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  • Instructional Coaching Bridging the gap between industry and teaching

    Connie DeFillippo Secondary Practical Nursing Instructor

    Linda OHanlon Science Instructor

    Peg McVay Math Instructor

    Jim Hansel CareerX Instructor

  • Whats your experience with coaching?

    On phone/ laptop go to:

    The instructional coaches have been an invaluable resource for all aspects of teaching in this community (making) the first year teaching at Scarlet Oaks significantly better.

    Jillian Richmond- Science Teacher

  • Presentation Learning Goal

    Explore and understand the coaching model that Great Oaks is developing and using

    Coaching is a form of professional development that

    Brings out the best in people,

    Uncovers strengths and skills,

    Builds effective teams,

    Cultivates compassion and

    Builds emotionally resilient educators.

    Elena Aguilar

  • Great Oaks commitment to coaching

    I believe that Instructional Coaching can have a tremendous impact on our students and their growth, as well as our teachers growth. It is a reflective practice that allows for collaborative conversations centered on students performance. It has the power to break down the artificial walls that exist in schools and encourages teachers working and learning together.

    Harry Snyder - Great Oaks President and CEO

  • Statement of Purpose

    To work with teachers encouraging them to continuously improve their craft, supporting them through guided reflection and building a learning community. Our role is not to evaluate; but rather to help teachers clearly and deeply think about how they teach, resulting in positive outcomes for students and their achievement.

  • Other roles we fill New CT and academic teachers

    Transferring staff

    Veteran teachers

    Teacher mentors

    Professional development

    RESA support


    Who we serve

    Instructional coaches can help experienced teachers, as well. Even when a classroom is well run, lessons can lose their vigor over time, they may not fit the current group of students or you may unaware of have habits that can affect instruction. Why shouldnt teachers confer so they can offer the best instruction?

    Michelle Fisher Veterinary Assisting Instructor

  • Coaching training and PD Hamilton County Education Service Center Training

    Coaching training, reflection and collaboration with Butler Technology and Career Development Schools

    Senior staff support

    Candid discussion and sounding board for ideas and unique situations

    If I had this type of support at my former school, Id still be teaching there.

    CTE Teacher

  • Would you like

    Introduced in a nonthreatening manner

    support from someone mindful of your time?

    to examine and share feedback student work?

    help navigating technology at Great Oaks?

    someone to just listen?

    try a new teaching strategy?

    to learn about PD at Great Oaks?

    an extra set of eyes?

    collaborate with on instructional strategies?

    celebrating successes with?

    help validating a thought or idea?

    brainstorming new ideas with?

    reflecting with another teacher?

  • Spreading the word

    New hires would benefit tremendously from being assigned an instructional coach

    Danyell Terry Surgical Technology Instructor

    Our approach to coaching is a combination of directed and passive connection with teachers. Our goal is to spread throughout the building

  • Benefits and goals of coaching

    Teacher and student retention

    Student gains

    Achieving building goals

    Reduce administrative work load

    One of the most valuable experiences of my teaching career

    Jen Himes English Teacher

  • Challenges encountered

    Clearly defined and articulated roles Common understanding of coaching

    Target audience (getting business) Balancing roles

    Coaching is a good thing Data to support coaching

    Baggage from previous help Not everyone is coachable

  • Future instructional coaching development

    More clearly defined roles

    School-wide practice

    Inter-campus collaboration

    Coaching with a positive connotation

    Develop new teacher handbook

    Retain quality teachers and students

    The instructional coach has always been available for any of my questions or to offer suggestions. I feel that he has a lot of advanced teaching methods that he can share with new teachers.

    Ray Roginski HVAC Instructor

  • The instructional coaches have provided curriculum advising, ideas on handling classroom management issues, Marzano training, orientation to the culture and expectations of Great Oaks, assistance with PD and licensure renewal. Most of all, providing support and encouragement for teacher success.

    Carol Anderson Science Teacher