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1. It is about...INTERNET OF THINGS FOR SMART CITIES by:T.V.S Raghu Ram13121A04F2Department of ECEIt is about...IntroductionDifferent architecturesWeb Service ApproachWireless ConnectivityWSN requirementsAn experimental StudyInternet of things& its needThe transformation of ParadigmExtending network to Things"Making network more PervasiveApplication limited only by imaginationSmart city ConceptEfficient and effortless administrationQuality of serviceQuality of livingCommunication infrastructureAreas of exploiting IoTStructural HealthWaste ManagementAir qualityNoise MonitoringTraffic CongestionCity Energy consumptionSmart lightingArchitecture Architectural reference ModelITU proposed architectureWeb Service Approach Representational State Transfer`Protocol stackData formatsApplication and Transport layersProblem with HTTPNeed for CoAPNetwork layerPresent addressing schemeIPV6 addressing schemeWireless ConnectivityFrequency bands and worldwide regulationsCommunication ProtocolsNetwork RangeNetwork TopologyStandards and interoperabilityFrequency bands and worldwide regulations Cant be limited to single frequencyCommon frequency 2.4 GHzCommunication ProtocolsNetwork range & TopologyStandards & interoperabilityDevice frameworkBackend serversGatewaysIoT peripheral NodesAn Experimental StudyCollecting environmental dataMonitoring Public street lighting Places where IoT is incorporatedSmart Environment &Street lighting systemGeographical localizationSensors used-Photometer sensorsForm 6LoWPAN multihop cloudIPV6 routing protocol providedWSN gatewayA glance at temperature and humidity dataData collected from Temperature and Humidity sensorsData collected from Photometer & quality check sensorConclusionTarget of different companies Aims at shaping a better futureThank YouReferences: A paper on IoT for smart cites IEEE INTERNET OF THINGS JOURNAL, VOL. 1, NO. 1, FEBRUARY 2014White paper by TEXAS Instruments on wireless connectivityIoT a literature review Journal of Computer and Communications, 2015, 3, 164-173