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  1. 1. Internet of Things (IoT) Fatemeh Mehdibarzi MTNIrancell- July 2015 A brief of McKinsey & Company Report 2015
  2. 2. linking the physical world to the Internet and other data networks monitoring and managing operations thousands of miles away, tracking goods as they cross the ocean, or detecting changes in the blood pressure of a diabetic that might be a sign of a heart attack redefining how we engage with the physical world and making possible computer-mediated ways of doing business, managing public infrastructure, and organizing peoples lives IoT Features
  3. 3. HUMAN two broad categories: Improving health Raising productivity HOME energy management Security automation of domestic chores IoT Value creation
  4. 4. RETAIL ENVIRONMENTS online shopping OFFICES principally managing energy and security systems by excluding commercial spaces FACTORIES predictive maintenance inventory optimization WORKSITES oil and gas exploration and production, mining, and construction (most advanced user of IoT) e.g. heavily instrumented equipment and advanced robotics on board, often connected to a real-time command center half a world away
  5. 5. VEHICLES IoT sensors and connectivity can improve how vehicles are serviced, maintained, and designed CITIES improve services, relieve traffic congestion, conserve water and energy, and improve quality of life OUTSIDE Outdoors between urban environments, such as in vehicular navigation, container shipping, and package delivery condition-based maintenance of rail lines and other transportation infrastructure
  6. 6. having certain technologies, organizational capabilities, and policies in place collaboration among supplier companies and among suppliers, users, and policy makers to set the standards and protocols for the interoperability of IoT systems that maximize value ENABLERS AND BARRIERS
  7. 7. Software and hardware technology Interoperability Intellectual property, security, privacy and confidentiality Business organization and culture Public policy Types of Enablers
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