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  1. 1. Kolkata Metro Advertising http://www.themediaant.com/kolkata-metro-advertising
  2. 2. Media Options of Kolkata Metro Advertising The following are the media options available for Kolkata Metro Advertising: Train: In-coach Out-coach Station: Back-lit panels Panels at ticket counter Panels at Entry/ Exit Hanging boxes Non-lit panels Pillar branding
  3. 3. Details for Kolkata Metro Advertising In-Train & Station Advertising Media Option *Price/Month (in Rs.) In-coach Branding 1,75,000 Out-coach Branding 1,75,000 Station Displays 300/ sq. ft.
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  5. 5. Advertise Now To know more & obtain pricing details please visit : www.TheMediaAnt.com or mail us at help@TheMediaAnt.com for immediate assistance. http://www.themediaant.com/kolkata-metro-advertising