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Here's where the company's been this year, and where it could be going.


  • 1. 3 Things You Need to Know

2. Improved Mobility The robots arms can be moved to work on different areas of the body, without moving the patient. This could open the machine up to performing more operations outside of its core of hysterectomies and prostatectomies. The endoscope is what allows the surgeon operating the Xi to see what is going on. Improved imaging is always a positive for a medical device company. While not being a game changer, this helps cut down on surgical errors. New Endoscope 3. From 2010 to 2013, the company had grown sales daVinci robots by roughly 35% per year during the first quarter. This year, due to a combination of questions in the medical community regarding the efficacy of the daVinci, and tighter budgets due to the onset of the Affordable Care Act, sales of new daVinci systems actually fell by an alarming 47%. 4. Xi Adoption Dont expect hospitals to all of a sudden loosen the purse strings to buy the Xi. Any type of stabilization in system sales by the end of the year would be a positive sign. The Xi model should allow the daVinci to be used outside of its bread-and-butter hysterectomy and prostatectomy procedures. Pay attention to any growth in operations outside of these two. General Surgery 5. Investors in Intuitive Surgical got a stark reminder last year about why its important to diversify ones holdings. To find out about another ground-breaking healthcare company, check out our special free report: Leaked: This Coming Blockbuster Will Make Every Biotech Jealous