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  • 1. Going for an Interview with a Start-upCompany? So, you have always dreamt of being part of the hot start-up and looking forward to the interview. It is a well-known fact that getting through the interview of a start-up is much more difficult than that of a big company. Given below are few tips to help you prepare for interview with a start-up : Be Prepared to Drive the Interview Start-ups might be good at doing work, but they are often terrible at conducting interviews. If you feel anytime during the course of interview that it is not going anywhere, be prepared to drive the interview yourself and tactfully push the interviewer to go deep and help him knowing you. Are Youan Initiator- Start-ups are always keen on starting something new and building new products. Therefore, while hiring people, they look for people who are good at initiating new things. Have you started a blog or a Facebook group? Have you developed an app or have idea for a new one? Make sure you keep list of such activities ready. Prepare answers that will portray you as an initiator and will translate your experience into a job offer from the start-up company. Decide Why - Why do you want to join a start-up company with no fix future? Are you ready to spend next few years of your career working in a small company? Are you ok with limited perks available with a start-up? If you do not have answers to these questions, think again. Start-up companies do not hire people who are not clear about their career goals. Are you readyfor the hard work Start-up demands lot of hard work and dedication to succeed. So, if you are looking to join a start-up, be ready to push yourself mentally and physically. Start-up jobs are not for you if you are a 9 to 5 person. Dont be taken aback when you have to put in extra efforts to help you start-up company grow into an established organization. Research It is a good idea to know about the company and spend some time researching about their competitors as well as current market trends. You can impress the interviewer if you are well aware of the market situation and give some valuable inputs. Knowing the competition well can help you decide your future course of action and cash-in on anything they did wrong. Also, if you have done your research, you will have a number of insightful questions to ask to the interviewer If you have prepared on all the above mentioned points, there is every possible chance that you can make it to the start-up. If you have any other suggestions apart from the things mentioned in the list, you can mention them at the comments section.