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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>IoT(Internet of Things)- BasicsConnect the Things, Shrink the World</p> <p>What is the buzzword IoT all about?Uniquely Identifiable objects or things( Things refer to anything living or non living things with an unique identity) communicate or transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.</p> <p>Current TrendAiming 26 billion objects to be connected together by 2020.Three-quarters (76%) of IoT decision makers have either deployed or plan to deploy IoT systems within the next 12 months.Healthcare industry leads the field with 72% followed by transportation&amp; manufacturing at 67% and 66% respectively.</p> <p>The most used communication channels to communicate objects to internet in the IoT</p> <p>WiFiBluetoothZigbee WirelessNFC WiFi directBluetooth Low Energy</p> <p>Benefits of IoT</p> <p>Tracking behaviour for real-time marketingEnhanced situational awarenessSensor-driven decision analyticsProcess optimizationOptimized resource consumptionInstantaneous control and response in complex autonomous systems</p> <p>Challenges in IoTSecurity is vitalAdoption RateCompatibilityPower is criticalConnectivity</p> <p>Main Application areas for the IoTHome&amp; Building AutomationSmart citiesSmart manufacturingWearables Healthcare Automotive</p> <p>8 Things You Should Know About Distribution of IoT</p> <p>1. 26% of APACs general developers work on IoT development.2. 13% developers report that they have no plans for IoT development.3. 28% of Chinese developers and 26% of Indian developers report that they are currently involved with IoT development4. India &amp; China are more likely to embrace IoT &amp; consider IoT development in their future plans.</p> <p>5. IoT developers are about three times more likely than their non-IoT counterparts to use the Cloud as a development environment.6. The majority of developers who are not developing applications using cloud plan to do so within the next six months.7. 38% of IoT developers are using Clouds to develop application currently.8. 50% report that they are planning to do so within next 12 months.</p> <p>Thank You </p> <p>Cumulations Technologies is a mobile applications developmentcompany based in India expertise in development of android, iOS&amp; IoT(Internet of Things) mobile apps.</p> <p>CONTACT USsales@cumulations.com</p>