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Featuring the art work of Katheryn OldShield Mukai in it\'s versatility.


<ul><li> 1. Kaes Gallery<br />Featured Artist:<br />Katheryn OldShield Mukai<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. REFLECTIONSAcrylic on 11x14 Cotton Canvas$240<br /> 3. SUNSET STORMOil on 12x16 cotton canvas$280<br /> 4. CRACK OF DAWNAcrylic on 11x14 cotton canvas$240<br /> 5. SUNFLOWERS AT THE MARKETAcrylic on 16x20 cotton canvas Commissioned <br /> 6. BLACK-EYED SUSANSOil on 11x14 cotton canvasCommissioned<br /> 7. PROCESS Acrylic on 16x20 cotton canvase$200<br /> 8. THUNDER BOLT8x10--Acrylic on synthetic materials<br /> 9. CAF SERIESAcrylic on 9x12 art board$500 forseriedsmounted and framed<br /> 10. WHITE DINING CHAIRAcrylic on 9x12Art Board$135 mounted &amp; framed<br /> 11. CHAIR SERIES ABSTRACTA9X12 acrylic on art board$300 Mounted as Series<br /> 12. CHAIR SERIES SCULPTUREAcrylic on 9x12 art board$300 Mounted as Series<br /> 13. CHAIR SERIES IN PLACEAcrylic 9x12 on art board$300 mounted as series<br /> 14. DARE?<br /> 15. AMBITION<br /> 16. Silver Linings!<br /> 17. WHERE THE ROAD MAY LEAD<br /></p>