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ITS LAP TOP DAY. Check List for today: We will do all steps together! DO NOT MOVE AHEAD. Get assigned numbers Pass out index cards with student ID Write ID in Agenda. Step 2. Pick up laptop - - 2 hands! Wait until your number is called WAIT. Dont open the lap top yet ! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



ITS LAP TOP DAYCheck List for today: We will do all steps together! DO NOT MOVE AHEADGet assigned numbersWrite ID in Agenda Step 2Pick up laptop - - 2 hands!Wait until your number is called WAIT. Dont open the lap top yet! When you get to your desk, open the lap top and turn your laptop on. First you will press the power button to make sure it turns on properly. (The power button is on the right side of your lap top. It has one dot on it. Dont hold down for a long time. . . And dont click on it too quick! Push it in like youre pressing an on button.You will know if your lap top is on if the red light comes on by the words think pad on the top of your lap top.Do not touch any other buttons yet!

Step 3District policy notice

Click OK that you agree to the district policy to use the assigned laptop.STEP 4Enter your username and password:

Username: your new 9 digit state ID numberPassword: your 6 digit birthday (10/04/02)Step 5Go to your apps and click on Discovery Education Student

Step 6Log in to your own account on Discovery Education:

Discovery Ed Student Login is located on the top RIGHT corner of your screen!

Login: (new state ID number)@Idaho.discoveryeducation.comPassword: westadaStep 7YOU MADE IT!

You know you made it if the techbook saysHi ____(your first name)________

By the way . . . Your teacher is doing the happy dance right now!

Step 8Youre NOT done! Guess what . . . Your discovery Ed account does NOT default to your specific social studies book! (I know . . .what a pain!)

So there is a couple more steps!Click the tab that says Resource Center on the top of your page under your name.Now click on Social Studies Techbook (the one under Courses)You still have to switch courses! It doesnt take you the first time to your course of study. After today . . . It should!In order to find your course in this book, click on the Switch Courses tab in the right corner of your screen.Click the VERY LAST one World History Prehistory 1800 Step 9Now Explore your Discovery Ed Techbook!

Start with Table of Contents! Scroll through to see the content

Click on Human OriginsSee if you can find Rise of the Humans Do you see a picture called Ancient Fossil Footprints? Click on it to enlarge the picture! We are going to start here . . . Tomorrow!

Step 10HOW TO LOG OFFClick on the Logout tab on the far right hand corner of your screen! *YOU MUST LOG OFF!!

Hit the red x to log you out to the start screen

Hover the arrow (mouse) over the right hand corner of your screen & click on the settings button.

Select POWER then shut down.

The power MUST be off to get a full charge for the next classStep 11Close lap topReturn to cart--- 2 HANDS!

Thank you for being a responsible student and carefully following through with these instructions every time you use your tablet.