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<ul><li><p>Gadgets You Must Have in Your Car </p><p>Have you always dreamt of a car that is fully equipped with high-end gadgets to ease </p><p>your driving experience? But the fact is, there is no car that has all the features that </p><p>you need. Therefore, the best way to add to the functionality of your car is, by adding </p><p>the relevant car gadgets. With all the gadgets available in the market it is very </p><p>difficult to choose the one that you absolutely need to have. </p><p>Here are 7 must-have gadgets for your car that will assure safe and comfortable </p><p>driving experience. All these gadgets are quite interesting </p><p>1. Rear View Camera: It is a must for the driver as it makes the car parking </p><p>easier. There are times when you are not able to see pets or small children </p><p>running behind the car or it is difficult to tell how close objects are. In such </p><p>situations, this camera gives a better view of things behind you. This gadget </p><p>helps the driver park the car backward with great ease. There is a camera </p><p>screen in front of the driver that is connected to the rear camera. It gives a </p><p>clear picture of the things happening at the back side of the car. </p><p>2. Dash Grab Phone Mount: It is best to get it installed right when you buy your </p><p>new car, it is that essential these days. Dashboard mounts, primarily consists of </p><p>two major components. First, the mounting disc with a glass-like surface with </p><p>the bottom made of a non-skid material and second, the mobile phone holder </p><p>with a suction cup that is attached to the mounting disc. Some of the benefits </p><p>of dash grab phone mount is that the driver is not distracted while driving. That </p><p>is, you can access the music without much of difficulty and take the calls too. </p><p>3. Night Vision Camera: All drivers who go for long drives know the importance </p><p>of night-vision camera. The night vision camera helps you see what is waiting </p><p>for you ahead. It gives a clear picture of people, things or animals standing on </p><p>the road or about to run in front of you. </p></li><li><p> 4. Road Angel Gem: How about driving with a navigator who knows everything </p><p>about the next potholes, congested areas and road block? Road angel gem acts </p><p>as your personal traffic assistant. This gadget provides you the information </p><p>needed to detour your route and avoid the potential dangers. </p><p>5. Lane changing alarm: This might be very useful for a newbie driver. There </p><p>are times when you don't see anyone in your lane, but there might be someone </p><p>who is lurking just right in a blind spot. Also, changing lanes in a hurry might </p><p>prove to be dangerous. This alarm rings if there is somebody in your lane when </p><p>you are about to change a lane. </p><p>6. Car 4G Hotspot: A car optimized 4G Wi-Fi will surely make the long drive a </p><p>pleasurable experience. The 4G USB dongle is plugged in 12V car charger which </p><p>in turn is plugged in the fag lighter to generate Wi-Fi network. The performance </p><p>of 4G Hotspot depends on the network coverage. </p><p>7. Hot and Cool cup warmer: The USB cup with both heating and cooling option </p><p>is a must-have gadget. It cools or heats the drinks in a small can or paper cup. </p><p>The holder gets cold or heated because of the sheeted semiconductor device </p><p>that draws the heat by reversing the electrical polarity. This gadget can be used </p><p>all through the year. So now you can enjoy your coffee on the go. </p><p>These 7 car gadgets will surely augment your driving experience. But to ensure best </p><p>user experience make sure you get the accessories only from the best brands. </p><p>Source: </p></li></ul>