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<ul><li><p>Deutsche Telekom Group</p><p>Internet going mobileGABA Event</p><p>June 2008</p></li><li><p>Page 1Page 1</p><p>Demand</p><p>Funding Gap</p><p>Usage All Flat For Free</p><p>today 1-2 years &gt;2 years</p><p>A number of players are trying to capture a piece of the mobile data opportunity, the complexity of the ecosystem is increasing</p><p>1.5</p><p>2007</p><p>4.2</p><p>2008</p><p>7.6</p><p>2009</p><p>10.9</p><p>2010</p><p>14.5</p><p>2011</p><p>Web AdvertisingSearch AdvertisingMessagingMobile TV &amp; VoDIn-Game / Apps</p><p>Trends &amp; Developments in Mobile Data.Present Situation.</p><p>Carrier Challenge: Funding Gap Global Mobile Ad Spend ($B)* Many Players, Complex Landscape</p><p>Revenues (data services)</p><p>Main revenue drivers: web ads, search ads, Mobile TV / video adsMobile adverting is just one aspect of a strongly growing market that has attracted powerful players from many industries</p><p>Pricing: from usage bound to flat rate to free / ad basedIncreasing demand driven by lower prices, more attractive servicesMobile Data revenues are a larger part of mobile industry revenues</p><p>The large opportunity has created an increasingly complex and difficult-to-navigate marketplaceSuccessful launch of mobile data products and services often requires complicated partnerships</p><p>Huge market opportunity, many player, increasing market complexity</p><p>* source: StrategyAnalystics</p></li><li><p>Page 2</p><p>Top Mobile Sites by Country</p><p>Russia China United StatesMobile Site Type of Site Mobile Site Type of Site Mobile Site Type of Site</p><p> Social Netwk Infotainment Social Netwk</p><p> Email Search Search</p><p> Search Search Social Netwk</p><p> Search Social Netwk Search</p><p> Search Infotainment Social Netwk</p><p> Games Social Netwk Search</p><p> Social Netwk Infotainment Social Netwkmarathonbet</p><p>.com Gambling Downloads Infotainment</p><p> Downloads Gambling Downloads</p><p> Games Infotainment E-Commerce</p><p>40% of Russian mobile web traffic goes to infotainment or leisure sites, while 55% of China traffic is search or portals and 63% of US traffic goes to social networks.</p><p>List of Top Mobile Sites based on Opera Browser Use</p><p>Source: Opera</p><p>Page 2</p></li><li><p>Page 3</p><p>India United Kingdom GermanyMobile Site Type of Site Mobile Site Type of Site Mobile Site Type of Site</p><p> Social Netwk Social Netwk Search</p><p> Search Search Social Netwk</p><p> Search Search Social Netwk</p><p> Social Netwk Social Netwk Social Netwkgallery.mobile9</p><p>.com Downloads Social Netwk Social Netwk</p><p> Social Netwk Infotainment Email</p><p> Messaging Search Infotainment</p><p> Downloads Downloads Infotainment</p><p> Downloads Social Netwk Social Netwk</p><p> Govt Service E-Commerce InfotainmentSource: Opera</p><p>49% of Indian mobile web traffic goes to social networks. The UK leads the world with 11% of traffic going to web email, while 28% of German traffic is infotainment.</p><p>List of Top Mobile Sites based on Opera Browser UseTop Mobile Sites by Country</p><p>Page 3</p></li><li><p>Page 4</p><p>Worldwide Handset Sales</p><p>259.0</p><p>91.1</p><p>32.147.7</p><p>15.221.8</p><p>294.3</p><p>115.5</p><p>42.429.923.522.1</p><p>0</p><p>50</p><p>100</p><p>150</p><p>200</p><p>250</p><p>300</p><p>350</p><p>Motorola Samsung Nokia Total</p><p>1Q 20071Q 2008</p><p>+1%</p><p>+14%</p><p>+27%</p><p>+32%-37%+55%</p><p>Sony Ericsson LG</p><p>Overall worldwide handset sales saw strong growth from 2007 to 2008. This growth was not even across handset manufacturers.</p><p>Q1 Handset Sales by OEM</p><p>Source: IDC, Gartner</p><p>Worldwide Handset Sales</p><p>* Handset sales in millions</p><p>Page 4</p></li><li><p>Page 5</p><p>US Smartphone Market Share</p><p>28%Other</p><p>23%Palm</p><p>49%RIM</p><p>18% 8%5%</p><p>35%</p><p>Other Motorola</p><p>Samsung</p><p>RIM 27%Apple</p><p>8% Palm</p><p>12%</p><p>9%</p><p>45%</p><p>OtherMotorola</p><p>3% Samsung</p><p>RIM</p><p>19%</p><p>Apple</p><p>13% Palm</p><p>Market Share 4Q07 Market Share 1Q08</p><p>Share 1Q07</p><p>The first quarter of 2008 saw RIM, Palm and Samsung rebound in US smartphone sales, while Apple and Motorola lost ground. This is still a long ways from 2007.</p><p>Smartphone Sales</p><p>Source: IDC / CNN Money.</p><p>Page 5</p></li><li><p>Page 6</p><p>Worldwide Smartphone OS Market Share</p><p>5%</p><p>7%</p><p>65%</p><p>Symbian</p><p>12%</p><p>Windows Mobile</p><p>11%RIM BlackBerry</p><p>iPhone OS</p><p>Linux</p><p>Market Share 4Q2007</p><p>The smartphone OS market in 2007 was dominated by SymbianQ4 2007 Market Share</p><p>Source: Canalys, Wikipedia</p><p>Page 6</p></li><li><p>Page 7</p><p>Mobile Social Network Use by Country</p><p>Mobile users in some countries are now regularly accessing social networks via their mobile phone, however usage varies by country.</p><p>Comparison of Social Network Use from 4Q07-1Q08</p><p>Source: Nielsen</p><p>Country% of subscribers accessing </p><p>social networks over the mobile internet</p><p>Number of mobile subscribers who access social networks </p><p>per month</p><p>United States 1.6% 4,079,000</p><p>United Kingdom 1.7% 812,000</p><p>Italy 0.6% 293,000</p><p>Spain 0.8% 291,000</p><p>France 0.6% 255,000</p><p>Germany 0.2% 141,000</p><p>Page 7</p></li><li><p>Page 8</p><p>Contact</p><p>Daniel KellmereitDirector Strategy &amp; Innovation</p><p>DETECON Inc. Deutsche Telekom Group</p><p>128 Spear Street, 4th floorSan Francisco, CA 94105</p><p>Phone: +1 (415) 904-7979Mobile: +1 (650) 200.5115</p><p>e-Mail:</p><p></p><p>Internet going mobileGABA EventPresent Situation.Top Mobile Sites by CountryTop Mobile Sites by CountryWorldwide Handset SalesUS Smartphone Market ShareWorldwide Smartphone OS Market ShareMobile Social Network Use by CountryContact</p></li></ul>