Integrating Social Media and Mobile Marketing into Recruitment Strategy

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Overview of key social media and mobile marketing activities to support student recruitment for online programs, with examples from UPhoenix, Ball State University, Walden University, Northcentral University.


<ul><li><p>Integrating Social Media &amp; Mobile Marketing into Recruitment StrategyMarketing Online ProgramsOctober 28-29, 2010Washington, D.C.</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>Part I: Social MediaConnecting like-minded people with current events and stories</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>The social media GroundswellA social trend in which people use technology to get the things they need from each other, rather than from traditional institutions like corporations.Groundswell, Harvard Business Press, 2008Whats in the GroundswellFacebookYouTubeLinkedInWikipediaRate My ProfessorAnd a host of other sites</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>Online adults in the United StatesData from Forrester Research Technographics surveys, 2010 How people use social mediaCreators. 23% Conversationalists 31% Critics.. 33% Collectors 19% Joiners. 59% Spectators... 69% Inactives... 19% Groups overlap thus the high total percent</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>Social Media traffic October 2, 2010 Facebook62.15% 2. YouTube.16.79%3. MySpace...5.91%4. Twitter1.06%5. Yahoo! Answers .86%11. LinkedIn .25%</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>Is Social Media a marketing tool?Yes an indirect oneSocial media allow potential students to listen to people talk about their experience with youSocial media allows people to ask questions about the value of your degree and get experience answers from your studentsMonitor and influence social media discussions</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>To make social media workClear responsibility to someoneUpdate frequentlyMonitor whats happeningBeware of censorshipProminent links from official websiteMonthly activity reportsParticipation rateTopics of interest</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>Case Study: University of PhoenixBuild online communities that allow current and future students tointeract, keep up with and explore the world of University of Phoenix. </p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>From a home page link</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>The primary page 55,585 liking it</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>Active, critical Discussions page</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>Complaints about faculty OK</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>Complaints about financial aid OK</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>YouTube: 2,192 subscribers, 569 friends </p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>LinkedIn for alumni 7,973 members</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>Other examples...</p><p>Ball State UniversityNorthcentral UniversityWalden University </p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p> Ball State FB for Online Students</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>Activate Discussions</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>Let discussions run free!/topic.php?uid=6514736316&amp;topic=4715</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>Monitor &amp; reply in 24 hours!/topic.php?uid=6514736316&amp;topic=15129</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>Create a YouTube presence</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>Stay up to date</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>Forrester blogs</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>Pew Internet research reports</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>Part II: Mobile MarketingInstant accessAll the time, from anywhere</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>How small will things get?</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>Key Strategy Question:Why should I put scarce resources into mobile marketing?</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>The answerWebsite experience shapes brand perception</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>Growing expectationA mobile friendly website</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>Tales from the ResearchPew Internet &amp; American Life ProjectMobile Access 2010</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>Mobile phone use, 2009 to 201080% of adults (18+) own mobile phones in 2010 no change from 2009Take a picture. 66 to 76%Send &amp; receive text messages65 to 72%Send &amp; receive email25 to 34%Access the Internet25 to 38%Send &amp; receive instant messages20 to 30%Record video19 to 34%</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>Young adults 18 to 29Heavy use of mobile in many areasSend/receive text messages95%Take a photo..93%Access Internet65%Send/receive email52%Use social networking site48%Still lowPurchased a product20%</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>Tales from the ResearchMobile User Experience Is MiserableJakob Nielsen: July 2009 Alertbox</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>Main mobile problems4 major problemsSmall screensAwkward inputSlow downloadsPoor design for mobile</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>Reason for optimismTask success was higher at sites designed for mobile access64% task completion at sites for mobile53% task completion at regular websitesLarger screen = more successRegular cell phones 38% successRegular smartphones 55% successTouch screen phones 75% success</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>State of Mobile MarketingBest uses for mobileYour regular website is not obsolete</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>Mobile tasks: recruitmentFind academic program listRegister for a campus visitInquire about enrollment if simpleCheck application statusPay an enrollment deposit</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>Mobile App vs. Mobile WebsiteMobile AppDifferent apps for different devicesHow will people find your app?Not easy to updateHigher performance possible/Easier useMobile WebsiteAccess from any mobile deviceCan find using searchEasy to updateWill perform as well as you build it/Not great right now</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>Make things easy in mobileAs you go to site XYZ it will automatically create a single-column, mobile-friendly view that has navigation scaled to produce videos or slideshows so users wont have to pinch or scan or scroll or download an app for everything. Robert Z. Samuels, director of mobile product development, New York Times</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>The NY Times on mobile</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>Build a new mobile site?Mobilize, dont miniaturize anon. the mobile context is so different from the desktop one it deserves direct consideration vs. just mangling down a full-size site. Drew Stevenson, University of Minnesota, 2010</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>Mobile Marketing in Higher EducationKettering UniversityCollege of Charleston</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>The first image while it loads</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>At the site brand imprint</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>Ready to inquire? one step</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>Immediate email response</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>A task-oriented home page</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>No finger flicking here</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>Easy to scan academic majors</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>Clean, simple program page</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>Mobile access to your website</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>TextingOngoing communication for those who opt-in to receive itRecruitment eventsImportant news updatesRules similar to email:Must opt-inEasy to opt-out</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>Building a database: Recruitment</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>A short summaryStrategy: prepare now to give future students mobile accessIdentify key tasks for future students that are mobile friendly.Use analytics to monitor rise of mobile accessGive resource priority to mobile site over mobile apps if you mustAbility in mobile will influence perception of your brand</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>Stay up to date</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>Mobile Marketing Association</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>Mobile Marketing Handbook</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>Mobile Marketer</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>Mobile in Higher Ed blog </p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>Jakob Nielsen Usability Report</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li><li><p>Thank You!</p><p>Bob Johnson, Ph.D.PresidentBob Johnson Consulting, LLCMarshall, MI 49068 248.766.6425 bob@bobjohnsonconsulting.comCustomer Carewords Website Research</p><p>Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC</p></li></ul>