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  1. 1. Internet Of Things - IOT Name: Mayank Lakhera E-mail: Twitter Id: @lakheramayank University: Uttarakhand Technical University Year/Semester: 4th/ 8th Branch: CSE What is IOT? Trends in IOT? Interest Areas? IoT - Internet of Things
  2. 2. What is IoT ? Internet Of Things IoT is the new world where everyday devices talk to one another and everything you do is monitored real time. Its exactly what it sounds like: Things that have internet! IoT refers to any object which is equipped with a unique digital tracker giving it the ability to send and receive information without human interaction. In the simplest words, "it is everything that is connected.(Things Connecting to Things) "What if you had your thermostat connected to the internet? What if you could turn it on remotely and adjust the temperature settings of your home from anywhere? IoT - Internet of Things
  3. 3. In other words, when objects can sense and communicate, it changes how & where decisions are made, and who makes them. Environment of smart small hosting devices (because they get attached with any device and make them smart device) which are Always, Anywhere and Anytime (3As of IoT) . The Internet of Things refers to a network of objects not historically connected. IOT revolves around increased machine-to-machine communication (M2M)-( M2M is a Subset of IOT ). What is IOT ? IoT - Internet of Things
  4. 4. Trends in IOT Intelligence. Architecture. Complex system. Size considerations. Space considerations. The prime trend in IoT devices is towards ultra low power. Explosion in the volumes of data collected, exchanged and stored by loT interconnected objects will require novel methods and mechanisms to find, fetch and transmit data. Today data centres have already reached their maximum level of energy consumption and the acquisition of new devices can only follow the replacement of old ones as it is not possible to increase energy consumption. IoT - Internet of Things
  5. 5. Trends in IOT Miniaturisation of devices is also taking place at a lightning speed, and the objective of a single-electron transistor, which seems to be (depending on new discoveries in physics )the ultimate limit is getting closer. Research is looking for ultra low power autonomic devices and systems from the tiniest smart dust to the huge data centres that will self-harvest the energy they need. The trend is towards the autonomous and responsible behaviour of resources. The ever growing complexity of systems possibly including mobile devices, will be unmanageable and will hamper the creation of new services and applications. Unless the systems will show self- functionality, such as self- management self- healing and self-configuration. IoT - Internet of Things
  6. 6. Interest Areas I choose Transportation as my field of Interest in IoT. Dynamic interaction between components of a transport system enables inter and intra vehicular communication hence reducing accidents & promoting safe transportation. If Given an Internship , I will try to give the society new, scalable, compatible and secure solutions for both the management of the ever more broad, complexly-networked Internet of Things, and also for the support of various business models. IoT - Internet of Things
  7. 7. Thank you IoT - Internet of Things