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In focus Western Africa The first demonstration area for heavy trucks testing in Ukraine AvtoKrAZ levels at Dakar! digest N32007

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News New KrAZ vehicles for Polish builders!

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KrAZ vehicles model range of 2007

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In focus Western Africa


Motor show KrAZ-2007


AvtoKrAZ levels at Dakar The first demonstration area for heavy trucks testing in Ukraine. A photo-report from the demonstration area


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KrAZ-255B: 40 years in service FLN the Iranian partner of HC AvtoKrAZ. Guarantee of success!

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Digest of AvtoKrAZ newspaper AvtoKrAZ newspaper is owned by AvtoKrAZ Holding Company. Copyright by press service of AvtoKrAZ HC and marketing department of JSC FTF KrAZ. Project director: Mrs. Natalia Orel ( Designed and published by PrintLux ( The digest is published in English, Spanish and French. Total edition 2000 copies. Reference to the digest is obligatory at its material republish.

FTF KrAZs objective is leadership in sales marketsautomobile machinery based on KrAZ-6322 to the post-war Iraq. The military men of Yemen, Angola, India and other countries have given preference to this truck. At one of the biggest defense exhibitions IDEX-2007 which took place in Abu Dhabi in February 2007, AvtoKrAZ together with his partner the Streit Armored Group Company has presented a multi-purpose armored KrAZ-6322 platform truck Raptor that received favourable reviews of experts. High estimate of Ukrainian trucks resulted in signing of a few contracts for KrAZ trucks delivery to the countries of Africa and the Middle East. Sales growth was stimulated by a considerable extension of model range and profound vehicles modernization that improved consumer qualities, as well as fundamental reorganization of work and concentration on the customer in order to satisfy his needs at most that is to supply him with spare parts and service package: warranty and after-sales service. Currently the company is working actively at developing of KrAZ trucks with RH steering, enlarging the range of options offered to the customer. We have adapted the engines with the ecological standard Euro-3 manufactured by the Yaroslavl Motor Plant, KAMAZ and Cummins for KrAZ vehicles sets and we offer such trucks to the customer. Recently we have considerably enlarged standard size range of tipping platforms offered the consumer due to completing trucks with 14-, 16-, 18- and 20cube bodies. KrAZ vehicle served as a basis for new types of special equipment, namely, the KrAZ truck with multi-lift equipment, the truck for patching repair, the truck-mounted concrete pump, and special trucks for the Ministry of Emergency Situations and shot lighters. For the first time during the KrAZ history the production of the fire-fighting truck and the truck crane on two-axle chassis was mastered. The truck cabin was considerably modernized: a new steering wheel was applied, air suspension seat was equipped with safety belts, due to modern sound-insulating materials the level of internal noise was greatly decreased, vibroloading at the drivers working place was reduced, the brake system was modernized etc. We offer the consumer KrAZ vehicles equipped with engines of such manufacturers as Cummins, Deutz, as well as of Eaton and Alisson gear boxes, fifth wheels of the JOST or George Fisher type, Micheline tyres etc. Our future trend is to work out KrAZ medium-duty trucks, to diversify special equipment. The company is constantly engaged in information gathering about running performance of the supplied KrAZ trucks in order to make engineering development. Holding Company AvtoKrAZ and its export subdivision JSC FTF KrAZ offer cooperation!

