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  • 8/14/2019 Islands Magazine 19th Photo Contest


    Jnuy/ Feuy 2008 islands. com Jnuy/ Feuy 2008 islands. com

    We asked you, the world's most passionate travelers, to send us pbest captured your island dream. You answered with more than 1,3Here are the visions that caught our attention, most satisfed our standards and ignited our insatiable wanderlust. Happy dreamin

    i s l a n d s 1 9 t h a n n u a l

    grand prize

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    bora-boraJn ScNe Hpe,


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  • 8/14/2019 Islands Magazine 19th Photo Contest


    Jnuy/ Feuy 2008 islands. com Jnuy/ Feuy 2008 islands. com

    first place

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    UbUD, balIDve Gghe

    Hi, Hii

    "Thugh the mkethee this pht

    s tken scded ith pe-

    pe, this y seemedt nd speci

    pivte spce hisn. His expes-

    sin cptivted me.

    This s tken iney tenn t mket estiv inUud, ceeting

    the lun Ne Ye.I hd een in bi

    mnth, nd thiss the dy ee

    I hd t eve. Itmde the he tip


    Tken ith Cnn EoS En 7Etted ith Tmn

    28-300 mm ens.

    prize: Sevennights t Emed

    Pms n thebhms Suth

    ands Isnd.

    second place

    + + + + +

    HoNolUlU, HawaII, Ttin rivest, Dv ie, Fid

    "I und the fmings t the Hnuu Z und mphts them ut h-hu hen I cme cright hen I tk the pictue, he ke up nd ked

    Tken ith Cnn PeSht S2 IS. The expsue

    prize:Fu nights t ny the -incusive rIU HCien Mexic.
  • 8/14/2019 Islands Magazine 19th Photo Contest


    Jnuy/ Feuy 2008 islands. com Jnuy/ Feuy 2008 islands. com


    third place

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    KaKE, alaSKaEnest MneSitk, ask

    "Evey ye, Ivegne m Sitkve t Kke, Tingit vige nKupen Isndhee they hve Dg Smn Fes-tiv. This s the

    ecming cne,hich met the stey tht I cme inn. Its vey smshing vige, ndevey ye thisestiv, they putn thei egi tecme the eyin this cne ndthen d ecm-ing dnce n nd.I tk t pic-tues tht mningtht just seemed te ight. I s them in the distnce,nd s they cmecse, I kept pht-gphing them."

    Tken ith Nikn D80 ttedith Nikn Nikk80-400 mm ens t 80mm. The expsue is1/500 secnd t /5.6.

    prize:Six nights t t theHitn Cu.

    artistic merit

    + + + + +

    arUba, amy Cmpe, rckpt, Mine

    "This imge s mde t sunset n au just te I nith pessin phtgphe aisn Sh. He technthe cme t ng expsue ith sm petue ndhiznty, in this cse, the dutin the shutte hee mkes the ves tke n n ethee nd vevety psmthing ve ieguit ies in the snd."

    Tken ith Nikn D80 tted ith 28-70 mm ens. The ext /22.The cme s pnned hie the shutte s pen.

    Prize:Fu nights t the rdissn au rest, Csin
  • 8/14/2019 Islands Magazine 19th Photo Contest


    Jnuy/ Feuy 2008 islands. com Jnuy/ Feuy 2008 islands. com



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    AraIaTEaJn Sc, Ne Hpe,



    Dustin lucs wekesseleisvie, Texs

    CIbIZa, SPaINJhn Hndey

    Nthk, IinisDKaUaI, HawaII

    Heyd Geenegaingtn, Vigini

    eraNGIroaPenepe Vn osten

    Gstnuy, Cnnecticut


    A B





    + + + + +

    SaN JUaN,PUErTo rICoCtheine Fynn

    Spinged, Iinis

    "This is in thee eves theNtin HisticSite Sn Feipede M, hichee nce used

    s cks. whietuing the t, Is stuck y the

    histic eches the dnges

    guding n isndsettement duingthe 1500s nd theistin tht the

    sdies sttinedthee must hve

    et. The ight in theseies cnnect-ing chmes s

    hunting, especiyset ginst ches

    s simpe ndeutiu."

    Tken ith Cnn PeShta80. The expsue

    is 1/60 secnd t/2.8.

    prize: weekngsessin t the

    Mine Phtgphicwkshp in

    rckpt, Mine.