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  • Internet Marketing That Actually Gets Results

    A lot of internet marketing posts and products promise that you will get results. If you believe most sales letters, results are available almost at the click of a mouse.

    But what actually works in real life?

    Is it really push-button easy?

    Or do you need to do more to get the results youre after?

  • Internet Marketing That Actually Gets Results

    Well, like most things that are worthwhile, internet marketing takes some effort.

    And like lots of things the results arent 100% predictable.

    But there are a few things that you can do which will help tip the balance in your favour.

  • Internet Marketing That Actually Gets Results

    1. Work in a niche that interests you

    The reason for this is that you wont find the time and effort you need to put in to making your internet marketing work is anywhere near as difficult.

    For instance, if youd read somewhere that body building is a good niche to get into (Ive not researched the idea but it probably is) but you have the body of a 9 stone weakling and no intention of changing that, the chance of you making a success in that niche is slim (no pun intended).

  • Internet Marketing That Actually Gets Results

    But if you choose a niche where youre keen to take an interest then youll be more than happy to create new content in it on a regular basis, report your progress and generally be willing and able to help other people succeed in your chosen area.

    Those factors alone will give you a much better chance of getting results than slogging away in a niche that bores you to tears.

  • Internet Marketing That Actually Gets Results

    2. Create content regularly

    If youve read many of my posts, youll know that my preference here is for written content. Because thats the type of content that Google and the other search engines prefer to index.

    Even if you choose to use videos, make sure to add written content below them.

    Im not always as good as I should be on that front but its worth putting a reasonable amount of text below a video because it helps YouTube and Google to understand what the video is about.

  • Internet Marketing That Actually Gets Results

    Some people also recommend editing or uploading a transcript of the video.

    Again, that's something Im less good at than Id prefer to be. Partly because Ive not really noticed much difference in rankings but that could just be me. The video captions are in a separate file on YouTubes site (in a directory called timedtext) so theyre definitely available for search engines to index.

  • Internet Marketing That Actually Gets Results

    Anyway, back to creating content regularly

    Its up to you how you define regularly.

    Id suggest that its more often than once in a blue moon.

    But it will depend on your schedule. Daily is good, every few days works well, so does once a week. Less often than that can work too.

  • Internet Marketing That Actually Gets Results

    The search engine robots learn how often you add new content and will adjust their crawling frequency accordingly. It takes time and money to crawl your site only to find nothing has changed since the last visit.

    The learning side of things means that if you start creating content more often, it will take a bit of time for the search engines to catch on to that. You can nudge them along WordPress helps by sending a ping when you add a new post but their computers take time to adjust so you may not notice much difference initially.

  • Internet Marketing That Actually Gets Results

    Ive recently been posting more often on my site and have noticed a small uptick in the amount of traffic Im being sent since Ive been doing that.

    I suspect that after a few months of regularly adding new content that uptick will be larger.

  • Internet Marketing That Actually Gets Results

    3. Get a few inbound links

    A major part of the search engine algorithms is popularity. They mainly measure this from the amount of inbound links your site has.

    The precise formula is a closely guarded secret and I suspect is now at least partially based on the search engine algorithms teaching themselves. Thats certainly the case with Microsofts X-box which means theres every reason to think the same technology is being applied elsewhere.

  • Internet Marketing That Actually Gets Results

    Some inbound links are easy to get.

    If you turn your written article into a video like this one and a PDF then you can add your link on YouTube and SlideShare or whichever other document sharing site you use.

  • Internet Marketing That Actually Gets Results

    Likewise you can add links from your LinkedIn posts. And guest blogging (maybe via Fiverr if you select the blogs wisely) can also help if you dont over-do it.

    Other links are harder to get but can help if the amount of time spent getting them doesnt outweigh the help they give you. Youll need to decide yourself on a case-by-case basis.

  • Internet Marketing That Actually Gets Results

    4. Keep doing it!

    A reasonable amount of consistency is good.

    Dont be robotic about it thats one of the reasons that auto-blogging systems dont really work (lots of other reasons too) because its not in our human nature to work like clockwork.

    But set a schedule and do your best to keep to it.

  • Internet Marketing That Actually Gets Results

    When you dont, thats fine so long as you dont use the missed item as an excuse to give up.

    If you need more help, feel free to check out this link.

    Good luck!

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