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Dr. B. Victor., M. Sc., Ph. D., St. Xavier’s College, Palayamkottai-627

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Page 1: Job Interview Skills

Dr. B. Victor., M. Sc., Ph. D., St. Xavier’s College,

Palayamkottai-627 002.

Page 2: Job Interview Skills

About the presenterAbout the presenter

• Dr.B.Victor is a highly experienced postgraduate biology teacher, recently retired from the reputed educational institution St. Xavier’ s College, Palayamkottai, India-627001.Presently HOD of Biotech at Annai Velankanni college, Tholayavattam. K .K Dist

• He was the dean of sciences and assistant controller of examinations of St. Xavier’s college.

• He has more than 32 years of teaching and research experience and has guided more than 12 Ph. D scholars.

• He has taught Immunology and biochemistry to graduate and post graduate students.

• Send your comments to : [email protected]

Page 3: Job Interview Skills

Concept of InterviewConcept of Interview

Interview consists of dialogue between two persons or between several persons.

Page 4: Job Interview Skills

Examples of InterviewsExamples of Interviews

• News reporter - people - opinion polls

• Doctor – Patient – clinical investigation

• Police – Criminal – fact finding

• Counsellor – respondent – correcting values

Page 5: Job Interview Skills

Kinds of interviewsKinds of interviews

1. Clinical interview – detecting human abnormalities

2. Selection interview – job selection

3. Diagnostic interview – social problems

4. Research interview – analysis of a problem

Page 6: Job Interview Skills

Goals of InterviewGoals of Interview

• Admission

• Recruitment

• Promotion

• Opinion

Page 7: Job Interview Skills


1. It is a close – contact between two or more persons

2. There is a definite objective

3. There is a face-to-face contact

Page 8: Job Interview Skills


1. Collection of information – personal / social


2. Exploratory device – social research

Page 9: Job Interview Skills


1. Provides better information on feelings, emotions and sentiments

2. Securing information from persons at all levels

3. Method of psychological – scientific study

4. Method of mental stimulation

5. Verification of information

Page 10: Job Interview Skills


• To study events that are not open to observation

• To study abstract factors – Attitudes, feelings, emotions and reactions

• To gather reliable information

• Useful for all segments of population

Page 11: Job Interview Skills

Interviewee qualitiesInterviewee qualities

Sense of time - Punctuality

Appearance - Clothes

Body language - Personality , good eye


Communication skill - art of speaking

Enthusiasm - Cheerful disposition,


Brevity - Clear, unambiguous


Page 12: Job Interview Skills

Interviewee qualitiesInterviewee qualities

Careful listening - Patience

Be honest - Integrity

Sell yourself - Presentation skills

Maintain balance - Informative answers

Show leadership - team spirit, organization

qualities and decision making


Page 13: Job Interview Skills

Interview formatInterview format

• The beginning - Welcoming / to get to know

• The middle - ‘Heart’ of interview

• The ending - Summing up

Page 14: Job Interview Skills

Interview ProcessInterview Process

• Introduction• Giving information• Seeking information – views, opinion feelings, proposals, suggestions• Winding up• Termination

Page 15: Job Interview Skills

Testing ObjectivesTesting Objectives


Methods of delivery

Speed of talking – Mind wander

State of mind

Personal Problems

Value judgments

Memory span


Page 16: Job Interview Skills


1. Leading questions - Introducing

2. Open ended questions - Verifying c.v. details

3. Probing questions - Depth of understanding

4. Close ended questions - Knowledge of

facts and figures

Page 17: Job Interview Skills

Process ObjectivesProcess Objectives

1. Educational / Professional

2. Personal qualities

3. Suitability for the job

4. Career expectations and aspirations

5. Candidates interests

6. Family background

Page 18: Job Interview Skills

Interviewee qualitiesInterviewee qualities

DispositionCareer objectiveSubject knowledgeGeneral knowledgeCommunication skillMental alertnessConsisting of approachCoherence of thoughtSelf confidence – Will power, fear, nervousness, positive approach, leadership attributes

Page 19: Job Interview Skills

Evaluation criteriaEvaluation criteria

1. Total personality – appearance, social manners, Dynamism, Mental power, overall impression

2. Knowledge – Range, Depth, Application of knowledge, Coherence of thought, overall impression

3. Communication skill – Language, voice, power, rhythm, clarity and logical, convincing power, overall impression

4. Leadership skill, decision making skill character, overall impression

Page 20: Job Interview Skills

Interviewee – Positive behaviorsInterviewee – Positive behaviors

Lean slightly forward

Maintain eye contact


Be at ease, comfortable, confident


Good communication skills

Good listening skills

Good organization skills

Good judgment skills


Warmth of characters


Page 21: Job Interview Skills

Negative behaviorsNegative behaviorsInterrupting



Disagreeing (without giving reasons)

Not listening

Proposing – We should suggest

Page 22: Job Interview Skills

Difficult QuestionsDifficult Questions

• Role - related questions - mention your major strength

• Personal questions - your experience and skills

• Dangerous questions - how to answer the direct objections that the interviewer may raise

• Some questions - you have difficulty making decision where there is sufficient knowledge

Page 23: Job Interview Skills

What interests you most about this job?What interests you most about this job?

• Understand the job description

• Show your enthusiasm

• Good responses include: challenging, scope, for new learning and development , career growth, team work etc.

• Emphasize the skills and interests


Page 24: Job Interview Skills

How to respond to questions related to How to respond to questions related to PersonalityPersonality??

• Keep the response relevant to the questions or the positions you are applying for

• Think about your preferences and answer it honestly • Be honest , but do express your willingness to adjust• Organize your thoughts• Don’t bluff your way through an inquiry


Page 25: Job Interview Skills

Why Interviews?Why Interviews?

People behave in interviews, the same way as they do at work

Page 26: Job Interview Skills

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