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  • granules for use in highwaysconstruction and flooring materials.But about 130,000 tonnes/y of scraptyres are dumped at landfill sites.Pyrolyx also states that more than 20M tonnes/y of crude oil (or theequivalent as natural gas) arerequired to sustain current globalproduction of carbon black. Thesefacts support the companys claimthat the widespread use of itstechnology for dealing with scraptyres would represent a significantenvironmental improvement.

    Essentially, the Pyrolyx processinvolves incinerating scrap tyregranules at 350-700C in the absenceof oxygen. The carbon black productis said to contain minimal traces ofpolyaromatic hydrocarbons andsimilar toxic or carcinogeniccomponents.

    Original Source: European Rubber Journal, 26 Aug2014, (Website: Crain Communications Ltd 2014.Original Source: Pyrolyx AG, Nymphenburger Strasse70, 80335 Mnchen, Germany, website: (20 Aug 2014) Pyrolyx2014

    India: Clariant pigments & pigmentpreparations

    A small ceremony was held atClariants Roha complex on 17September to mark the completion of amajor expansion to the companyscapacity for making a variety of organicpigments and pigment preparationsthere. Previously, this project had beendescribed as representing a 50%increase in the companys azopigments and pigment preparations.Roha (120 km south of Mumbai and120 km west of Pune) has become oneof Clariants most importantmanufacturing complexes in India, atthe same time as the company isphasing-out its operations at Thane-Kolshet. (See Focus on Pigments,Jun 2013, 6 & Sep 2013, 6).

    Clariant spent SFR 2.3 M(equivalent to Rup 200 M) to bring itslatest Roha project to fruition. Theproject was part of a strategicprogramme that the company hasbeen carrying out in recent years tosupport customers in emergingmarkets with high quality productswhich comply with local andinternational eco-labelling schemes.Pigments and pigment preparationsmanufactured at Roha are destined

    for use in interior and exterior paints,packaging, personal, home and fabriccare products, seed coatings, anddispersions for the printing industry.The increased output from Roha willbe mainly sold to customers in India,Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

    Original Source: Clariant International AG,Rothaustrasse 61, 4132 Muttenz 1, Switzerland,website: (17 Sep 2014) Clariant 2014

    India: Gharda Chemicals TiO2 frombauxite processing wastes

    More than 75 M tonnes/y of red mudare generated worldwide as a wasteproduct (in the form of a sludgecontaining 50-60% Fe2O3) from theprocessing of bauxite to alumina.Gharda Chemicals Ltd has developeda process for recovering marketableproducts from this material, includingTiO2 plus elemental iron andaluminium. The process, as describedin US Patent 8,540,951 (granted inSeptember 2013), entails significantlylower electricity consumption thanconventional alternatives. GhardaChemicals now plans to build a pilotfacility at Lote Parshuram (225 kmsouth of Mumbai) to demonstrate thefeasibility of its process. No detailshave been released as to the scale ofthe capital cost nor as to the projectedoutput.

    For the latest financial year, to end-March 2014, Gharda Chemicalsreported total sales revenue at Rup11.3 bn (equivalent to $184 M), ofwhich exports account for 60%.Pesticides and crop protectionchemicals make the largestcontribution to total revenues, but thecompany also has a flourishingorganic pigments business. It enteredthe pigments industry in November2003, when it began producingcarbazole violet (PV-23). Thecompanys portfolio now includes:pyrrole red (PR-254), quinaphthaloneyellow (PY-138), benzimidazoloneyellow (PY-151) and indanthrone blue(PB-60). With this background,Gharda Chemicals might be wellplaced to join the ranks of Indian TiO2pigment producers.

    Original Source: Chemical Weekly, 15 Jul 2014, 148,150 (Website: Sevak Publications & Chemical Weekly Database PLtd 2014. Original Source: Gharda Chemicals, 48 HillRoad, Bandra West, Mumbai 400050, India, website: (4 Jul 2014) GhardaChemicals 2014

    India: PolyOne plastic masterbatches& liquid colorants

    On 17 September 2014, PolyOne(headquartered at Avon Lake, 35 kmwest of Cleveland, OH) celebrated theofficial opening of its new manufac-turing complex near Pune inMaharashtra province. The complex,located on the Ranjangaon IndustrialEstate, about 50 km northeast ofPune city-centre, houses facilities formaking speciality solid plasticmasterbatches, liquid colorants andadditives. Sales offices, a technicalservice centre and researchlaboratories are also located on theRanjangaon site. Key end-usemarkets for the PolyOne productsproduced here are: transport,healthcare, wire and cable andpackaging. PolyOne is one of theworlds top five suppliers of plasticmasterbatches, compounds andcolorants.

    As well as the Ranjangaoncomplex in India, PolyOnes othermanufacturing facilities in Asiainclude: Dongguan, Shanghai-Pudong, Shenzhen, Suzhou andTianjin (China); Singapore; andBangplee Samutprakarn (Thailand). In Europe, PolyOne hasmanufacturing facilities at: Assesse(Belgium); St Ouen lAumone andTossiat (France); Bendorf, Gaggenauand Melle (Germany); Gyor(Hungary); Eindhoven (Netherlands);Kutno (Poland); Barbastro and Oricain (Spain); Esenyurt (Turkey);and Liverpool-Knowsley (UnitedKingdom). In Latin America, PolyOnehas manufacturing facilities at:Itupeva and Novo Hamburgo (Brazil) and at Ramos Arizpe andToluca (Mexico). In Canada, PolyOnehas manufacturing facilities at:Greenville and Orangeville (Ontario)and at Granby and St Remi deNapierville (Quebec). In the US, thecompany has more than 40 plants in18 different states, including five inOhio.

    Mr Robert Patterson (President &CEO) commented: India is anattractive region, with strongunderlying growth potential, and thisinvestment will deliver exceptionalvalue to our customers.

    Original Source: PolyOne Corp, 33587 Walker Road,Avon Lake, OH 44012, USA, website: ( 17 Sep 2014) PolyOne2014

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