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  • 1. This is my story of Jared Nicholas Patton.
    My husband has just finished writing a book Jareds Journey.It should be published around ChristmasJareds favorite time of year!
    Up until now, I have had great difficulty expressing my grief, explaining to others what has happened to me since Jared has passed.
    My hope is that this photo journey with Jared and me will not only help me by sharing Jareds story from my perspective but will also give others a way to see into my heart and why I will never be the same after spending three precious years with this beautiful baby boy, Jared.
    Katherine Stowe, Jareds Nina

2. Jared was born:October 6th, 2006Shaken:Sometime during the night of November 20th, 2006Admitted to MCV Hospital in Richmond, Virginia:November 21st, 2006Surgery Performed to give Jared a Trach and Feeding Tube:January 23rd, 2007
After this surgery, while he was still in the ICU, his mom (my daughter) had a hard time going from Hampton to Richmond to see her baby.She felt she really needed time with her two year old son after being away from him for the first two months that Jared was first in the hospital.
This is when I started commuting on a regular basis to Richmond.
One day the doctors asked me to please move in with Jared for a while.They were afraid that he may never be well enough to come home.So, I moved in!
That was about the time period that I told my husband that I was bringing this baby home to live with me or usHe could decide if it was too much for him.I could accept that.But regardless, I was bringing that baby home.And the only thing I knew to do to care for him was to simply love him.God would take care of the rest.And He did!
The nursing staff at MCV and the respiratory staff at Pediatric Connection taught me everything I would need to know to bring Jared home.I made notes and drew diagrams of how to hook-up and service his equipment.I learned how to change his trach and feeding tube.I learned about his meds.I learned how to feed him.I learned so much from the wonderful individuals who were so patient and kind to me.Then before I could bring him home, they tested me on everything I had been taught!
Five and a half weeks and one surgery later, Jared came home.That was April 10th, 2007.It was a beautiful sunny day.And we started our Journey.
3. Homecoming with Nina
After Jareds birth, he spent a short time in the hospital due to breathing issues.Then he came home.This is the first time we met.
After my daughter, her two year old son, and Jared left, I told Steve I wanted to keep that baby.His response was typical, Yes, he is a cutie.
No! I said.I really wanted to keep that baby!
Little did I know, that someday he would be mine.
4. A couple of weeks later, we went to visit Jared and his mommy and brother.
Shortly after this photo captured the love between Jared and me, he
was shaken.
5. Many people take photos while their babies are in critical condition after being shaken.We did not do this.I did not want to see photos of Jared like that.I was so afraid that he would die and that would be his last photo.So, we waited until they had moved him out to the floor before taking any photos.The greatest challenge was to get him to open his eyes.And when he did, they would usually just float around randomly.I spent a lot of time, right next to his face, asking him to look at me.
*Jared was in the ICU for over 2 months.During that time, he was hooked up to a ventilator, had to have a shunt in his skull to drain the blood from his brain, and was in a drug induced coma to keep him perfectly still.When we would visit, it was difficult to find a way to touch him with all the tubes and monitors that over took his little body.
After several unsuccessful attempts to wean him from the ventilator, after his brain had stopped bleeding, Jared endured surgery to be given a trach so he could breath and a feeding tube so he could be fed.
6. Jared leaves MCV after 4 months.He comes home to live with Nina and Grandpa Steve!
On April 10th, 2007, we drove from Richmond to Hampton with Jared.He was finally coming home.We were followed by Monica, a respiratory specialist.When we arrived home, Monica patiently helped me set up all of Jareds special equipment.Then she left us alone with our baby boy for the first time.
The next day, Grandpa Steve and Jared shared their first adventure.They toured our back yard, sat on the Forrest Gump bench and listened to the birds sing.It was a glorious day!
7. Jared meets AustinSoul mates for sure!
Jared and his half brother, Austin, immediately bonded.When Jared was born, he looked just like Austin (but they do not have the same Daddy).As Jared grew, Austin became one of his favorite sources of entertainment.
8. Jareds first Road Trip, aka Doctors Visit!
This was the first time Jared and I ventured out (with a nurse to accompany us) after his homecoming.
