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  • 1. KINESTHETICLEARNERS Madalina Pirea Dnia Prez Asenat Baena
  • 2. DEFINITION Kinesthetic learners are those who learn better if they can involve the movement of their bodies during the study. These people are called commonly hands-on learners or doers. If you are a kinesthetic learner you should be more comfortable if you are doing physically activities instead of sitting and listening instructions.
  • 3. CHARACTERISTICS The kinesthetic people like to be prepared for exams, and there is no better way to do it than making a short summary of the class notes.
  • 4. CHARACTERISTICS Writing what you want to remember is a good alternative to increase the kinesthetics memory.
  • 5. CHARACTERISTICS One characteristic of the kinesthetics is that they are always moving about or doing things, hence they prefer a game with movements rather one without it.
  • 6. CHARACTERISTICS They are kind of hyperactive so they enjoy physical activities or sports, they have an innate dedication to physical exercises.
  • 7. CHARACTERISTICS Some kinesthetic people use to write things over and over in order to memorize it, because if they dont write the things many times they can forget it.
  • 8. CHARACTERISTICS The majority of kinesthetic learners use to doodle or draw on any available paper because it helps them to concentrate better. And also they feel more comfortable if they are doing something with their hands.
  • 9. CHARACTERISTICS Some hands-on learners love touching things with their hands. This make them feel more confident about their own knowledge of the real things.
  • 10. CHARACTERISTICS They enjoy doing things with his hands. It means that this type of people is attracted to do activities such as painting, sculpture, cook
  • 11. CHARACTERISTICS Kinesthetic people enjoy dancing a song that they like because they can feel the rhythm of the music in their bodies. That is the reason why they start automatically to dance.
  • 12. CHARACTERISTICS Kinesthetic learners enjoy planning their activities every week by making a list. As a consequence they become more organized and also they can remember perfectly what they have to do at every hour of the day.