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IoT(Internet of Things)- BasicsConnect the Things, Shrink the World

What is the buzzword IoT all about?Uniquely Identifiable objects or things( Things refer to anything living or non living things with an unique identity) communicate or transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

Current TrendAiming 26 billion objects to be connected together by 2020.Three-quarters (76%) of IoT decision makers have either deployed or plan to deploy IoT systems within the next 12 months.Healthcare industry leads the field with 72% followed by transportation& manufacturing at 67% and 66% respectively.

The most used communication channels to communicate objects to internet in the IoT

WiFiBluetoothZigbee WirelessNFC WiFi directBluetooth Low Energy

Benefits of IoT

Tracking behaviour for real-time marketingEnhanced situational awarenessSensor-driven decision analyticsProcess optimizationOptimized resource consumptionInstantaneous control and response in complex autonomous systems

Challenges in IoTSecurity is vitalAdoption RateCompatibilityPower is criticalConnectivity

Main Application areas for the IoTHome& Building AutomationSmart citiesSmart manufacturingWearables Healthcare Automotive

8 Things You Should Know About Distribution of IoT

1. 26% of APACs general developers work on IoT development.2. 13% developers report that they have no plans for IoT development.3. 28% of Chinese developers and 26% of Indian developers report that they are currently involved with IoT development4. India & China are more likely to embrace IoT & consider IoT development in their future plans.

5. IoT developers are about three times more likely than their non-IoT counterparts to use the Cloud as a development environment.6. The majority of developers who are not developing applications using cloud plan to do so within the next six months.7. 38% of IoT developers are using Clouds to develop application currently.8. 50% report that they are planning to do so within next 12 months.

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