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  1. 1. Importance of Dental Implants San AntonioDental implants are simply the most natural tooth replacement method ever created. Theyprovide people with missing teeth an attractive and permanent solution in order to treat themissing of tooth loss and to restore the smile of the patient. Dental implants are gaining more andmore popularity among the people who have lost their teeth in injury, disease and other factors.In fact dental implants have 98 percent of success rate than other types of dental treatments. Thisinnovative method to restore incomplete smiles is backed by more than four decades of researchand enjoyed by millions of people around the world. Den Dental Implants San Antonio areswiftly becoming the most chosen method of tooth restoring by people who desire stable, strong,lasting smiles.Designed to imitate the structure of a real tooth, implants contain three parts: a small, surgical-grade titanium post topped with an abutment (an attachment device) and a dental prosthetic.When placed in your jawbone tissue in the socket of a missing tooth, the post functions as asubstitute tooth root. The jawbone doesnt sec the post as a foreign body. Instead, it readilyaccepts the post and begins a process called osscointegration in which the jawbone grows tightlyaround the post to form a bond similar to that of bone tissue and natural tooth root. A smallfixture, called an abutment, placed atop an implant post secures one or more replacement teeth.Your new smile may require individual Dental Implants San Antonio crowns secured to singledental implant posts, or a dental prosthesis similar to a denture or bridge attached to two or moreposts. Individual implant crowns are fixed in place; prosthetics containing multiple teeth may befixed or removable.