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  • 1. Lydia Muwanga

2. Founders Kevin Systrom & Mike Krieger 3. Launched October 6, 2010 2 Founders Reinventing the Polaroid 1 Million Users in 3 Months 12 Million Users in 1 Year 2011 App of the Year - Apple Currently 27 Mil Users Currently 11 EmployeesThe Instagram story 4. The Product 5. TOTAL $47.5MVENTURE FUNDING TOTAL $47.5MSeed, 3/10 $500kAndreessen HorowitzBaseline VenturesSeries A, 2/11$7MAdam DAngeloJack DorseyChris SaccaBaseline VenturesBenchmark CapitalVenture Round, 3/12 $40MFinancials* 6. Competition * 7. Unique Filters Social Network Business NetworkSecret sauce 8. Android Launch soon Celebrities on Instagram Partnership with Hipstamatic Awards -Shorty and othersWhats hot 9. Instagram will grow and morph intomuch bigger Android Launch will double user base Partnerships will make Instagram thego-to for visual communicationPrediction 10. Questions?