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Innovation Camp; E5 Entrepreneurship Education, March 2013 Customers food shopping behavior in 2020 ! 1) How and where will they shop ? Shopping Online People are too lazy and they havent got time for shopping. So the supermarkets own websites and we can shop online everything what we need. Shopping online is more advantageous and it is without effort. For this service we can pay the supermarket by credit card or payments by bank transfer or by mobile phones. Home Delivery This is the same problem, people havent got time and they need their purchase as soon as possible. People who work at the supermarket will take your purchase and deliver to your home. It is good, because people will have jobs and wont be so high unemployment. Or there can be certain pick up points where the purchase will be prepared for collection. It will be the same Older people will still go to their usual markets and ignore the chance of online shopping. I think older people love shopping, because they have time and they go among other people. They can hear some news and so on. BIO People will prefer an organic food from shops or food from their garden. Preliminary estimates showm that sell an organic food are going to increase. Domestic farms will enlarge their products and grow in larger quantities. Big Shopping Centres Most popular wil be big shopping buildings in which you can find more shops. You can buy food, clothes, PC, decorations only in one big centre. It will save your time. So supermarkets will be in these shopping centres. Innovation Camp; E5 Entrepreneurship Education, March 2013 2) What will be their eating habits and what kind of food will they eat? There will be more groups of customers and their choices: 1. Quality healthy expensive 2. Poor unhealthy cheap 3. Fast unhealthy expensive 4. Discounts 1. Quality healthy expensive People will buy quality food and they will want to have the most quality (meals without Es) and the best food to live longer, they wont have high blood pressure, cholesterol and other diseases People will want to eat only fresh goods (no defrosting food, long storage food) People are going to buy more food from their home country, because they will believe their quality -> it means development of domestic economy People will want more bio-foods They will eat regularly, reasonable, benefits, fresher foods and foods from verified sources They will also seek for more food with higher protein and vitamins and less fat and sugar People will again care more about a healthy lifestyle Some people like to pay more for quality and live a healthy lifestyle 2. Poor unhealthy cheap People will buy cheaper food, because they will have little money People who buy cheaply, they can meet with lots of troubles with meat in Europe currently (using horseflesh instead of pork, pig's tooth in the brawn, bones, hair, nails in food) People will buy canned food and cheap salami, cheeses and semi-finished but LESS quality ingredients Quality of cheap food will continue to worsen People save money, but at what price? it will result in tiredness, obesity, disease,... 3. Fast unhealthy expensive Young people will go to fast food, for example Mc Donalds, so they will eat unhealthy food as hamburgers, chips, pizza,... people who eat fast foods are often obese, cause of obesity are a lot of fried meals, fatty foods cooked low-quality ingredients Some people maybe stop cooking at home, because the prices in pub will be the same and people can save time People save time on food to fast foods while it shortens the length of their life Innovation Camp; E5 Entrepreneurship Education, March 2013 4. Discounts People often buy food on sale Error of many people is that they will buy a lot of food which is discounted and then passes their durability 3a) What kind of information will be valuable? price information - quantity discounts, loyalty cards (with discounts for goods, but also for tickets to festivals or castles), discount cards for petrol (on big purchases), collecting points after a purchase, online shopping game competition (winner gets a free purchase of goods), other inshop competitions, limited price auctions for buying of special goods online visual informaton - colorful wraps (atractive packiging), food composition and additives, always clean premises of the supermarket, product videos on webs ways of communicating information: on smart phones, sending information to customer emails, QR codes with information on food composition in a supermarket application for mobile phones (searching for nearest shops, personal shopping list, calculating BMI), supermarkets magazines or leaflets, available both in electronic and printed versions (we find there detailed information about goods) information about goods available: fresh regional food, farmers market, own brand of supermarket, own BIO brand of food, international days, detailed information on food composition and origin (QR codes in supermarkets or mobile apps), wider range of goods (not only food, but other personal or home goods: clothes, instruments, stationery) information about ways of shopping: personal, e-shops information about payment more by credit cards and mobile phones, offering cash back information about supermarket events: tasting cooking preparing meals (suppliers of the supermarket), charity collections information about supermarket services: home delivery, pick up points (preparing the ordered food for a certain time and place), free taxi for home deliveries on big purchases, offer of financial services, own petrol station, own travel agency offering cheaper package tours, childrens playgrounds information about social policy: cooperation with charity organizations In our opinion supermarkets will offer quantity discounts and free products because people usualy do everything to get something free. We think this will work very well. Maybe the strategy which will work the best with kids will be new colorful wraps of products. Information will be everywhere billboard, facebook, TV, mobile phones, tablets, computers. We will also get a notification to our smart phones about new products, composition and health. Small shops may disappear because prices grow up and small entrepreneurs will have bigger costs than big supermarkets. But people can trust them more than to things from supermarkets. And people will be more interested in food composition. They will control more what they eat. Innovation Camp; E5 Entrepreneurship Education, March 2013 We think supermarkets should think about application for mobile phones, because many people shop by internet. It is easier. Some things customer needs see, for example fruit and vegetables. Every customer wants to see how it looks like. These things and maybe others people will buy on farmer's markets. They are really popular now, because these fruit and vegetables have better quality a lot. In the future people will pay more by credit cards and by mobile phones. 3b) How will people wish to be informed? If the supermarkets want to be successful, they should invest money to the advertisement and marketing. the electronic form the websites the form of mascots Advertisements on television or the radio are very important, because people watch them every day. Advertisements in the form of paper leaflets will not be so frequent. More ads will be electronic, because many families dont want to take leaflets, but every family have a computer or mobile phone. The internet and electronics will be indispensable part of purchase and sale. People will be informed not only the internet but also by the messages on their mobile phones and they will get news about discounts and events. The supermarkets will have their own websites. Here they will have to publish their catalogues, which they will show prices, contacts, news and everything what will going on. On websites will be food composition which the supermarkets will sell and the people will orientate in products which they will buy. Ads must be convincing that adults and children like them. The most convincing and the funniest ads are in the form of mascots. The mascots will be in the shop centres, supermarkets and in the streets. And they will offer products and he will lure customers at the supermarkets. These ads are more personal and children love them. Marketing Marketing is for supermarkets and all other shops so important. Marketing tries to bring a lot of customers and persuade them to buy things. special discounts ads in foreign languages Childrens Corners QR Code Innovation Camp; E5 Entrepreneurship Education, March 2013 About the weekend there will be in the supermarkets special discounts. More people will want to save money and they will go there. Ads will be in foreign languages, because the supermarkets will have many shops all over the country or all over the world. For success is also important to people know the name of the supermarkets in more countries. Children do not like shopping in the supermarkets and they are often nasty. Childrens Corners, electronic toys (in the form of cars and so on) will be in the supermarkets and children will enjoy shopping. QR CODE is a new technology. It functions as a barcode in stores, but it contains more information. A person can download the application to his/her mobile phone, takes a photo of the code and finds the information. Created by E5 Tbor Team


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