He did not like his car seat a first.
If you look at his head, you can see how it was misshapen due to the draining of blood right after his injury.That would later go away.
9. Jared is really at home now!
After a lot of work, Jared started to overcome some of the maladies associated with being a shaken baby.Due to the severe brain damage, he was light sensitive, touch sensitive, and sound sensitive.So, for quite some time it was a challenge to have him become comfortable in a normal, everyday environment.You will notice in the top left photo, he was required to periodically wear had splints.This was to hopefully correct the clinched fist that were a normal reaction for him.Later on you will see how this improved!
10. We worked really hard at treating Jared like a normal baby boy.He was such a ham!He thrived on attention and stimulation.There were very few moments in his life that he was left alone.If Jared was awake and not having to have feedings or breathing treatments, someone was usually holding him, reading to him, watching a movie with him, watching a baseball game with him..He was the center of my world.
11. Initially they told us that Jared would be blind.The area of the brain that receives the signal to see was destroyed.This I refused to accept!So, I purchased everything that I could get my hands on that had the potential of capturing his attention.Gradually, his eyesight improved.The photo on the left shows his lazy eye.That little eye took longer to gain control of movement.But eventually it did!The doctors were, well, they were simply shocked by the improvement.Although, Jared did suffer from cortical visual impairment.There were times, usually due to break through seizures, that his ability to see would diminish.And if there were too many florescent lights, his eyes would short circuit.He really be came a fan of baseball caps when we went to doctor and hospital appointments.
12. Nina and her boy, Jared!
Thereis really not much else to say here!We were so in love!
13. This is Jared at his best!He could control his arms and legs.He could reach for toys, although holding on to a toy was a challenge.
And for quite some time, he was mesmerized by his own reflection.He knew he was just too cute!
14. Guy Time!
Jared knew when he was hanging out with his Grandpa Steve that the rules had changed.Well, there were no rules, just FUN, FUN, FUN!!!
15. Jared sports an American Flag polo shirt for his 1st4th of July celebration.this is cousin Liz teaching him how to stick out his tongue.What a touching moment.those two were goofy together!
A quiet moment with Grandpa Steve.Can you feel the love?
16. Happy 1st Birthday!!!
What a wonderful day!Jared was doing so well physically , mentally, and emotionally.We knew we were witnessing a miracle everyday.
17. Near the end of his first birthday party, Jared just needed a Nina hug!
This would be the one thing that would see us both through many struggles.
18. Jared and Ninas First Halloween together!
Check out the Itsy, Bitsy Spider shirt!Also, take a look at those opened hands.(No more hand splints for this boy!)But my favorite part of this photo is the feet.How I love those feet!
19. These are great pics to show how Jared just loved to hang out and be with his family.Liz, his cousin, recently said to me that when she looked at these photos she forgot that he even had a trach.
20. Love, Cuddles and then a Nap!Life does not get any better than this!
21. Jareds First Christmas At Home!
Shortly after Thanksgiving, Jared had his first break through seizure.He bounced back quickly.But he did require a hospital stay to get the seizures under control and he lost some weight.But on Christmas morning, he was thrilled to meet one of his heros, Winnie the Pooh.And Pooh Bear was bigger than him.His amazement is shown on that sweet face of his!
22. Feeling so much strongerIts PLAY TIME!
23. Our Life At Its Best
When Jared was at his best, many days were spent just hanging out togetherNina, Jared & Grandpa Steve!These were our best moments.
During this time, we had opted to not have a nurse.It was important to me that Jared spent as much one on one time with me, in hopes that this consistencywould enable him to thrive.
24. Our First Easter Celebration.2008
The first Easter that Jared was home, he was still trying to adjust to his
new environment.So there was little celebration.At that time, keeping
things quiet was our goal.
But this Easter was very different!Friends and relatives came over to hunt
eggs.And Jared got a bunnyAs Grandpa Steve would describe as the
selfish ole bunny rabbit that wont even share this carrot with us!Jared
loved when his Grandpa Steve would play the rabbit game with him!