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There are large number of hotels in Jabalpur falling in various price range.


  • 1. Jabalpur Travel Guide - Hotels and Accommodations in JabalpurAn ancient city located at the shores of the river Narmada (a significant river in Hindu mythology) andon the combined plains of Gour, Ken, Hiran, and Sone rivers, Jabalpur is one of the most sacred citiesin India. To the Hindus the river Narmada is among the five holy rivers in India. It is believed that a dipin this river will wash away all your sins. There are multiple number of references of this river in manypopular and significant mythologies namely Mahabharata, Ramayana, and Puranas.There are many legends associated with the origin of river Narmada. According to one fable, the twotear drops that fell from Lord Brahma's eyes created this river and the Sone river. The other popularlegend that goes, states that, once the Hindu Lord Shiva meditated so hard that he started sweating.This sweat got accumulated in a tank and started flowing creating the Narmada river. So, it is very clearthat the river has a lot of significance to Jabalpur and many people visit the city just for the samereason.Besides, the holy rivers, the city houses multiple magnificent temples and ghats namely Gwari Ghat,Tilwara Ghat, Gopal Lal Ji Maharaj Ka Mandir, Bade Mahaveer Ji Ka Mandir, Jain Mandir, andChausat Yogini Temple. Each single one of these is equally beautiful and rich but is also unique in itsown sense. To experience them you have to actually visit the place. Contacting the Jabalpur TravelGuide is perhaps the right thing to do to best explore the city.However, you can also travel solo and take things on your hands. Since the city is not so big soexploring it won't be too much trouble and will get complete in a short-term trip. The other places ofinterest include - Dhuandhar, Balancing Rock, Bargi Dam., Kanha Kisli National Park, Madan MahalFort, and Marble Rocks of Bhedaghat.

2. Accommodation in the cityBesides leisure and tourism, people visit the city seeking business opportunities, education, healthcare,and to solve their legal issues. It is a significant part of the state of Madaya Pradesh and is thelegislative, commercial, administrative, and judicial centre of the region. Since the city receives a hugenumber of visitors each year, so the government along with several private companies have builtfantastic guest houses and hotels in Jabalpur. Following are three good hotels that you may like toconsider. Hotel Satya Ashoka - it is fine rated 4 star property situated 1.3 km from the railway stationand offers facilities like Restaurant, banquet hall, swimming pool. There are a total of 50luxurious rooms categorized as Ashoka Grand Suites, Ashoka Grand Room, and Executive.Myriad in-room facilities like wi-fi, newspaper, toiletries, and TV etc.are provided in eachroom. The other amenities in the hotel include - laundry, and complimentary pick-up/drop,gymnasium, and, 24-hour room service.Illustration 1: Hotel Prestige Princess Hotel Prestige Princess - located right at the heart of the city, it is among the best 3 star hotelsin Jabalpur. It is best for the budgeted traveller offering the right value for moneyaccommodation. It features uber modern exterior, lavish lobby, and 41 well furnished roomscomplemented with all requisite in-room amenities. It also features a multi-cuisine restaurantand several other amenities including - Bar / Lounge, Wi-fi, Banquet Hall, Laundry Service, androoftop barbecue restaurant cum bar. 3. Hotel Rishi Regency - ideal located in a peaceful and posh location, this hotel is one of the finest3 mid rage hotel. It provides all the comforts and conveniences such as Doctor on Call, Wi-Fi,100KVA Powerful Generator for Electricity Backup, Travel Desk, Credit Card online machine,Complimentary Pickup & Drop from Railway Station, 24 hr Room Service, and Large CarParking Zone. It boasts of 40 well furnished spacious rooms with all in-room facilities. Besidesthese, the hotel features 3 fantastic restaurants serving Pan Asian and Indian cuisines.That were the 3 good hotels that you make like to add them in your list of accommodation when youare in the city. Simply head to the city in your next vacation and choose them as your mode ofaccommodation.Source: http://goo.gl/PqWUyAThank You