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2. Reading in family What benefists can come from reading in group? A family that reads together will get closer as a group and share moments and experiences during de reading. Healthy discussions and conversations about the books will help even more. Furthermore, summer is practically here and its a great opportunity to occupy childrens free time. But my kids dont like to read! Most children dont like to read due to minor matters that should not be faced as a problem. The majority of them just need a little push with a well-chosen book. All kids have fertile imaginations that will get stronger with this activity. 3. What do i need? You will need: Library card Books Paper Pen or pencil Notebook Clothes for costumes (optional) Ingredients for recipes (optional) Duration of the activity: We suggest that the reading sessions last a minimum of 30 minutes. 4. The reading 1. Choose the Books The first step of this activity is also the most important since it will define its success or failure. The choosing of the books will determine the level of engagement of the children. Make a list of books of various genres and decide which ones fit better to your children. If you want to ally education to this activity you can also select books from the reading plan of the next school year. Dont forget to ask the opinions of the children. Depending on the age, they already know what they like. However, if they pick up books from a series they already read try to introduce them to whole new stories so they can broaden their horizons. 5. The reading 2. Read in Family Once chosen, you can start reading as a group. Reunite the family everyday in a room, at home or by the garden, to read together in silence during at least 30 minutes. You may feel the need to talk about the story but, if you do so, you will also disturb the reading of other members of the family. So, we recommend that you put together a little book club every week so you can talk about the developments in the story. We also suggest to not allow electronic devices inside the reading room. Its easy to get distracted by cellphones, tablets and computers so we recommend to do the readings in paper and not through electronic devices. 6. The reading 3. Act like characters from the books If your kids like to act like characters from movies and cartoons they will also love doing it with ones from books. More than in other kinds of entertainment, book characters allow representing them with more freedom. This is an opportunity that children will thank for by using their imagination and bring their favorite characters to life. To add more fun you can also dress with costumes similar to the book characters. Dont forget to join the activity so the children dont feel alone. 7. The reading 4. Write your own ending One you finish the book why stop there? Take the chance to encourage even more your childrens imagination so they create a new ending, alternate storylines and even continue the adventures of their favorite characters. You can go further and put aside a notebook that will be their writing journal so they feel encouraged to write and can save everything to remember years from there. This is a great opportunity to work the expression and creative writing of your children, a skill that will serve them well as they climb their academic stairs. 8. The reading 5. Cook food from the books (optional) We already said that the level of engagement of your kids in the reading is related to the chosen book but also with the activities organized around it. Cooking food and dishes mentioned in the book or inspired in the culture and period portrayed in it can be incredibly engaging to children and even help them like to cook. You can even create a themed dinner around the story of the book with various dishes and decoration according to it. 9. The reading 6. Organize thematic visits (optional) As much or even more engaging than food dishes, organizing thematic visits to places that remind ou that could be the stage to the read stories can be an unforgettable activity for children. Medieval stories can create the possibility to go to castles, cathedrals and churches. On the other hand, the science fiction genre can guide your family to a planetarium. Despite being an optional activity, put together themed visits is a great option to do someting cultural and to enjoy the nice summer weather by going out with your family in the weekend. 10. See you in next games!