interesting linkage between wound healing and hepatoprotective activities

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  • Chemico-Biological Interactions 190 (2011) 191

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    Letter to the Editor

    Interesting linkage between wound healing and hepatoprotec-tive activities

    In a recent issue, using murine d-galactosamine/lipopoly-saccharide model of hepatic failure, Dr. Lian et al. demonstratehepatoprotective action of gentiopicroside due to the inhibition ofapoptosis [1], which has been previously demonstrated to possesswoundhealing activities on cultured chicken embryonic broblasts[2]. Thus, we would like to call attention to an interesting linkagebetween hepatoprotective and wound healing activities. There is asimilar coincidence with asiaticosides, active constituents of Cen-tella asiatica, which have been used in the treatment of wounds: Inour laboratory, we have observed in cultured T15 broblasts cellsthat wound healing is promoted by asiaticoside [3], whose hep-atoprotective activities have been reported recently in the murined-galactosareported thJohns Worof hepatic din culturedinhibitory acells has be

    Althoughprotective aregeneratioand prolifeinvolved in


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    0009-2797/$ doi:10.1016/j.see front matter 2010 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.cbi.2010.10.011mine/lipopolysaccharide model [4]. Moreover, we haveat hydroalcoholic extract of Hypericum perforatum (St.t) exhibits a hepatoprotective activity in CCl4-modelsamage in rodents [5,6] and a wound healing activitychicken embryonic broblast cells [7]. In addition, thection of H. perforatum on apoptosis in cultured PC12en reported recently [8]

    the exact mechanism of the linkage between hepato-ction and wound healing is still unknown, the cellularn and repair mechanisms mainly based on mitosisration, as well as the inhibition apoptosis, seem to bethe interesting linkage.

    , Y.-L. Wu, Y. Wan, X. Li, W.-X. Xie, J.-X. Nan, Anti-apoptoticf gentiopicroside in d-galactosamine/lipopolysaccharide-induced


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    Yusuf ztrk

    Nilgn ztrkAnadolu University, Faculty of Pharmacy,

    Departments of Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy,Tepebasi, 26470 Eskisehir, Turkey

    Corresponding author. Tel.: +90 2223350580x3743; fax: +90 222 3350750.

    E-mail address: (Y. ztrk)

    Available online 23 October 2010

    Interesting linkage between wound healing and hepatoprotective activitiesReferences