Introduction to the European Union. The European Union Foundation Purpose.

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  • Introduction to the European Union

  • The European Union



  • EU InstitutionsEuropean CommissionEuropean ParliamentEuropean CouncilCouncil of the European UnionCourt of JusticeEuropean Court of AuditorsEuropean OmbudsmanEuropean Data Protection Supervisor

  • EU Bodies and AgenciesFinancial bodiesEuropean Central BankEuropean Investment BankAdvisory bodiesEuropean Economic and Social CommitteeCommission of the RegionsCommunity agenciescurrently 24, including the Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union (CdT)Common Foreign and Security Policy agencies - currently 3

  • Multilingualism in the EUEqual status for all official languagesLegislation: language versions equally valid, equally authenticAll citizens have right of access to the institutions: may write [] in one of the languages [] and have an answer in the same language (Art. 21, EC Treaty) EU Language charterCouncil Regulation No. 1

  • LanguagesOfficial languages vs. languages spoken in EU member statesProcedural vs. non-procedural languages internal business in EN, FR, DE

  • DGT Directorate-General for Translation of the European Commissiondepartment for each official language (unit for Irish) organized in 3 Translation DirectoratesTransversal Linguistic Services Directoratespecialist areas: web translation, editingResources Directoratestaffing, IT, finance infrastructure, trainingTranslation Strategy and Multilingualism Directorateworkflow and policy issues, external translation

  • DGT employment1,750 translators, 600 support staff (2007)largest translation company in worldTL plus 2 SLsCurrent need for English language translators

    External translatorscall for tenderover 20% done by freelance translators (2007)

  • DGT translation volumes1.8 million pages (2008)72.5% from English11.8% from French2.7% from German13% from other languagesMain target languages: en, fr, de

  • Workflow (1)Poetry = interface for submitting translation request, ST and supporting docs to DGTSuivi = system for managing translation requests within DGTDossier Manager = interface for translators to access job, collaborate on job

  • Workflow (2)DGTVista = archiving system, all STs and translations since 1994rapid searchbilingual scrolling EUR-Lex = database of Official Journal of European Union (all legislation, treaties, etc.)

  • Workflow (4)EuramisEuropean Advanced Multilingual Information Systemcentral translation memory, since 199784 million translation units/phrasesSDL Trados Translators Workbench (TWB)used to access Euramis translation memoryintegrated with Microsoft WordEuramis alignment tool

  • Euramis alignment

  • Workflow (5)European Commission Machine Translation (ECMT) automatic translation system, since 1976, Systran860,314 pages translated by MT (2005); 40% requested by DGTnot all languages handledselect specialised dictionaries or domains to improve quality of outputMT accessible via Euramis interface or mailboxMT output is post-edited

  • Other tools Speech recognitionused by approx. 300 translatorsDragons Naturally Speaking: for dictating translationonly available for 9 EU languages

  • Further readingTranslation Tools and Workflow (European Commission)

  • EU TASKImagine you are employed at the EU as a policy officer. You have been given the task of reviewing the EUs language/translation policy. Your first step will be to investigate the foundational legal basis of language policy, and how the situation has evolved. Write an introductory paragraph for your report.

  • EU Task: useful resources Council: Regulation no. 1 determining the languages to be used by the European Economic Community

  • UN TaskImagine you are employed at the UN as a policy officer. You have been given the task of reviewing the UNs language policy, specifically on multilingualism. Your first step will be to describe the current situation regarding the policy and its implementation. Write an introductory paragraph for your report.

  • UN task: Useful resource Document System UN


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