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Presentation about Office 365 and Xamarin


  • 12/07/2014
  • Integrating Office 365 with Xamarin apps Sara Silva
  • Sara Silva Windows 8 & Windows Phone Developer Xamarin Developer Microsoft Azure MCPD: Windows Developer 3.5 MCTS: WPF 3.5/4.0 and Windows Forms 3.5 Degree in Mathematics: Specialization in Computing - DMUC Comunities:
  • Agenda
  • Xamarin Overview Xamarin enables developers to reach all major mobile platforms!
  • Xamarin apps look and feel native because they are native Native User Interfaces Native API Access Native Performance Create native apps Xamarin Overview
  • Xamarin Overview Build App Multiple Times Multiple Teams Multiple Code Bases Different toolsets
  • Xamarin Overview Native With Code Sharing Native User Interface Native Performance Shared code across platforms C# & .NET Framework Full API Coverage
  • Xamarin Overview Windows APIs
  • Xamarin Overview iOS APIs | 100% Coverage
  • Xamarin Overview Android APIs | 100% Coverage
  • Xamarin Overview Anything you can do in Objective-C or Java can be done in C# with Xamarin using Visual Studio
  • Xamarin.Mac Xamarin Studio Xamarin Test Cloud Component Store Xamarin.iOS Xamarin.Android Xamarin for Visual Studio .NET Mobility Scanner Products Xamarin Overview
  • Publish to Xamarin Overview
  • Xamarin Designer for iOS Xamarin Studio Enhancements o NuGet Package Manager Visual Studio Enhancements Xamarin.Forms Shared Projects First Class F# Support Support for IOS8 Whats new ?
  • DEMO: Getting start with Xamarin 3
  • Build native UIs for iOS, Android and Windows Phone from a single, shared C# codebase. What is Xamarin Forms ?
  • With Xamarin.Forms: more code-sharing, native controls Traditional Xamarin approach What is Xamarin Forms ?
  • Quickly and easily build native user interfaces using shared code Xamarin.Forms elements map to native controls and behaviors Mix-and-match Xamarin.Forms with native APIs What is Xamarin Forms ?
  • Whats Included 40+ Pages, Layouts, and Controls Build from code behind or XAML Two-way Data Binding Navigation Animation API Dependency Service Messaging Center What is Xamarin Forms ?
  • Content MasterDetail Navigation Tabbed Carousel Pages What is Xamarin Forms ?
  • Stack Absolute Relative Grid ContentView ScrollView Frame Layouts What is Xamarin Forms ?
  • ActivityIndicator BoxView Button DatePicker Editor Entry Image Label ListView Map OpenGLView Picker ProgressBar SearchBar Slider Stepper TableView TimePicker WebView EntryCell ImageCell SwitchCell TextCell ViewCell Controls What is Xamarin Forms ?
  • DEMO: Creating IOS, Android and WP app using Xamarin Forms
  • Office 365 Office 365 API Preview
  • Office 365 Office 365 REST API GET$select=DisplayName,EmailAddress1,Birthday,Categories HTTP/1.1 Accept: application/json { "@odata.context": "$metadata#Me/Contacts", "value": [ { "": "'[email protected]')/Contacts('AAMkAGI3...')", "@odata.editLink": "'[email protected]')/Contacts('AAMkAGI3...')", "Id": "AAMkAGI3...", "DisplayName": "Mack Chaves", "EmailAddress1": "[email protected]", "Birthday": null, "Categories": [], "[email protected]": "'[email protected]')/Contacts('AAMkAGI3...')/Attachments" }, { "": "'[email protected]')/Contacts('AAMkAGI3...')", "@odata.editLink": "'[email protected]')/Contacts('AAMkAGI3...')", "Id": "AAMkAGI3...", "DisplayName": "Ian Howe", "EmailAddress1": "[email protected]", "Birthday": null, "Categories": [], "[email protected]": "'[email protected]')/Contacts('AAMkAGI3...')/Attachments" } ] }
  • DEMO: Integrating Office 365
  • Support for major mobile platforms Fast development Sharing code minimizes maintenance time Can reuse Java and IOS code Sharing UI code allow to specify UI details for each platform Office 365 API Preview needs improvements for Xamarin Office 365 REST API is great, because we can add it in PCL and share it all platforms. Conclusion
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