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2. Xora is a global leader in GPS mobileenterprise applications that helporganizations with mobile employeesand vehicles in the field meet productivity and service goals.2 3. About Xora>Launched first Xora mobile>Partnered with global carriersapplications in 2003 #1 solution sold by Sprint for 7consecutive years>History of innovation Selected as OEM partner by First multi-carrier GPS appVerizon Wireless First location aware multi-media Key partner to AT&T First in Android & Tablet support Selected as OEM partner byVodafone Launched on the iPhone>Preferred partner to ADP andEnterprise3 4. Why Xora?> We consistently deliver quantifiable value with rapidROI for our field services customers Help you increase productivity: By streamlining work flows and eliminating manual paperwork for your employees in the field Help you save money: By identify ways to better track and reduce fuel, mileage, and labor costs With configurable forms to capture key information We get you up and running quickly: Lower overhead no expensive hardware to buy Fast to deploy up and running in days, not months4 5. Xora GPS Mobile Enterprise Applications2 Cloud-Based ManagementMobile Back-Office App Integration13InVehicleDevice Solutions are delivered in a SaaS model enabling a low cost,quick to market deployment5 6. Benefits Across The Mobile Organization Operations and Dispatch Access real-time and historical information to monitor and optimize operations.Mobile Employees Business & FinanceUse handheld devices toExchange or connect tocollect and report data to in- data to automate processeshouse staff. and analyze trends.6 7. Mobile Caregivers> Challenges Filling out paper time cards, manually tracking job expenses andmileage takes too much time Constantly checking in with the office regarding jobs impactsproductivity and results Manually capturing appointment information is frustrating> Solution Mobile timecards and expense forms save time and hassle Document proof of deliveries for sensitive items like medicalequipment, prescription drugs and services provided. Mobile forms make it easier and faster to capture accurate data> Benefits Improved employee moral resulting from less paperwork Increase in employee productivity and jobs completed resultingfrom streamlined work processes7 8. Operations & Dispatch> Challenges Inability to know where mobile workers are in relation to theirnext appointment impacts customer service Calling to the field to assign and update jobs impacts productivity Not having access job details can impact operations decisions> Solution Using the Xora Management Console enables users to: See the location of mobile workers with Google Maps Assign jobs and updates instantly to mobile employees Receive real-time alerts about job details and variances> Benefits Ability to see where employees are and communicateappointment details results in a higher level of customer service Access to real time data results in better decisions that helpreduce costs and increase job productivity and output.8 9. Business & Finance> Challenge Processing of manual time cards is time intensive, createsopportunities for mistakes and is costly Inaccurate mileage and appointment data tracking impactsprofitability Lack of timely data inhibits job performance and revenues> Solution Mobile timecards with payroll integration Industry configurable forms with automated job data collection andexpense capture Preconfigured reports, email alerts and system integration> Benefits Fast, accurate payroll and data collection saves time and money Improved and quicker access to data improves businessdecisions, operations and financial performance9 10. Product: Xora GPS TimeTrack Prime10 11. Xora GPS TimeTrack Prime: Real Time Visibility When You Need It > Gain visibility with near real time information on workers, jobs and locations > Automate and validate payroll with tamperproof electronic timecards > Improve service levels with more informed and efficient dispatch and management > Collect better data from the field with electronic forms, signature and photo capture > Get instant alerts on conditions that require immediate attention > Generate powerful reports to help assess and improve operational performance11 12. Manage your Mobile Team > View the locations and current status of mobile employees > Mobile time cards eliminate need for paper or telephony based systems12 13. Manage your Mobile Team > Drill down to see where each employee is right now, and what route they took to get there13 14. Trim Operating Costs > Eliminate paperwork (and time spent processing it) by collecting appointment information via a mobile device using easily customizable forms.14 15. Trim Operating Costs > Send incoming jobs automatically to employees handsets, and exchange job status information in real-time15 16. Improve Operational Efficiency > Create alerts to notify managers when an appointment is taking too long, an employee is about to go into overtime, or other situations that need immediate attention.16 17. Improve Operational Efficiency > Generate reports to analyze trends and identify areas for improvement17 18. Xora Field Services Case Studies18 19. Xora in Field Service > Roto-Rooter> Del-Air Challenge: Nations largestChallenge: Floridas #1 HVAC plumbing company wanted to firm sought to automate field data eliminate manual paperwork collection and get real time reports Solution: Automatic time tracking; Solution: Real time capture of mobile data collection via voice time, location and job data; menus; easy worker and fleet automatically generated real time summary reportsreports for managers Results: Job closeouts down from Results: $350,000 saved annually 20 minutes to 90 seconds;from electronic data collection; $500,000 saved annually in creditanother $30,000 saved by card transaction fees; $140,000eliminating manual data entry; saved annually with electronic more accurate job costing with formshistorical trends analysis19 20. Xora in Field Service > Ambient Edge > Southern Protection Agency Challenge: Southwest HVACChallenge: Family-owned company wanted to automate job Georgia security firm sought dispatch and time, job and premium customer service location trackingadvantage Solution: Automated location,Solution: Real time location time and job tracking integrated tracking of security officers in the with service managementfield displayed on maps for software managers and customers throughsecure portal Results: Regained 8-hour per day lost opportunity cost equal to Results: Increased customer $1,600 every day; saved $30,000confidence in firms services and by not having to hire second more revenue from effective sales dispatcher tool20