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  • Improving Employee Engagement - Weare Asian Detours

    Weare Asian Detours Success of any business or company depends on its people and employees. Building dedication and passion among them is key to the success of a business. Companies are putting effort to improve Employee engagement that leads to growth of both employees and the business. This concept is gaining popularity and one can observe the same in the corporate world.

    Based on trust, integrity and communication between the organization and its members, the employee engagement approach can increase the chances of business success, contributing to productivity, organizational and individual performance. Engaged employees are valuable to the company as they will continuously take positive action to further the organizations reputation and interests. Our programs are designed to celebrate the passion in the employees, with highly interactive and engaging experiences which facilitate effective message delivery and creative expression of the employees.

    Encouraging positive attitudes and behavior Instill sense of belonging and loyalty for the organization Inspire innovation Motivate employees Draw on employees knowledge and ideas for product and service improvements

    Weare Asian Detours - Here are some key benefits of employee engagement sessions in an organization:

    Builds Trust - If you consider the Maslows hierarchy of human needs, trust is base of the foundation. Self actualization and problem solving are such qualities which are associated with improving employee engagement. When employees feel trusted, they perform with more enthusiasts and participate in solving problem.

    Consistent feedback - Providing consistent feedback is a way to open up communication among employee and employer that further benefits in both ways. In this way, employees get to know about

  • their performance, while the employer gets to know daily work flow and insights into office dynamics. However, this is only effective when it will be delivered in a right and fair manner.

    Respecting employees - As per research, it has been observed that overall happiness among employees depends on how much their thought and opinions gain respect and importance in the workplace by those around them. The most important part of the session is acknowledging and utilizing qualities that each employee brings to table.

    Career Growth Opportunities - Offering career growth opportunities to the employees leads to productivity in the company. Besides enhancing their skill sets, such activities communicate to them that they are an important asset to the company. It offers opportunities to them to learn new and improved ways to meet goals and objectives of the organization.

    Offering Flexible Work Options - In this era of technology, it is important to indulge employees into daily routine and also let them take an advantage of it. Offer flexible work options to the employees and you will feel an amazing change in the working environment.

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