javascript and internet controlled hardware prototyping

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The electronics maker movement has led a massive shift in how people are re-engineering the world around them through rapid hardware prototyping. With the rise of inexpensive, wifi and bluetooth low energy enabled electronics, this hardware revolution is internet and mobile controlled, all through simple bridges to build the electronics intelligence in familiar web languages. In this session, we will play with Arduino microcontrollers and JavaScript to take a first dive into the world of internet controlled electronics, exploring topics such as: - Setting up an Arduino to be controlled through web APIs - Using JavaScript language bridges on the Arduino - The future of web controlled hardware prototyping


  • JavaScript & Internet Controlled Hardware Prototyping Jonathan LeBlanc (@jcleblanc) Head of Global Developer Evangelism at PayPal
  • Early Hardware Days
  • Internet Meets Arduino
  • Arduino Yn
  • Web Service Access with Temboo Python 2.7 included with OpenWRT Linino Integrated Wifi / Ethernet Arduino Yn Feature Set
  • Temboo Sketch Builder
  • Fetching the Arduino IDE
  • Enabling the Board in the IDE
  • Picking the Comms Port
  • API Request with Temboo
  • JavaScript, Node & Arduino
  • Tessel JavaScript Microcontroller
  • Johnny 5
  • Standard Firmata How Johnny 5 Comms Work Arduino Microcontroller Node.js Script
  • What is Firmata?
  • Priming the Board with Firmata
  • npm install johnny-five Installing Johnny 5 git clone git:// cd johnny-five npm install
  • var five = require("johnny-five"), board = new five.Board(); board.on("ready", function() { //board is ready to use }); Enabling the Board
  • Controlling LEDs with JavaScript
  • Joystick Controlled Servo Motor
  • Noduino
  • Where are we Heading?
  • Thank You! Jonathan LeBlanc (@jcleblanc) Head of Global Developer Evangelism at PayPal

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