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AS Media Coursework

AS Media CourseworkJennifer Louise ShutterAylesbury College 2011Match On ActionThe editor cuts from one shot to another view that matches the first shots action.

For example, a shot of someone tossing a ball can be edited to show two different views, while maintaining temporal continuity by being sure that the second shot shows the arm of the subject in the same stage of its motion as it was left when cutting from the first shot.

The example is from WikipediaI shall be using a match on action when the door shall be opening180 RuleWhere an imagery line is thought where the camera has to stay either the right or left side of the imagery line. I shall be using the 180 when filming shot reverse shot so my actors will be facing the logical direction. The link below shows a short clip of an explanation of the 180 rule

Shot Reverse ShotA talking dialogue scene which shows one person looking at another and visa versa.An example of this is using an over the shoulder shot and filming it twice. Shot reverse shot is an example of an eye line match and is often combined with over the shoulder shots.

I shall be using Shot Reverse Shot When filming the dialogue conversationProduction Diary- Preliminary Tuesday 25th January was the first day of filming where Hannah, Emma and myself originally chose to film using the college lift each taking on roles in mise en scene, camera and editing. We started by setting up the camera on a tripod and filmed Beth walking and pressing the button for the lift. After we filmed using a 2 shot then going into an over the shoulder shot we starting filmed a conversation. Our idea then went into Beth being trapped in the lift with an evil girl to set the genre as a horror clip. After filming we uploaded our footage and realised our idea was unsuccessful and used this filming as a trial run.

The picture to the right shows the College lift we have planed to use but ended up being unsuccessful due ourpreliminary footage being over pomplicated. Include a photo to illustrate what youre talking about.Production Diary Continued(preliminary)27th January after realising our first attempt was unsuccessful we tried a simpler way of filming which included walking through a classroom door, sitting at a table and having a conversation. We started by filming myself walking and opening the door with Hannah filming, this then went into a conversation between myself and Jack (our additional actor) then followed by leaving the room. We included long shots, close ups, over the shoulder shots and to think about when editing match on action, the 180 degree rule and shot reverse shot. Concluding this we used this footage for a preliminary task. February 1st after filming all the footage needed we uploaded it onto iMovie and started the editing process (which Emma was conducting.) We selected the footage we wanted to use and edited it together applying match on action and shot reverse shot. We then added titles to the beginning introducing our clip and at the end finishing our film. After doing this we have achieved filming and editing our preliminary coursework task.

Photo of you editing on the Mac or a screengrab.How I used mise en scene in the preliminary task I created the script for Jen and Jack hit Nandos while doing this I thought it would relate to young people and I also thought It was simple enough for the preliminary task. I chose the setting for our preliminary task I chose the college classroom as I thought it worked well as it included a door for match on action and two chairs available for a conversation. I also thought the light worked well as it showed bright and clear for the audience to view. I thought the clothing was appropriate as it represented the age group we were aiming to peruse of the teenage market.

The picture above shows the Teenage clothes I chose. Final PreliminaryJen and Jack hit Nandos

Lessons Learnt A lesson learnt while producing our preliminary task was not to make it too complicated for ourselves as it was just to understand how to do basic filming and editing. We also learnt by accident that we could have titles over our footage and not just a plain colour background. We thought this would be useful to use for our main task to give our media product a professional look. We also learnt to fallow as close as possible to a storyboard. This was important as a storyboard tells you what camera shot to use, how the actors are positioned and how long each cut should be. This will help while producing our main task in organisation skills.

Above shows our titles we used For the preliminary but we shall Have the over our footage for our Main task. Screengrab of titles over image?Starting the main task We have come to the decision to create a horror/mystery opening titles scene to last 2 minutes long call The Hidden Truth. It stars a main girl (Kim- myself) two extra girls (Emma and Georgia) and a man whos face is not seen during our filming (Ben). The story behind our title scenes is about Kim who is getting fallowed by the man who in the past got her pregnant. Kim then ran away without knowing the man has a picture of her. In our filming it shows the man has found Kim and our title scenes end with the man catching up with Kim after stalking her after she has left her friends (Emma and Georgia.)

To the right is a picture of myself who in charge of editing and is theactress Kim in our media production.To the right is a picture of Emma who was in charge of editing and who also acted in our 2 minute clip.The picture of the camera is to represent Hannahwho filmed our media production.Woah too much writing! Think about how you can make this look more interesting.Starting the main taskWe shall be filming our 2 minute clip down an alley, across a bridge and along a public walkway. We shall also be filming inside a dark area to capture the man looking at the picture of Kim, to do this we shall be using torches to capture a mysterious shadow light. This image will then cut between the footage of the man stalking the young pregnant girl. Thought out our main task Hannah shall be using the camera filming, Emma shall be in charge of editing and I shall be in charge of the mise en scene featured in our clip, but altogether we shall help and input each other.

Analysis of 2 minute clips We watched 12 different 2 minute clips of title films from very popular films which included Casino Royale, Halloween, pulp fiction and 9 more and made notes on how the story is set up, how the audiences curiosity is provoked, how the characters are introduced and how the genre is illustrated. From doing this I have learnt that flashbacks can be incorporated by using black and white this was seen in Casino Royale. I have also learnt from the film Halloween that you can pursue a sense of watching which we shall be using to portray horror in our clip.

Finally I also learnt how to connect iconic items to set the scene which was shown in the film dont look now though a the colour red which can be connoted by the audience. We shall be portraying this idea by using iconic items in our clip to indicate fear and suspense. Opening of Casino Royale Can you put a link to this clip on here? Maybe a screengrab from it?Pre production Main Task (storyboard) We have planned our storyboard using simple images that show camera angles and the type of shot being used for each cut. On our story board we have started off by using a mid shot and using a tilt of the camera going into a close up. This then zooms out into a long shot which follows by a over the shoulder shot to show conversation between the actors. (Here we have stated that we will need to focus on the 180 degree rule.) Next we have shown that we shall be filming mid shots and a close up to end the dialogue featured in our film opening. Next we have used a panning of the camera to go into a long shot which is followed by a dissolve to a mid shot. After we are to shoot close ups on body parts to build tension to the audience which follows into a mid shot. Next the camera fallows our actor getting closer to the girl used which goes from a long shot, to mid to a close up. To end the clip we have stated that we are going to used slow motion to finish our filming to leave the audience in suspense and to give a powerful effect. Also situated on the my storyboard are the about times for each clip this is so editing will be easier.


Filming Day 1, March 1st 2011 Tuesday, March 1st was our first day of filming our main task, we collected our equipment and walked to the location of our filming, we set up the camera at the end of a public walkway and filmed our first section (walking and a conversation.) As we were filming in spring we had to make sure noises such as ducks and birds were controlled and also to film while pedestrians would not appear in our filming. We filmed the walking and conversation including different camera angles such as close ups, mid shots and over the shoulder shots, fallowing our storyboard as much as possible. On this day we had a few problems with the camera such as the battery running out so we had to end filming there. We went back and uploaded the footage we had filmed.

To the right is an example of the camera Hannah used to shoot our footage CONVERSATION!!! Why not put some footage on here that you didnt use (upload to YouTube first, then put link)Filming day 2, March 8th 2011 We looked over the footage we had filmed the week before and in some areas the camera was not used on the tripod so the footage was either not in focus or was not balanced. Also the main close up shot on the pregnant girls t


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