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<ul><li><p>Book Reviews</p><p>Mobile Radio Communications, 2nd ed.R. Steele, L. Hanzo; Pentech Press, London, ISBN 0-471-</p><p>97806-X</p><p>This is the second edition of the book Mobile Radio</p><p>Communications (published in 1992). The book aims to</p><p>portray the evolutionary avenue bridging the second and</p><p>third generation systems. The book is concerned with the</p><p>principles and techniques of digital mobile radio, the so-</p><p>called physical layer aspects of mobile transmissions</p><p>communications and only marginally with mobile radio</p><p>network issues.</p><p>The second edition reects the current state-of-the-art by</p><p>featuring: (i) expanded and updated sections of mobile</p><p>transmission techniques and expanded coverage of the</p><p>GSM system; (ii) three new chapters dealing with the excit-</p><p>ing subjects of multimedia mobile communications, the</p><p>proposed 3G CDMA (W-CDMA) systems and WATM.</p><p>The book truly covers the eld the authors have claimed it</p><p>will. The book is intelligible and is easy to read. The struc-</p><p>ture of the book is very natural and explicit.</p><p>I think the book is an excellent academic opus for mobile</p><p>communication engineers, designers, researchers and</p><p>students.</p><p>I think the book is value for money.</p><p>A.V. Vasilakos</p><p>P.O. Box 65251, 15410 Psychiko,</p><p>Athens, Greece</p><p>E-mail address:</p><p>0140-3664/01/$ - see front matter q 2001 Elsevier Science B.V. Allrights reserved.</p><p>PII: S0140-3664(00)00235-8</p><p>Internet Core ProtocolE.A. Hall; O'Reilly, February 2000</p><p>Internet Core Protocol is a TCP/IP owner's manual that</p><p>discusses the Internet protocols from the standpoint of a</p><p>network administrator. The book goes into the detail of</p><p>some typical Internet protocols, explains how they work,</p><p>what can go wrong and what problems a network adminis-</p><p>trator usually has to solve. Detailed examples of the proto-</p><p>cols in action, including traces help to understand the</p><p>complex relationship of a multitude of RFCs.</p><p>The protocols that are present in any IP networks</p><p>especially ARP, ICMP, IGMP, IP, TCP and UDP are</p><p>included in the book. In addition the standardization process</p><p>and IP addressing scheme is covered.</p><p>In an accompanying CD the complete text of all the RFCs</p><p>that were available from the IETF when the book was</p><p>published and some different support programs are</p><p>included. The most remarkable program included here is</p><p>Shomiti Systems' Surveyor Lite, a program that can be</p><p>used to view packets on the (readers) live network and to</p><p>examine and to learn about the details of the various proto-</p><p>cols explained in the book.</p><p>In each chapter of the book the relevant standards and</p><p>relevant RFCs are listed and explained afterwards using</p><p>examples of the test network of the author. Where possible</p><p>tips for troubleshooting are given.</p><p>The book can be recommended for two purposes. The</p><p>rst is to learn about TCP/IP networks, which can be</p><p>achieved ideally by reading the chapters introduction and</p><p>about TCP and IP. Then knowledge can be expanded just by</p><p>setting up a home installation of a TCP/IP network and just</p><p>playing and analysing with the Surveyor Life software</p><p>what's going on in that net. The second is for people who</p><p>have already some knowledge on the topic. They can use</p><p>this book to read the reference material and troubleshooting</p><p>tips whenever some problems occur in their network. Also</p><p>problems can be studied with the aid of the Surveyor Lite</p><p>software when packets are captured and examined with the</p><p>information given in the detailed reference sections of the</p><p>appropriate chapters.</p><p>H. Weik</p><p>Hummelbergstr. 15 , D-70195</p><p>Stuttgart, Germany</p><p>0140-3664/01/$ - see front matter q 2001 Elsevier Science B.V. Allrights reserved.</p><p>PII: S0140-3664(00)00269-3</p><p>High-Speed Wireless ATM and LANSBenny Bing, ISBN 1-58053-092-3, 250 pages</p><p>This book provides a comprehensive view on the issues</p><p>regarding wireless networking. At rst, the author gives the</p><p>reader an overview of the wireless LAN. These include the</p><p>Computer Communications 24 (2001) 744745</p><p></p></li></ul>