JSC Foreign Trade Firm KrAZ, being an export subdivision of Holding Company AvtoKrAZ, is a kind of engine of the company and defines development strategy of the enterprise, produced vehicles design in conditions of rapidly changing global automobile market. Today sales efforts of Foreign Trade Firm KrAZ are directed to 16 priority markets in the countries of the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe. Our goal is to obtain a total share of 1% in the markets of these countries with 0.25% annual growth and we are resolutely approaching it. Properly elaborated sales politics, carrying out of active promotion and exhibition, extension of dealer network, as well as company maintenance centers network provided FTF KrAZ with possibility to extend the geography of sales. In 2006 traditional markets were enlarged owing to Bulgaria, Liberia, UAE, Ghana, Saudi Arabia. In 2007 Poland, Macedonia, Afghanistan, Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria and other countries were newly reopened. KrAZ vehicles sales growth in foreign markets is determined by favourable terms of payment for foreign customers, such as leasing, factoring, forfeiting etc. Among successful projects carried out by Foreign Trade Firm KrAZ this year is the establishment of joint venture in Poland together with Polish company and signing the contract for delivery of 50 KrAZ vehicles by the end of the year. JV KrAZ Motors Algeria found its further development in Algeria; signing the call-off contract for delivery of 100 KrAZ vehicles per year is confirmation of this development. We have concluded a contract for delivery of a large lot to Equatorial Guinea and successfully won a number of tenders for delivery of KrAZ vehicles to Egypt, Afghanistan, Angola and other countries. A short-term goal of FTF KrAZ is to launch assembling in Iran and India and open joint ventures in Ghana, Sudan, Yemen. Today among KrAZ vehicles the most merchantable in the foreign markets are fifth-wheel tractors (47% of the total delivery amount), dump trucks (25%) and chassis (26%). The most popular in the far-abroad markets are KrAZ-65055 and KrAZ-65032 dump trucks, KrAZ-6443 fifth-wheel tractor. KrAZ-6322 military cross-country truck and its modifications is the leader of sales. High competitiveness of this model and the company itself was proved by successful fulfillment of the contract (the largest in the automobile plants history and the third-large in the history of a military-technical collaboration of Ukraine with foreign countries valued at more than 110 USD mln.) for delivery of more than 2000 units of

Prime Deputy General Director FTF KrAZ, JSC

Yuriy Oblog


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News The Egyptian military men have completed their training in KrAZ maintenanceLast year Holding Company AvtoKrAZ has concluded a contract for delivery of 29 trucks for the Ministry of Defence of the Egypt Arabian Republic (EAR). This cooperation was completed by the customer representatives training in operation, maintenance and operating repair of the KrAZ-6322 platform truck. The Egyptian military men have received theoretical knowledge which they have already applied in practice in the second half of their training. The training completed, the representatives of the Ministry of Defence of Egypt were awarded diplomas certifying the acquired qualification level.

A new design on KrAZ chassis a truck-mounted concrete pump

Italian company Vehicle Engineering has bought a lot of all-wheel drive KrAZ-632 chassis. The president of the company, Mr. Marco Tockachelly, has shown his willingness to accept the vehicles on the spot and test them personally in off-roads conditions and in the soft ground. Having completed a test-drive Mr. Tockachelly admired high cross-country ability of all-purpose vehicles, their excellent dynamic behaviour and good maneuverability and expressed his interest in developing cooperation.

KrAZ cross-country trucks have made their way towards Italy

To satisfy numerous requests of construction organizations, Holding Company AvtoKrAZ has brought out to the market of building technology a truck-mounted concrete pump JXZ 37-4.16HP (JUNJIN Heavy Industry, Korea) on KrAZ-65053 chassis with 6x4 wheel arrangement. A new design enables to discharge concrete mix to the height of 37 m with high accuracy, it saves time, provides conveniences and additional opportunities when operated on the construction site. The concrete pump truck output is 20-158 cubic meter per hour. Concrete intake capacity is 600 l. A powerful multi-stage rotary water pump has output capacity of 120 l/m and operating pressure of 20 bar. The pump is equipped with automatic control system using radio remote control.

AvtoKrAZ jointly with the Telecard-Device Company (Odessa) created field communication system based on the two-axle all-wheel drive KrAZ-5233BE truck with 4x4 wheel arrangement. The truck is equipped with 330-h.p. engine Euro-2, 1350x550-533 tyres and provided with centralized tyre inflation system controlled directly from the cabin. Truck full mass with communication equipment room complex is 14.2 tons. Truck maximum speed is 80 km/h. Communication equipment complex (the so called shelter) is mounted on the shortened platform. This complex takes place of 7-8 earlier applied communication equipment rooms. It is noteworthy that similar products are produced only in 5 countries of the world. This complex has a great export potential since without it, it is impossible to control army in modern conditions.

Field communication system based on KrAZ-5233BE



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Holding Company AvtoKrAZ jointly with the company AUTOKRAZ POLSKA the exclusive representative in the territory of Polan