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    Business Information ServicesPresentation


    March 2009

    ICAP BULGARIA Your Business Partner

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    The ICAP Group at a glance Activity, Subsidiaries, Shareholders, Staff p.3 Mission & Vision p.4 Strategic Alliances and Memberships p.5

    ICAP Bulgaria p.6

    Why Business Information Services? p.10

    The Business Information Services coming to Bulgaria p.11

    Business Information Services Positioning p.12

    The Business Information Services p.13

    Business Information Services Bulgarian Products p.14

    Selected Clients of ICAP Group p.17

    Contacts in Bulgaria p.182


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    Established: 1964

    A business services leader in

    Southeast Europe with

    6 core activity pillars:

    Business Information Services

    Business Directories

    Management Consulting

    Contact Center

    HR Outsourcing

    Debt collection

    Staff : 900 in-house, 950 outsourced

    Subsidiaries and Participations :

    ICAP Bulgaria EAD

    ICAP Romania SRL

    ICAP Serbia D.O.O.

    ICAP Contact Center SA

    ICAP HR Outsourcing SA

    CYCLE Credit SA (Debt Collection)

    TNS-ICAP SA (Market Research)

    Strong shareholder support:

    Global Finance (79%)

    COFACE (14%)

    The ICAP GROUP At a Glance


    Activity, Subsidiaries, Shareholders, Staff

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    Our Mission is to enable and promote business development by adding value to ourclients

    Our Vision is to provide a wide range of high quality services for businesses and betheir prime choice

    Growing rapidly and dynamically through acquisitions (new geographical expansion toSerbia, Turkey) and services diversification

    The first and only Greek company and one of the only 4 in Europe certified as ECAI(External Credit Assessment Institution), ICAPs credit rating system thus recognizedinternationally as an integral part to applying BASEL II for Banking Institutions

    Financial Highlights

    The ICAP GROUP At a Glance

    2007 (in m) 2008 (in m )Shareholders Equity 21.5 23.1Revenues 32.6 48.9EBITDA 5.4 8.0Net Profits 4.1 6.5 4

    Mission & Vision

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    ICAP has developed strategic alliances with some leading companies worldwide like with: BAIN & COMPANY worlds No.2 strategic consulting company TNS worlds No.1 market research group HOGAN leader in assessment models GOOGLE ICAP is the authorized Google AdWords Reseller BUREAU VAN DIJK COFACE DUN & BRADSTREET KOMPASS INTERNATIONAL EURO CONTACT POOL ATHENS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE & INDUSTRY HELLENIC BANK ASSOCIATION HELLENIC NATIONAL CONFEDERATION OF COMMERCE FEDERATION OF GREEK INDUSTRIES BANK OF GREECE 5

    The ICAP GROUP At a Glance

    Strategic Alliances and Memberships

    ICAP is a member of:

    CREDITALLIANCE (COFACE worldwide network)

    FEBIS (Federation of Business Information Services)

    EADP (European Association of Directory and Database Publishers)

    FEACO (European Federation of Management Consulting Association)

    SESMA (Association of Greek Companies in Management Consulting)

    BAMCO (Bulgarian Association of Management Consulting Organizations)

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    Established in November 2006

    Combining the international best practices and know-how with the local market knowledge and expertise

    Focused on Management Consulting Business Information Executive Search and Selection

    Employing a constantly growing team of areaprofessionals

    ICAP Bulgaria


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    Qualified ICAP Bulgaria Management Consultants use the information sources,methodologies and tools available to our Group to offer high value added consulting services Creating long-term value for you: Strategic and Business Planning; M&As; IT Strategy

    Increasing your revenues: Modern Marketing Techniques; Performance Management

    (Balanced Scorecard); Client Loyalty Management; Franchise Consulting Services

    Reducing your costs: Business Process&Improvements; Increase Productivity through

    Efficiency; Organizational Optimization

    Project Management and Development Programs linked to European Union Funds

    Economic Research, Sector and Market Studies

    ICAP Executive Search&Selection specializes in assessing and recruiting Senior to

    Middle level Executives or Professionals with rare skills, people who, in this knowledge-

    based economy, will create competitive advantage and sustainable value to your


    We will also start offering Debt Collection Services as of March 2009 (through CycleBulgaria in process of establishment)

