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This is the follow up to the original Job Search Survival Kit that has been seen by thousands of people worldwide. This presentation brings some new ideas as well as details about my 15 docs that I mention in the first Job Search Survival Kit.


  • 1. Getting The Upper Advantage No Matter The Odds By: Anthony Hines
  • 2. Who Am I.I am a hardworking guy who, like many others, found himself out of work during the economic downturn in 2010. After a long battle of wrong turns, job search strategies that led to no where, and dead end leads, I decided to take a more strategic approach to my job search. Like anything else in life, I needed to treat my search like a full-time job and create a plan that would allow me to stand out above the competition. Why Am I Sharing What Helped Mebecause I quickly realized that to handle an event like that is to focus on what you can control and share the experience to help others. I believe that an experience not shared is a lost opportunity in life, and that smart people learn from their mistakes and smarter people learn from other peoples experiences.
  • 3. This presentation is a more detailed breakdown of my 15 document set that is mentioned at the end of the first Job Search Survival Kit. There is no doubt that the first two docs are what you should spend the most of your time on which are my 60+ page Job Search Tip doc and my Linkedin Tip doc, but there are 13 other docs that can help you as well so use this with the check list email as a high level guide. Reference all of my documents often to help you stay with it and feel free to email me anytime at if you have questions comments or feedback. Now go forward and best of luck.
  • 4. Believe in yourself. No one is going to believe in you until you believe in yourself. Don't let it waver. Always know that you are great at what you do and it will come out in the interviews and in your conversations. Be confident, not cocky and remember it ain't braggin if you can back it up. Who says that the next job wont be even better than the last job you had. Make it happen and keep your eye on the prize. Channel your energy into this process and stick with it.
  • 5. Focus on what you can control and let the stuff you cant work on their own schedule. Focus on each thing you do as a brick like you are building a pyramid. If you look at the process as the entire pyramid, you will never get anywhere. Automate what you can so what you network and talk to people, your documents are presenting you well. You are only looking for one job. Never forget that.
  • 6. BEFORE YOU DO ANTHING MORE. Get Your Resume Checked 4012055 Go to the site above right now for a free resume critique and if you need it, get your resume and Linkedin Profile redone. Yes it costs but that is up to you. You have no chance of getting a good job without these things being well done. Read My Job Search Tip Document First This is the centerpiece of the free documents that I send out. It is everything I did to get activity & visibility in my search.
  • 7. Work on your LinkedIn profile using the Linkedin Tip document that Is in my packet. It tells you the things I did to make myself come up in search 50+ times a day and be more visible to recruiters as well as maximize the visibility of my skills to all that read it. Your profile can promote you while you sleep. Make it the best it can be.
  • 8. Please link to me via so that you are a first level connection. Then once you have linked to me, make sure if you haven't already, that you send me your email address so then when I have updated the documents, I can send them to you. By linking to me, you can then get access to many more people via Inmail. More access never hurts.
  • 9. I gave you a list of useful job search article links I found recently. Plus, I gave you a list of useful job search report and offer links I found recently Also I gave you a list of useful job search free professional publication links I found. Look over these documents as they provide a ton of information.
  • 10. Your Letters Are So Key. I have sent you an example of a cover letter. Take a look at it and see if it helps you. Plus there is an example of an Approach Letter. You should be reading your citys business journal. If you see a great article on an up and coming company, send them a letter and tell them how you saw the article and wanted to congratulate them. Oh and add your resume to let the receiver know that you would love to work there. Take a shot. You never know. Thank you notes to anyone and everyone who helps you all the time. People notice and since no one ever receives a letter anymore, I am sure that the person will notice big time.
  • 11. Use the log document that is in the packet to show the state or area unemployment department as needed for your efforts or for training eligibility. It will keep you organized and allow you to have your data for any needed area or person at your fingertips as well as the people who decide on the training eligibility. It shows just hard you have been working. Keep on top of things and have the info when you need it. If one office denies your training money, try another office. Money is released to different offices at different times. No one is going to go out of your way to tell you about this. You have to chase it.
  • 12. Check out the PMP tip document showing you tricks to help you to pass the Project Management Professional certification test. Even if you are not taking that test, there are many tips that you can use for any certification test that you are planning to take. Getting certified can be a game changer. Check out the hottest certs and see if you are eligible. Wherever possible, I believe that certified people get jobs faster. Thats the way it is.
  • 13. In my packet of docs there is an example of a power point presentation of my skills that I used in certain situations to get noticed by employers. Use this approach only if you think it is useful to get you an edge in the process. This document is only to be used for certain situations where a power point may help you out.
  • 14. Check out the sheets that show you my business card as it has info that will help you design your own. You must have business cards and I show you my example. Make sure your email, Linkedin address and a QR code linked to your resume are on your card. This shows people that you are up to date on technology and is an easy way for people to get access to your info.
  • 15. Dont underestimate the power of LinkedIn and the resource it can be to your job search. LinkedIn is going to be your biggest asset to growing your brand as an expert in your field of expertise, networking with individuals for both professional and personal reasons, and driving your job search into high gear! If you can afford it, join Job Seeker Premium so that you have access to more jobs and when you apply your application goes to the top of the pile. Join groups, discussions and keep on making comments and keep in mind that LinkedIn is changing (for the better) every single day so its important to stay updated with any new job search resources, updates, or additional resources LinkedIn implements on a constant basis.
  • 16. In my packet, there is a document that is an example of a list of references. Feel free to use that is you think it will help you ou. Then, check the list of recruiters that I worked with or asked to be on the list that are very, very responsive even if they don't have anything for you currently. If possible, will pass on your resume if they can. Plus, the list was just updated. Remember, a recruiter will only contact you if there is a match and probably not as much if there is not a match. Dont feel bad. Its all about match and not about anything else. That said, I recommend that you get your resume to all of them and always request a link to all of them as you never know
  • 17. Someone just asked me "what to ask in an informational interview?". Here is what I told the person I would do. First of all, keep it positive and interesting and just be yourself and see if that makes a connection. Before I went to the interview, I would go to secondary news sources and go check for recent announcements about the company that may not have been in the large media outlets and if I saw something positive, I would ask about that. Before I went I would think about what is important to you and look at the company's mission statement and see what is common and be ready to discu