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Insurance needs for residents in Panama


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2. We Made It! We finally made it toPanama. Bought a House and a car. And we are going totravel to Cuenca,Cartagena, Argentina, andso on. But what do we do if weget ill, or have anaccident? 3. CAR INSURANCE It is required by Law inPanama to have at leastliability. Can anyone drive my carand still be covered? Get enough coverage. What do I do whenstopped by police? What is the Maximumliability in Panama? What papers do I need tohave in my car? 4. 1. Copy of my car title.2. Copy or original ofvehicle insurance policy.3. Copy of my passport ormy driver`s license.4. Minors Accident Report.5. Copy of my vehicleinspection orRevisado.6. Book of the rules oftransit in Panama. 5. What to do in case of an Accident.1. If someone is hurt, call911, then call MAGDA.2. Take pictures of theaccident and platenumber of the other car.3. Call the emergencynumber from yourinsurance company.4. Move the car out of theway, and wait for thepolice or the inspector. 6. Homeowners Insurance 7. Homeowners & Contents Insurance1. Fire & Lightning2. Explosion3. Removal of Debris4. Impact from Vehicles5. Public riot damage6. Vandalism7. Extension of CubiertaCatastrfica. Also the basics, plus: Theft (by force) Assault Liability Broken Glass Electronic equipment 8. Health Insurance 9. Health InsuranceWhat do we need?Are there many deductible options? Will it cover me in US or other countries, oronly Panam?Do I have to go througha series of lab tests inorder to get it? Will they cover my pre-existing conditions?What about Medicare?Does the plan meet Obama Carerequirements? 10. The Good News! There is a Plan that will cover you 100% inPanama and Internationally. Maximum deductible is only $5,000 And yes! It could cover your pre-existingconditions, depending on each case. In country of residence (Panama), deductible iswaved in case of:HospitalizationsEmergenciesAccidents Their basic hospital is Punta Pacifica (JohnHopkins Hospital affiliate). 11. Thanks!