    ICAP Bulgaria

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    ICAP Bulgaria

    ICAP Bulgarias Industry Reports and Market Studies

    ExamineAttractive sectors of the Bulgarian economy

    AnalyzeThe size and performance of the market, domestic production, imports and

    exports, market shares of key players

    FormulateThe consumer characteristics, factors determining demand and supply

    PresentThe major market players and prospects of development in the sector

    IncludeThe structure of the sector, financial data of the major players, problems

    confronting the companies, market entry barriers, SWOT Analysis, potentialgrowth and new entrants

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    No Sector Studies Jan 09 Feb 09 Mar 09 Apr 09 May 09 Jun 09 Jul 09 Aug 09 Sep 09 Oct 09 Nov 09 Dec 09Conducted Industry Analysis 2008

    1 Third Party Logistic Services 2007

    2 Supermarkets and Hypermarkets in Bulgaria 2008Planned Analysis (The exact time periods and order for the execution of the projects are subject to change)

    1Construction Materials (focus on bricks, ceramic tiles, sanitary ware, cement)

    2 Renewable Energy Sources

    3 Paper and Online Media

    4 Supermarkets and Hypermarkets in Bulgaria 2009

    5 Bulgarian Construction Companies dealing with Infrastructure Projects

    6 Telecommunications

    7 Meat

    8* Retail chains for electric and electronic home appliances9* Dairy Sector10* Household Goods Retail11* Cosmetics12* Organic Farming/ Bioproducts13* Private Labels14* Private Education

    * - Potential Sectors For Research During 2009

    ICAP Bulgaria

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    Why Business Information Services? - Value Added to Your Business

    Nowadays, the need for reliable business information is growing more thaneven in the years of economic turbulence.

    ICAP Business Information can assist you in converting information intoknowledge, covering your needs to:

    - Reduce the risks involved in business relationships

    - Support your companys decision-making process

    - Preserve resources, letting us take care of your needs of commercial data

    - Evaluate the credit solvency of your business partners

    - Price your products by rewarding your low-risk clients with better prices

    - Objectively assess the performance of the competition

    - and after all improve your bottom-line result


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    The Business Information Services Coming to Bulgaria

    Core activity of the Group, aimed at addressing the needs for commercial andfinancial information and supporting your decision-making process

    A comprehensive set of solutions that help lenders detect potential credit riskand better manage risk at acquisition and throughout the customer lifecycle

    Launching it now also in Bulgaria, deploying experienced team of analysts, wellorganized services and supported by the most advanced IT solutions

    Integrating ICAP Bulgarias database into the extensive ICAP Groupsdatabase with global coverage, able to provide business information forcompanies from all over the world, thanks to the strategic alliances withleading international companies and organizations

    Through superior and reliable information and insight we can help you conductbusiness even better

    Targeting a leading market position also in Bulgaria within the next 3 years


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    Business Information Services Positioning

    ICAP Greece




    1 year8%

    1 to 2 years12%

    3 to 4 years25%

    >5 years54%


    Source: ICAPs Client Satisfaction Survey

    Client Loyalty


    Market Share

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    The Business Information Services in Bulgaria

    The information presented in a Business Report is collectedmainly from official sources and enriched with researchfrom other vital sources (media, public databases) by ourexperienced team.

    You can find information on more than 1 million companiesregistered in Bulgaria in ICAPs online database. Plus, youcan receive information about any company worldwideon request.

    We provide both qualitative and quantitative analysis,based on evolution of the annual financial statementsand indicators of the company, as well as on itscommercial and negative data, compared to theevaluated companys sector of activity and majorcompetitors.

    Data Quality

    Though in its launch-up phase in Business Information Services in Bulgaria,ICAP Bulgaria is here to supply:



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    Business Information Services Bulgarian Products

    Displays a detailed overview of companys profile and financial standing, includingdata on the subject company's commercial activity, premises, management,shareholders, related parties, negative data, financial indicators, topped up byfinancial analysis, sector studies, risk rating, comparison of companys mainaccounts against those of the sector and the major competitors, based on theevolution of its financial st