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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Impressive Ideas for Bathroom Makeover</p> <p>A bathroom is a place which must be not only clean, but also look appealing so as to make the user comfortable. If you have a bathroom which is old enough or doesnt look good, you are tired of having a boring bathroom, here are some impressive ideas which can change the look of your bathroom amazingly. Size matters, but if you create such an eye-catching environment in small bathrooms they will be loved too. It is up to you how you manage things, whether in small or big size bathrooms.</p> <p>Tiles And Marbles</p> <p>Your dull bathroom needs some beautiful tiles or marbles to be installed. It depends on you which one you choose for your bathroom, or you can use both tiles and marbles together like instal marbles on the floor and apply tiles on the walls. Tiles and marbles add modern and classy look to your bathroom. The design, texture and color depends on your mood or taste. </p> <p>Best Designer Wallpapers</p> <p>Bring best residential designer wallpapers to wake up your sleepy boring bathroom walls. It depends on you to apply elegant wallpapers on every wall or on a single wall. Select the best designer wallpapers according to your taste, you can also add decorative impression panels or wallpaper fabrics if your bathroom is big. It is one of the best ways to instantly change the boring look of your bathroom into appealing.</p> <p>Use Bold Colors And Add Decorative Storage</p> <p>Beautiful colors, add life, so to give life to your dull bathroom, add some bold and lively colors to increase the beauty of your bathroom. Color combinations and selection depends on your taste. Just like colors, you can also add artworks to make your bathroom more stylish and energetic. The decorative storage system will not only maximize the space for storing things but also enhance the beauty of your bathroom.</p> <p>Thank YouPPT Created By : Designer Wallpaper Borders UK (Fardis)</p>


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