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  1. 1. Ideas for mobile apps development Mobiles were developed on the belief that every business, individual, or organization can be mobile. An incredibly amazing application doesnt have to mean unnecessary stress. But because of the growing competition there is a lack of new and interesting concepts of mobile application development. Have an app ideas ? Here are some : Understand your Users You need to understand the motivations of your users at a very deep level and develop a concept which utilizes a particular user behaviour.this innovation should result in total user experience for your dont, then your conversion attempts and growth tactic experiments are likely just a crapshoot. Offline Experience hottest app designs are much applauded for their usability when the consumer is not actually online. Apps like WorkFlowy and Evernote, work even when the consumer is not connected to WiFi or no internet connections. This is a design practice that entrepreneurs and their development teams should Think ahead about how the app works in the offline mode. Ease of Use Even though almost half of the people own smartphones, that doesnt necessarily mean that theyre adept at using them. Therefore the mobile app should be so simple that even a new mobile user should be able to navigate it effectively. Intuitive designing Once you got a rough design ready, make the most non-technical friend or family member to try that app. Is it intuitive? Are there big, easy-to-read buttons? Is there too much technical lingos ? Take extensive notes of the places where they get stuck new users will drop out quickly if you dont make your design intuitive and easy-to-use. Tailor Your Design Android owners have a different usage pattern than iPhone owners. Make sure your design principles should match the operating system you are designing for. One size for all is not
  2. 2. the theory here. One should analyse these points before having an app idea for development. This results in better conception of art.