 66. Widgets: Artefacts, easy to shape, to carry. Functional. Telling. Digital services will be exist at the same UI level than embedded phone functionality.
  • 67. 5 new computing paradigm drivers
  • 68. The disappearing computer The computing experience is becoming more fragmented, as such tasks are being polarised by the many devices we use. In all this, casual computing is taking...