independent start-up to craft game for hugely popular web-comic, dr. mcninja

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  • 8/2/2019 Independent Start-Up to Craft Game for Hugely Popular Web-Comic, Dr. McNinja


    Independent Start-Up to Craft Game for Hugely Popular Web-Comic, Dr.McNinja

    The immensely popular Web-Comic character is making his way to the world of Video Games with

    the help of start-up independent game developer, Fat Cat Gameworks. The project will be released

    as a free to play mobile and web-based "platform" style game. The game will allow players to follow

    the good Doctor's surreal adventures on any iOS or Android device.

    Portland, OR, April 11, 2012 --( Start-up game studio, Fat Cat Gameworks, has announced

    that their first project will be in collaboration with Christopher Hastings, the author of the popular

    web-comic, Dr. McNinja. The game is set to be a free-to-play, retro-style platformer for iOS, Android,

    and the web. The initial release will include story levels that cover the first two chapters of the web

    comic. Subsequent chapters will be released on a regular schedule and will follow the numerous insaneadventures of the eponymous doctor and his friends. This will be the first time that the popular character

    has made a foray into the world of video games. Fat Cat Gameworks has released a KickStarter project

    for the title in the hopes that they can fund development for the free game solely through community

    support; a playable, web-based demo is included.

    Doctor McNinja is a web-comic created by New York comic artist Christopher Hastings who created the

    initial concept while he was attending the School of Visual Arts. Since he first published the comic as a

    one-shot comic in 2004 it has generated millions of fans across the globe due to its unique humor and

    surreal story telling. The comic has been featured in a variety of publications and has released two

    successful published collections. New pages of Dr. McNinja's current chapter are regularly posted on the


    Fat Cat Gameworks is the collaborative effort of three Game Industry veterans, Chance Wees, Hunter

    Thomas, and Alisa Christopher. The studio is based just outside of Portland, OR, a location notorious in

    the game industry for it's lack of game development jobs, despite being located in between several other

    West Coast game Meccas. Fat Cat Gameworks' mission is to foster a lasting Game Development

    community in the Portland area, and to create a unique new Guild model of game development,

    becoming a studio where small teams of indy developers can meet and collaborate on a variety of projects

    under a single brand.

    The project can be found at

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  • 8/2/2019 Independent Start-Up to Craft Game for Hugely Popular Web-Comic, Dr. McNinja


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