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iPod Data Recovery

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iPod Data Recovery

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iPod Data Loss

iPod is a wonderful tool for keeping collection of music, video and image files. Some of the models of iPod are iPod Nano, iPod Mini, iPod Shuffle etc. All these are latest series of iPod and it has high storage capacity upto 80GB. You can store your favorite music and videos in this tool. Numerous time data present in the iPod becomes inaccessible due to corruption. In this case you need to make use of iPod data recovery software to restore the damaged files.

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iPod Error Messages

• The iPod ** cannot be updated, the required folder cannot be found.

• Can't lock iPod. Please check if any other applications are using iPod and try again.

• The iPod "Customer's iPod" could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (1418).

• Unable to Check for Purchased Music because an error occurred (-5000 error)

• Internal manager error

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Features of iPod Data Recovery• This application is capable to restore

inaccessible files, music, documents, graphics, media.

• This application performs recovery of iPod Classic, iPod Shuffle etc.

• It is compatible with MIDI,AIFF,M4A, OGG, MP4,WMA, WAV, AIFF file format etc.

• This application is compatible with both Mac OSX and Windows

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Steps to

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Step1: Launch the iPod Data Recovery software. Then you need to click on recovery image and afterwards you have to click Play.

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Step2: Now you can see that there is three modes of data recovery, Fast Recovery, Advanced Recovery and Deleted File Recovery. In order to recover all the crashed iPod files quickly with Fast Recovery, Advanced Recovery is used to explore the data which is badly corrupted. You can choose Deleted File Recovery in order to recover all the deleted files.

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Step3:You need to select the appropriate method to begin the scanning process of the iPod data. After the scanning process is completed you can see your files in categorized manner. Choose the file which you are willing to recover and select the location where the file is to be saved.

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Step4: In order to recover the files you need to click on “Back” and you need to go to the main interface and choose “Recovery” option for proceeding the further process.

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System Requirements

• Pentium Class (P4 and above) Processor (For Windows).

• Windows 2K, XP and Vista Operating System.• Processor: PowerPC (G4 & above), Intel

Processor (For Macintosh).• Operating System: Mac OS X 10.4 and above.• 256 MB RAM.• 20 MB free space Hard Disk.

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