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  • 12/22/09

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    CloakAzine Why you should quit your job!

    Issue 2

    Every day I would wake up more sick and tired than the next. Although I was a little sick and tired from the winter weather and the season, Im was more sick and tired of working for someone else.

    The thought of going to work for someone else every day made me sick to my stomach. I woke up in the morning, got ready for work, and headed out the door. Im was always in a good mood when Id leave the house and was away from work, but as soon as I walked in the door at my job, the happiness subsided and the frustrations arose.

    The following situations are not intended to be complaints (because I did something about it), but rather situations you can relate to in order to motivate you to quit your job. Im very confident that everyone reading this article has experience similar situations in the past.

    Situation 1

    Even though I worked very hard and did a great job month-after-month, I still had my managers riding me every day to do better because nothing was ever good enough for our company. As employees, we were constantly scrutinized.

    One day I got so sick and tired of it and not being paid the money I knew I was worth. I finally told my boss to get off my back because he was constantly breathing down my neck and there was no need to ride me the way he was. Ive always been a very self-motivated person, and the way he approached me was hands down the worst way to get someone motivated to do a better job. He told me that if I didnt change my attitude, I could go home. For fear of not having a job the next day, I changed my attitude and went about my business.

    Situation 2

    My family is spread throughout the country and my boss told me that I couldnt go home for Thanksgiving nor Christmas because I HAD to work the following days. If I wasnt at work bright and early the day after the holidays, I would be out of a job. If it werent for a few great friends who knew I was far away from home, I would have had to sit at home alone on Thanksgiving & Christmas.

    That was the last straw!

    I had to sacrifice a ton of fun, friendships, and enjoyment of life for the greater good. I made a commitment to myself that I would not quit pursuing my dreams until I was able to quit my job and live the life I have always wanted to live. I had to put my life on hold for a short period of time which was

  • 12/22/09

    To get in touch with us, visit or e-mail us at Content Copyright 2009. CloakA. All rights reserved.

    very difficult. My friends constantly asked me to go out and have fun. If I didnt go out, they would get very upset. Finally, I had to ask them to be supportive of my goals.

    I received a lot of grief in the beginning because most people couldnt comprehend the thought of working for themselves and what it takes to be successful. Most people have been programmed from an early age to work 40 hours a week for 40 years for someone else, but not me. I was re-programmed in my early 20s and vowed I would quit my job before I was 30. Of course, I wasnt able to before then because I never sacrificed enough.

    If you really want to quit your job and accomplish the goals you have set for yourself, you must sacrifice and become obsessed with your business. You must become well known in your business community and be the first person every potential customer or client thinks about when they are ready to purchase the product or service you provide.

    In my opinion, obsession is success predecessor. To quit your job and become successful, you must wake up early in the morning before anyone else is awake and work on your business; you must get off work in the evening and come home to work on your business; you must talk to everyone you run into about your business; you must pass out business cards to everyone you talk to; you must write down all your thoughts and ideas; you must share your expertise with the world; you must subscribe to my eZine; and lastly, your must stop what you are doing right now, and ask yourself whether you are doing what you love.

    Whether you are doing what you love or not, please visit to subscribe to the CloakAzine, learn about our wireless products, promotions, and the CloakA Coaching Program.

    CloakA President,

    Shane Russell