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Presentation I did during a Google Plus for Business Hangout on Air hosted by Chris Lang on April 25, 2012 You can watch the video version of this presentation here


  • 1. Deciding on Goals for yoursite and setting them up inGoogle Analyticsby Ileane SmithApril 2012

2. What are your Goals?You can have multiple goals for your site, but until you figure out, your goals - You will be:LOST! 3. No Goals in GA yet? Your brand new reportsthat track social impact will be blank! You havent defined any goals So were unable to measure the value of social referrals on your site! 4. Set up your goals in GA and your social valuereport can look like this! 5. And this! 6. Types of GoalsNumber of Pages Visited on Site Length of Time Spent on Site Destination URL Event (advanced) 7. Goals in Google Analytics Heres the Goals tab 8. How Many Pages Were Visited 9. How Long Did They Stay 10. URL DestinationExact MatchHead MatchRegular Expression Match 11. Once you have Goals set up in Google Analytics you can see which socialnetworks are bringing your site quality traffic and the highestROI!! 12. Get Free Tips from Ms. Ileane Basic Blog Tips@IleaneBasic Blog Tips on Facebook