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  • 1. How toConvert the Concept of Excellence into a Daily Reality By Debbie Ohl Ohl & Associates Consultants and Educators

2. Your ability to make a difference is one of your greatest blessings. The more often you put that ability into practice, the more fulfilling your life will be. 3. Program Objectives

  • Identify how your relationship with time impacts your experiences and interactions with others.
  • Explore the relationship of thought to the actions you take and the outcome you experience.
  • Use the CAB principles of intentional design to advance and experience value in all your activities on and off the job.

4. Creating and promoting excellenceis a personal responsibility. 5. How do you define Excellence? 6. What is excellence?

  • Possession of unusually good qualities.
  • The opposite of mediocrity.
  • Something in which one excels.
  • The quality of being exceptionally good

7. How do you defineQuality? 8. What is Quality?

  • Degrees of
  • Excellence or Worth

9. How do you defineLife? 10. What is Life?

  • A period of time from birthuntil death.
  • A manner or way of existing.

11. Rules of Life

  • You will be presented with lessons.
  • The lesson is repeated until learned.
  • Learning does not end.
  • There" is no better than Here".
  • Others are only mirrors of you.
  • What you make of your life is up to you.
  • Your answers lie inside of you.

12. Impacting the Quality ofYour Life & Those Around You 13. The point or period when something occurs. What is Time? 14. Laws of Time

  • Everyone has 24 hours a day.
  • No one knows when time will stop.
  • Time is easy to ignore.
  • Time seems to pass at varying speeds.
  • Time is a non-renewable resource.

15. There are 1,440 minutes in a day and 29,020 days in an 80 year lifetime. Time 16. How much time do you have left ?

  • 80y 60y= 20 years left
  • 20. /.3=6+ sleep years
  • 20y - 6y= 14 years left
  • 14yr x 365d = 5,110 days left
  • Subtract your age from 80 = ___years left
  • Divide years left by 3 for sleep time= _____ then subtract sleep years from years left
  • 3.Multiple years left x 365/year = __total days left

17. Thinking AboutYesterday and Tomorrow

  • I spend ________% of my time thinking about yesterday.
  • I spend ________% of my time thinking about tomorrow.

I spend ____% of my life living right now. 18. Quality Time Use

  • Stay away from activities and people that do not serve you.
  • Forget the past learn from it.
  • Prepare for the future.
  • Don't save for a special occasion.
  • What if you were told had 48 hours to live, what would you do?
  • Show and tell the people you love.

19. Intentional Time Be Here Now 20. Laws of Thought

  • In every waking moment, we are creating or altering our future.
  • Our lives are a product of how we talk to ourselves, what we think, envision, andintend .
  • Our thoughts are reflected in our words and our physical actions.
  • .

21. Self Talk

  • What your say to yourself in your head goes on 24/7.
  • Self-talk takes place in real time.
  • Our bodies react as if our self-talk were real.
  • Self-talk is heavily influenced bywhat we attribute things to.
  • Our self-talk overwhelms other input, including reality.


  • Negative self-talk gets the loudest when you need it the least.
  • Self-talk can be a major life force.
  • You talk to your self in ways you would never think of talking to someone else.
  • Ultimately if you have negative self-talk you create a toxic internal environment.
  • You need to listen to your body because it for darn sure listens to you.


  • I immobilization
  • S saying, not doing
  • H hung up on guilt
  • O overly anxious
  • U underlying anger
  • L lowered self esteem
  • D depressed


  • I inadequate
  • C controlled v. in control
  • A apathetic
  • N negative results
  • T total despair
  • I wont or I choose not to

25. Your life is reflected in:

  • Your thoughts
  • Your attitudes
  • Your beliefs;your feelings
  • Your intentions
  • Words you speak or listen to
  • Your self-talk
  • The pictures and circumstances you imagine
  • What you will and will not allow into your life

26. When you consider that you spend infinitely more time with your "self" -- listening to your internal dialogue -- than you do to any other person in your life, it pays to have it on a leash! 27. Our lives are what our thoughts make them. In other words: 28. MIND YOUR THOUGHTS 29. There are no victims, only unconscious creators.

  • We create 100% percent of our personal experiences.
  • Most people create their experiences by accident and by default.
  • You can learn to consciously and intentionally create your own experiences.


  • I Initiate byacting, not reacting
  • Cconfess feeling; control your thoughts
  • A ask for what you want and need
  • N negotiate for positive results

31. Thoughts are Affirmation Affirmations are a statement of faith 32. Challenge thought patterns that are not serving you. 33. Intend to Create What You Want

  • What you believe creates your reality.
  • Your feelings are fueled by your thoughts.
  • Whatever you say after " I Am" defines you.

34. The CAB Principle

  • Commitment
  • Attitude
  • Belief

35. .

  • Intentional creation is about focused action, not reactive, automatic behavior

SAFE 36. Creating What You Want

  • Decide on what you want to be or achieve.
  • Write it down in one clear statement.
  • Feel what it will be like to have achieved your intention.

37. Your IT

  • I am
  • I have
  • I intend.

38. What if its True?

  • ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

39. Happiness doesn't depend upon who you are or what you have; it depends solely upon what you think. --Dale Carnegie 40. About Your Speaker [email_address] 513-522-6057 613 Compton RoadCincinnati, Ohio 45231

  • Debbie Ohl M.Msc., Ph.D is a speaker, educator, consultant, author, and successful entrepreneur.
  • Debbies professional career spans nearly thirty years and includes diverse experiences ranging from that of a health care provider, business owner, business consultant, educator, author, and professional speaker and facilitator.
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