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How to Create Meaningful ReportsFrom Toxic Mold to Google AnalyticsOctober 2016Meaningful is the key word here. Toxic mold & meaningful reporting???[INBOUNDCON 2016]I know what you all are thinking: What is this guy talking about? Just waitFebruary 2015[INBOUNDCON 2016]I was reminded of the challenges recently when I became ill. This is me and my new family about a year and a half ago.July 2016[INBOUNDCON 2016]Memory lossSevere cognitive impairmentDizzinessHeadachesExcessive urinationExtreme fatigueBy July of 2016 I was in a tailspin health-wise. And the doctors did not know what was going on.10 weeks of testing yielded lots of reports[INBOUNDCON 2016]but none were meaningful.By July of 2016 I was in a tailspin health-wise. And the doctors did not know what was going on.Status Quo:[INBOUNDCON 2016]no change in action.By July of 2016 I was in a tailspin health-wise. And the doctors did not know what was going on.meaningful:meaningful report: What do we mean by meaningful?having a serious, important, or useful quality or purpose.communicating something that is not directly expressed.a report that empowers and informs decision making.a report that inspires confidence in taking specific action.[INBOUNDCON 2016]Decisions are made on data. This affects your job, your clients decision to keep using you, and how you take action as a marketer.If your reporting doesnt empower and inform decision making, then its not meaningful.1. meaningful reports:empower and inform decision making.[INBOUNDCON 2016]This is our rubric for judging our reporting work. Does it empower and inform decision making?2. meaningful reports:inspire confidence in taking action.[INBOUNDCON 2016]Does it inspire confidence in taking specific action?Why care about reporting?[INBOUNDCON 2016]We spend a lot of time reporting.[INBOUNDCON 2016]And its going to get harder[INBOUNDCON 2016]Challenges facing digital marketersExplosion of new tools, KPIsClosed-loop attribution remains elusiveTurning fire-hose of data into narrative[INBOUNDCON 2016]Weak reporting is Poor choice of dataPoor display of dataMissing data[INBOUNDCON 2016]characterized by:Effective choice of dataEffective display of dataComplete data[INBOUNDCON 2016]Great reporting is characterized by:1. Choose the right data for your audience.[INBOUNDCON 2016]Choice of Data[INBOUNDCON 2016]4 Complete Blood Counts3 Liver & Kidney panelsBrain MRISleep StudyAbdominal UltrasoundPhoto diarySometimes you dont know you have the wrong data until you collect a lot of it.Choice of Data[INBOUNDCON 2016]What are you doing for me again?Should I care about these numbers?Heres a perfect example of the wrong choice of data for an oil change shop owner.Choice of Data[INBOUNDCON 2016]Lowest funnel metric available for this client.Right data for the right audience.2. Display data in a way that encourages narrative.[INBOUNDCON 2016]Display of Data[INBOUNDCON 2016]I have no idea what this means but Im told not to worry.Data from sleep study.Display of Data[INBOUNDCON 2016]What decisions can be made from this report?This is awful, btw.Display of Data[INBOUNDCON 2016]I see a lot of this kind of reporting from agencies.Information density is usually not a good thing.Display of Data[INBOUNDCON 2016]Succinct and crystal clear.Always err on the side of simple.From a tool called MeasurefulIf more complexity is desired by your audience, let them request it.3. Include all relevant data to give context.[INBOUNDCON 2016]Data Completeness[INBOUNDCON 2016]Something is missing here.What happened?Data Completeness[INBOUNDCON 2016]Turned off all PPC ads for holidays.Timelines make more sense with event annotations.Data Completeness[INBOUNDCON 2016]One critical annotation was missing from my health story.I found (and cleaned up) a lot of mold in our bedroom shortly before getting sick.What action did we take?[INBOUNDCON 2016]Moved into a tent Hired a certified mold remediator for testingReviewed indoor air dataStarted treatment planThrew away our stuffLearned a lot about mold!For Great ReportingChoose the right data.Display it in the right way.Include all relevant data.Before you share a report, ask yourselfDoes this help my audience make a decision?[INBOUNDCON 2016]How to Create Meaningful ReportsOctober 2016Thank you!Mark Sullivan@mpsulli