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We can learn a family while having fun. This is the philosophy in our kids club smilecatch. Activities to be able to develop with your children in the family.



2. make a faberg egg Do your kids love to do creative crafts? Would you like to learn how to make one-of-a-kind decorated eggs that last forever? You and your family can create your own Faberg- inspired works of art from real eggs. Its easy and fun, and the results are beautiful. In this article Ill show you how to use authentic Faberg eggs as the artistic inspiration to decorate your own Faberg-style egg. First Ill show you how to hollow out a real egg so your work of art will last forever. 3. Materials To hollow your eggs: Eggs (one egg for each person) Large safety pins 2 plastic bowls A small cup of water Preparation time: 30 minutes to gather supplies and hollow the eggs Activity time: 30 minutes to decorate the eggs To paint & decorate your eggs: Bamboo cooking skewers Small rubber bands Acrylic or tempera paint (any water-based opaque paint for kids) Paint brushes Craft glue Permanent markers Glitter Beads Ribbon Scissors Glitter Glue Paper plates for mixing paint Paper towels Small cardboard roll 4. hollow your eggs 1. How to hollow your eggs First you need to empty out the egg white and yolk inside of each egg. This will leave you with an empty eggshell to decorate. By hollowing the eggs, youll be able to save your eggs forever and not have to worry about your egg being perishable. Gather your supplies needed to hollow the eggs. Now that your eggs are empty, gently rinse them out, dry them off, and prepare them for decorating. 5. Prepare your decoration 2. Prepare your eggs Gather your empty eggs and bamboo skewers. The bamboo skewers are a great way to hold your delicate egg and easily decorate all sides. Since your egg has two holes (one on each end), insert the pointed end of a skewer into the bottom hole of the egg and guide it through the top hole as well. If the top hole is small enough, the egg will sit nicely on the top of the skewer and not slide down. If the holes in your egg are too large for the skewer and the egg slips down, you can use this simple trick: Wrap a small rubber band tightly on the skewer about 1/3 of the way down.Insert the skewer into the bottom of the egg and the egg will sit on the rubber band. Add another rubber band above the egg and slide down to secure the egg. 6. Look for inspiration 3. Find a faberg egg that inspires you You can choose an authentic Faberg egg to inspire you or create a unique design of your own. Create an egg along with your child to share this creative activity as a family. Ive chose these two eggs for my inspiration. You can do the same. Ask your son or daughter if he/she likes it. Its essential to have his/her approval, after all, youre a team! 7. Decorate your egg 4. Paint & decorate your egg Gather your painting and decorating supplies. First, choose a color to use as your base color and mix your paint. While the paint is still wet, lightly sprinkle glitter into your paint to create a shimmering egg. 8. Decorate your egg Let the painted egg dry thoroughly. Using your ribbon, beads and glitter glue, apply your decorations to your egg. When using craft glue to apply your ribbon, its best to let the glue dry a little so its very tacky before you apply the ribbon. This will help the ribbon adhere to the egg. 9. Let it dry 5. Let your eggs dry Have fun embellishing your eggs! Allow your eggs to dry by placing your skewers in a small vase. 10. personalize your egg 6. Create a personalized egg You can use what youve learned to create your very own personalized egg. 11. Create a stand 7. Create a stand to hold your egg Now its time to create a stand to display your egg and keep it from rolling around! You can use an everyday cardboard tube from paper towels or toilet tissue to create an egg stand. Cut the paper tube open and cut a strip an inch wide from the top of the roll. Slide the two ends together to make the tube small enough for your egg to sit on top of and not fall inside. Once you have the right size, staple the ends together. Decorate your egg stand any way youd like. We simply wrapped our stand with ribbon and secured it with a staple. 12. See you in next games!