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  • 1. Mu$ical Buzzz! By Nada, Fahana, Brithney, Anisa

2. Who: Students who love music. What: Students who are struggling with music homework and understanding how to play instruments and learning the notes. When: Anytime of the day Where: At home, at school Why: Students are struggling with music homework because of the work their teacher assigned them to do but do not have the equipment to use and understanding musical notes. 3. Problem Students who are struggling with music homework due to their teachers assigning them with work which maybe is impossible to do, due to not have the facilities and understanding more about that certain topic. Students dont get the information for that homework and therefore they get in trouble and their grades decrease. 4. Questions How can you help students who are struggling with their music homework? How to develop students musical hobbies further? How can you help students who are struggling to use resources ? 5. Key insight statement(s) People who have problems learning an instrument currently try to use the Internet, but this solution does not work because the Internet has many different and difficult methods. Our key insight is that people need an easy step-by- step guide to help them overcome their problem. 6. Mini Elevator Pitch My team, The Intellectuals, is developing an app to help music students to improve their musical talent and learn new skills with tutorials. 7. User Profile A) Name: Azizul Alom Age: 16 Where he lives: Birmingham Who he lives with: Parents and siblings B) A. Yes B. Yes C. Just right D. Yes C) A) Understanding notes and learning how to play an instrument B) Understand musical vocabulary and learn musical instrument D) A) Google/ Yahoo B) He does not have the time/resources to learn how to play an instrument C) Very, because he enjoys music and would like to increase his knowledge in it. *He does not want to include an image 8. 0 2,000,000 4,000,000 6,000,000 8,000,000 10,000,000 12,000,000 No. Down Facebook likes Twitter followers App market 9. App functions: Different methods to learn how to play an instrument. Each person has a private library to save any works You are able to create your own profile. You can discover new talent Improve your musical talent 10. User Stories As a person, I want to learn how to play an instrument because I have always wanted to write my own music. -Shahjahan, age 14 As a music lover, I would like to be able to listen to other peoples work so I can see how talented humanity is. Saima, age 16 As a student I want to see different methods of learning how to play an instrument, so that I can improve my playing. Sara, age 12 11. Integrated User Feedback We have added many different instruments to suit our users. We have also created an account, so it is easier for users to connect with their friends. By adding a search bar, we made it simpler for users to find tutorials. 12. Key wireframes 13. Observation/ Comment Problem Vital? Solution(s) Data & tech feasible? Quick & easy to change? 2 users werent happy with the selection of instruments we had. Not enough instruments No Add a variety of instruments Yes No Many users complained that the app wasnt attractive. Users didnt like that they couldnt save the videos from before. Some users didnt like that they couldnt contact their friends on there. Plain background No library Not social Yes Yes Yes Redecorate the app Make a private library and a profile Create a profile and be able to follow people. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Feasibility 14. Business Case & Customer pledges As a group we have picked business model three, somebody else pays, because it would be easier for our users. Moreover, it would attract more viewers and we would still be able to gain money by advertising companies and products. Our family and friends are willing to help us raise money for the app. 15. Marketing Strategy The app will be free so many users can download it and try it out first. The app will include a follow button so they can socialize and get to meet new people. The app will secure their personal information so they can always be safe online.