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Introduction to Media Persuasive Techniques. Advertising. The Media. When we think of the media, what do we think of? Brainstorm some examples. Advertising. List where you might find adverts? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Introduction to Media Persuasive Techniques

Introduction to Media Persuasive TechniquesAdvertising

1The MediaWhen we think of the media, what do we think of? Brainstorm some examples2AdvertisingList where you might find adverts?Advertisers use a number of techniques to persuade us to buy their products. Define the following terms and provide an examplei. SloganIi. CopyIii. ImageIv. Rhetorical questionsV. SuperlativeVi. Emotive languageVii FlatteryViii LogoIx. BrandX. Alliteration3Deconstructing an ad find an ad in a newspaper or magazine on-line and answer the followingThe ad should be from an English speaking magazine or newspaperPurpose - What is the overall message behind the advert? What do the advertisers want the audience to believe? Do they achieve this? How?4- What is the advert trying to sell? Many adverts are selling more than just a product theyre selling a way of life or a personality.Where is the advert found?The Basics5Is there a character in the advert? What type of person are they? What is your emotional response to them? How are they dressed? What sort of lifestyle do they represent? Would you like to be the person? Why or why not?Where is the advert set? Can you identify the decade/country/area in which the advert is set what do you know about it? What images are associated with it?Image and representation6What is the main focus of the advert?Do any of the items, images or people in the advert make you think of anything a memory, a feeling, an idea?What colours are used and what is their effect?Is there any text in the advert? What words are used and why were they chosen? Do any words sound particularly positive or negative? Visual impact7To whom would the advert appeal? Consider age, gender, type of job, level of educationWhat desires or concerns might the target audience have about themselves or their lives?Appeal8